Atomic Clinton! (remixes) (1988)

(George Clinton)

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Track Listing:

Atomic Dog 12"
Computer Games 12"
Man's Best Friend 12"
Loopzilla 12"

Rating: RC: ***1/2  MM: ****


RC: See Computer Games for more track info. This is a very useful release, combining four interesting 12" versions on one album. The "Atomic Dog" 12" mix is crucial, exploring in greater detail all of the bizarre backwards loops that made this track so great. As an irresistable dance track, the extra material doesn't drag it down at all. "Computer Games" goes off and gives us more instrumental material. The extended "Man's Best Friend" gives us a guest appearance from Sir Nose. It doesn't segue directly into "Loopzilla" like on the album; instead it fades out on its own. "Loopzilla" was almost a 12" remix in its original form; here, some more lyrical goodies are uncovered. For some reason, this was released only on cassette. It's out of print, but stray copies of it can be found in record stores, and it was rereleased on CD as an import only. It was released after Clinton's contract had expired with Capitol; presumably, they were trying to milk a few more bucks out of the deal.