Parliament-Funkadelic Live 1976-1993 (1994) (European Version)

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Track Listing:

 (Note, the "U", "E" and "J" refer to what versions of the 4CD live set
  the song can be found on.  A "U" refers to the US version, a "J" to
  the Japanese version, and an "E" to the European version.  Combinations
  of those letters simply mean that this same exact version can be found
  on that combination of sets.  Note that the sets share similar songlists,
  but many of the songs are from different times and locations.)

 Disc 1
1 Let's Take It To The Stage/Dragon Et  /{G Clinton}  10:15	(E, U, J)
2 Do That Stuff {G Clinton, B Collins, B Worrell}  6:01		(E, U, J)	
3 Undisco Kidd 	8:50						(E, U, J)
4 Children Of Productions  3:03 				(E)
5 Into You {W Morrison, B Collins}  6:50			(E, J)
6 Give Up The Funk/Bouncing Baby Bernie/Rap Brown\M.W.F.U. 16:36 (E)
   	{G Clinton, B Worrell, Jerome Brailey}/{B Worrell}/{G Clinton}
7 Belchin' Bernie/Goody Goody/Maggot Brain  12:02		(E)
	{B Worrell}/unknown/
8 Comin' Round The Mountain  4:33				(E, U, J) 
9 Red Hot Mama {G Clinton}  7:03				(E, ?)

 Tracks 1-3: San Diego Arena, San Diego, CA January 1977
 Track 4: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA January 1977
 Tracks 5-7: Howard Theatre, Washington, DC 11/2/78
 Track 8: Denver, CO 1976

 Disc 2
1 Are You Ready To Party/Funkentelechy  24:15 			(E, U, J)
	{G Clinton, Michael Hampton}/{G Clinton}   		(E, U, J)
2 Bop Gun/Is There A Doctor In The House?  11:37
	{G Clinton, B Collins}/{G Clinton}    	          
3 It Ain't Illegal Yet {G Clinton}  1:46			(E, U, J)
4 Cosmic Slop  7:41 						(E, J)
5 Funk Gettin' Ready To Roll/I Got A Thing/Bassoline  11:46 	(E)
	{G Clinton}/unknown/{G Clinton}		
6 Standing On The Verge/House On Fire/Tye Me Down  13:50	(E, U) 
	/{G Clinton}/{Tyrone Lampkin}
7 Electric Spanking (Of War Babies) {G Clinton, Walter Morrison}  4:20	(E, U)

 Tracks 1-4: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA 6/3/78
 Tracks 5-6: Howard Theatre, Washington, DC 11/1/78
 Track 7: Hara Arena, Dayton, OH 1981

 Disc 3
1 One Nation Under A Groove/Horn Pone  10:19			(E, J)
	{G Clinton, W Morrison, G Shider}
2 Atomic Dog  11:45						(E)
3 The Mothership Connection/Trumpet Mayo Naise  /{G Clinton}  17:01	(E)
4 Flash Light {G Clinton, B Collins, B Worrell}  8:15		(E)
5 Won't You Dance {G Clinton}  1:56				(E, U, J)
6 Quickie {Andre Williams, Linn, Evans, Ron Ford}  3:04		(E, U, J)
7 Aquaboogie/Under Water {G Clinton}/{G Clinton}  7:20		(E, U, J)
8 I Wanna Know If It's Good To You Baby {G Clinton}  4:39	(E, U, J)
9 Let's Go To Japan/Up For The Down Stroke {G Clinton}/{G Clinton} 5:15(E, U, J)
10 Hit It Or Quit It {G Clinton}  3:50				(E)
11 Gamin On' Ya   2:10	
12 Put Your Hands Together {G Clinton}  2:14			(E, U?, J?)

 Track 1: Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio 1981
 Track 2: Beverly Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 1983
 Tracks 3-4: Monroe Civic Center, Monroe, LA 1978
 Tracks 5-12: Tokyo, Japan 8/5/93 - 8/8/93 

 Disc 4
1 Whatcha Gonna Do George/P-Funk (Wants To Funk You Up)	{G Clinton}/10:11(E,U,J)
2 You Do Me {Belita Woods}  4:49				(E, U, J)
3 Nickel Bag Of Solos  18:52 					(E, U, J)
	{G Clinton, Garry Hudgins, Greg Boyer, DeWayne McKnight}      	
4 I Call My Baby Pussy {G Clinton, E Hazel, Billy Nelson}  5:15	(E)	
5 Babblin' Kabbabie {Tracey Lewis}  2:44			(E)	
6 Dog You Out {G Clinton}  2:54					(E)	
7 Yank My Doodle/Sum Else {T Lewis}  3:00			(E, U, J)	
8 I Call My Baby Pussy {G Clinton, E Hazel, Billy Nelson}  6:27	(E)
9 All Your Goodies Are Gone  6:50			  	(E, J)
10 I'll Bet You {G Clinton, Sidney Barnes, Theresa Lindsay} 3:17 (E, U)
11 No Head, No Backstage Pass {Ron Bykowski, G Clinton}	 2:23	(E, U)
12 Lifted {DeWayne McKnight}  7:53				(E, U, J)	

 Tracks 1-4: Chicago, IL 1993
 Track 5: Kawasaki Citta, Tokyo, Japan 8/5/93
 Tracks 6-7: Memphis, TN 1993
 Tracks 8-10: Sugar Shack, 1972
 Track 11: Chicago, IL 1993
 Track 12: Los Angeles, 1983

Rating: RC: ****


RC: Once again, the same concept as the other Greatest Hits Live sets. This is probably the least interesting of the three overall. The most notable thing that's not on the other sets is a 1972 version of "Pussy" that is amazing. Hot guitar playing all the way. The set also comes with an excellent "P.Funk Timeline" that does a pretty good job encapsulating important P.Funk events and releases. This set will run you from $50-70.