"P" Is The Funk (1993)

Clinton Family Series Volume II

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Track Listing:

Clone Communicado {G Clinton}  3:59
Does Disc Go With D.A.T.? (Simon Says) 
	{Lonnie Greene, Donnie Sterling, Ron Dunbar}  5:41
Shove On {Jimmy Giles, Ron Ford, Lige Curry}  4:27
Rock Jam {R Ford}  5:11
Love Is Something {Jim Callon}  6:37
Every Booty (Get On Down)  {W Collins, Gary Cooper}  5:36
Personal Problems {Tracey Lewis, Andre Williams}  4:00
Bubblegum Gangster {R Ford}  3:04
She's Crazy {Jimmy Ali, Jerome Ali}  5:32
Think Right {R Ford, G Clinton, L Curry, David Spradley}  6:52
In The Cabin Of My Uncle Jam (P is the Funk) {G Clinton}  6:11
My Love {Paul McCartney}  4:20
Interview  8:30
Commercials  2:50


 "Clone Communicado"
 Artist: Funkadelic (1976)  Producer: George Clinton
Drums: Tiki Fulwood
Guitar: Garry Shider, Glen Goins, Michael Hampton, Eddie Hazel
Keyboard: Bernie Worrell
Vocals: Dr. Funkenstein (Archie Ivy), Ron Ford, Funkadelic

 "Does Disc Go With D.A.T.?"
 Artist: Parliament (1979)  Producer: George Clinton, Ron Dunbar
Drums: Dennis Chambers
Bass: Donnie Sterling
Guitar: Gordon Carlton
Clavinet: Bernie Worrell
Horns: Horny Horns
Vocals: Lonnie Greene, Ron Dunbar, Donnie Sterling
Background Vocals: Parliament, Brides, Parlet

 "Shove On"
 Artist: Jimmy G (1981)  Producer: George Clinton, Ron Ford
Drums: Dean Ragland
Bass: Jimmy Giles
Guitar: Ron Ford
Piano: David Lee Chong
Fender Rhodes: David Lee Chong
Lead Vocals: Jimmy Giles
Background Vocals: Parlet, Ron Ford

 "Rock Jam"
 Artist: Ron Ford (1980)  Producer: Ron Ford, George Clinton
Background Vocals: Brides, Parlet
Drums: Dean Ragland
Guitar, Bass: Ron Ford
Keyboards: David Spradley

 "Love Is Something"
 Artist: Brides of Funkenstein (1977)  Producer: George Clinton
Drums: Tiki Fulwood
Bass: Billy "Bass" Nelson
Guitar: Jim Callon, Eddie Hazel
Clavinet, Synth: Bernie Worrell
Vocals: Eddie Hazel, Brides of Funkenstein, Jim Callon
Sax Solo: Eli Fontaine

 "Every Booty"
 Artist: Parliament (1979)  Producer: Bootsy Collins, George Clinton
Drums: Frankie Waddy
Bass: Bootsy Collins
Guitar: Bootsy Collins, Michael Hampton
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Mudbone Cooper
Clavinet, Organ: Maceo Parker
Horns: Horny Horns
Percussion: Larry Fratangelo
Vocals: Funkadelic

 "Personal Problems"
 Artist: Treylewd (1981)  Producer: George Clinton
Drums: Tony Davis
Bass: Stevie Pannall
Guitars: Andre Williams
Vocals: Tracey Lewis, Andre "Foxxe" Williams

 "Bubblegum Gangster"
 Artist: Ron Ford (1981)  Producer: Ron Ford, George Clinton
Drums: Man In The Box
Bass: Ron Ford
Keyboards: David Spradley
Guitars: Ron Ford
Background Vocal: Brides, Parlet

 "She's Crazy"
 Artist: Jerome & Jimmy Ali (1980) 
Guitars: Jerome Ali
Bass: Jimmy Ali
Drums: Dennis Chambers

 "Think Right"
 Artist: Parlet & Brides (1980)  Producer: Ron Ford, George Clinton
Drums: Kenny Colton
Guitar: Tony Thomas, Michael Hampton
Keyboards: Nestro Wilson
Bass: Ron Ford
Vocals: Parlet

 "In The Cabin Of My Uncle Jam"
 Artist: Funkadelic (1976)  Producer: George Clinton
Drums: Tiki Fulwood
Bass: Cordell Mosson
Guitars: Garry Shider, Michael Hampton, Glen Goins, Eddie Hazel
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell
Vocals: Dr. Funkenstein, Archie Ivey

 "My Love"
 Artist: Jessica Cleaves (1981)  Producer: George Clinton, Ron Dunbar
Vocals: Jessica Cleaves

George Clinton

George Clinton, Bootsy Collins

Rating: RC: ***1/2


TK: This album was originally released as volume III in Europe and Japan. Check the end of this section for the differing track listings.

RC: Same concept througout the whole Family Series, taking unreleased P.Funk tracks and collecting them, handpicked by George Clinton. The most interesting song here is "Clone Communicado" a 76 tune that they used to hand out at concerts. Archie Ivy is Dr. Funkenstein here, congratulating the listener on being invited aboard the Mothership. Eddie Hazel goes off here, and the same guitar track was later used on "Good Nite Eddie" on Blasters. "Does Disc Go With D.A.T" is funky dance track brought to you by a number of Parlet musicians. The clavinet is used almost as a percussion instrument here! "Shove On" is a bass-heavy track by Jimmy G, much funkier than anything that would be on his future record. The lead vocals are half-sung, half- rapped. "Rock Jam" is a typical P.Funk dance track of the time, keyboard-dominated, little variation in rhythm. It actually sounds a bit like a Sweat Band outtake. Good rapping from Ron Ford. "Love Is Something" is an extremely well-sung ballad from the Brides that features most of the original Funkadelics. Grooving lines from bass and keyboards and a drifting sax keep the song moving, along with the dreamy lyrics. "Every Booty..." is a mostly Rubber Band-inspired creation. Bootsy's bass is ass-kickin', and the horns get some great riffs in. It's hard to imagine why this never made it to an album. "Personal Problems" proves that Tracey Lewis is every bit as twisted as his father. Andre Williams contributes a funky guitar riff, and Stevie Pannall adds some great slap bass. "Bubblegum Gangster" is a silly keyboard heavy song with some funny lyrics. "She's Crazy" is an unremarkable instrumental. "Think Right" may be the best track on the album, an excellent Parlet tune with great singing and lots of vocal hooks. Michael Hampton is notable throughout the track. "In The Cabin..." is a typical dance track that succumbs to monotony after a few minutes. The guitar licks do manage to propel it, though, and there's enough going on that make it worth listening to. "My Love" is a typically sappy, string-saturated Jessica Cleaves number. Clinton talks about Ron Ford, Jimmy Giles, Tracey Lewis, and Parliament's 'planned obsolesence'. There are also a number of funny commercials for assorted albums and shows.

I think the album credits make a big mistake in regards to "P Is The Funk". The notes claim that it was done in 1976, whereas Clinton in the interview on the album says that it was done around the "Knee Deep" session, around 1979. This would seem to make sense since the song doesn't sound anything like Funkadelic in 1976. I think the personnel listed are just plain wrong as well; whoever listed the credits probably mixed up the credits for this song and "Clone Communicado".