The Best of Funkadelic: 1976-1981 (1994)

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Track Listing:

One Nation Under A Groove  lyrics
Cholly (Funk Getting Ready to Roll)  lyrics
Who Says A Funk Band Can't Play Rock  lyrics
Comin' Round the Mountain  lyrics
Smokey  lyrics
Cosmic Slop (live)  lyrics
Electric Spanking of War Babies  lyrics
Funk Gets Stronger (Part I)  lyrics
(not just) Knee Deep (Part I)  4:36  lyrics
Uncle Jam (edit)  6:00  lyrics
Icka Prick  lyrics

Rating: RC: ?


RC: A worthy companion piece to MFYM, although no sound improvements have been made. Of interest are the shorter versions of the two big hits from Uncle Jam Wants You. Has a lot of highlights from One Nation, but doesn't compare to owning the actual thing. Does a good job getting the most important cuts from the other Warner albums, although I might have suggested "Hardcore Jollies" over the live "Cosmic Slop."

The shorter versions of "Uncle Jam" and "Knee Deep" are somewhat interesting, although "Knee Deep" is basically the same thing as the album, only faded before the guitar solo.