Follow the Leader (1995)

(Parliament - Funkadelic - P-Funk All Stars)

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Track Listing:

D & S Remix (Radio Edit)  4:00
Original 7" Edit  3:15
Kool Az Phuk Mix (Video Edit)  4:04
Spydermen Get Ill Mix  8:35
Full Album Version  5:30 
Spydermen Get Fresh Mix  10:31


 "D & S Remix" 
Remixed by Serge Ramaekers and Dominic Sas
Xtra Guitar: STIMS

 "Original 7" Edit"
Produced and conceived by George Clinton 

 "Kool Az Phuk Mix"
Remixed by the Phat Qats for 
All additional instruments: the Phat Qats. Real bass and keyboards - thank you!

 "Spydermen Get Ill Mix"
Remixed by Mike LuvDup and Andrew Barton 
Keyboards: Robbie 

 "Full Album Version" 
Produced and conceived by George Clinton

 "Spydermen Get Fresh Mix"
Remixed by Mike LuvDup and Andrew Barton 
Keyboards: Robbie 

All Tracks Written By Rakim/Clinton 
All Tracks Produced And Conceived By George Clinton 

Rating: RC: **1/2


RC: This is a CD5 remix produced by the European makers of Dope Dogs. Assorted hot producers from Europe get in on the act here. The "D & S" remix is a pretty good one, with an added guitar and vocals spicing up the original song. The original 7" mix is better than the album mix, shorter and punchier. The "Kool Az Phuk" mix is awful, way too dominated by keyboards. The "Spydermen Get Ill" mix is weird, but interesting. It samples the live version of "Think! It Ain't Ilegal Yet" found at the end of "Maggot Brain" on One Nation Under A Groove. The "Spydermen Get Fresh" mix is too weird, sounding almost techno, with completely distorted and machinelike vocals. The CD5 is notable because a couple of the remixes are better than the original, a rare feat for most remix albums. It's available as an import only from Hot Hands, for something like $10-15.