Martial Law (1993)

(George Clinton)

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Track Listing:

Martial Law (Stank Finger Mix)  3:28
Martial Law (Middle Finger Instrumental (Without Intro))  6:17
Martial Law (Single Version/Edit)  4:12
Martial Law (Somethin' Stinks And I Want Some - Bonus Beats)  3:33
Martial Law (Scratch & Sniff Mix)  7:37
Martial Law (2 Phunky Finger Mix)  3:48
Martial Law (Where's Your Finger Been Mix)  7:28
Martial Law (Smell My Finger Mix)  9:05
Martial Law (Middle Finger Instrumental)  6:22

Personnel:  See listings for the Smell My Finger album.
 G Clinton, William Bryant III, Kerry Gordy wrote the original song.


MT: The remixes of this song contain many raps that were not used on the Hey Man Smell My Finger album, including an appearance by Sir Nose - naked of his effects processing! This is a double COLORED vinyl promo - in white jacket.

RC: The first side (first four songs) is the "Clean Disc", and side 2 (last five songs) is the "X-Rated Deep Down & Dirty Mixes Disc."