The Mothership Connection - Live from Houston (1986)

(George Clinton)

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Track Listing:

Let's Take It To the Stage/Do That Stuff  6:55
Mothership Connection/Dr. Funkenstein  8:19
Get Off Your Ass and Jam/Night of the Thumpasorous Peoples  8:50
Atomic Dog  4:15
Double Oh-Oh  5:47
Bulletproof  6:19

Rating: RC: **1/2


GZ: Both this and the other live albums are nice, but they fail to capture P-Funk's incredible onstage energy. There's a video to go with this album, but beware that side 2 is just tracks from George Clinton Solo albums which you'll probably already have by the time you get this... Great cover art.

RC: See studio versions for songwriting credits. This is really for completists only, since there are now many better live selections. The video is much more interesting than what's presented here. Lots of edits. The live material is from the 1976 Houston Summit show. Glen Goins is prominently featured in the vocals.