Music From the Motion Picture 'PCU' (1994)

(George Clinton - Parliament - Funkadelic)

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Track Listing:

Erotic City (single) {Prince}  4:25
Stomp {Ralph Sall, G Clinton}  4:48
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker '94 (Give Up The Funk) 
 	{G Clinton, W Collins, B Worrell}  5:46
Erotic City (Extended Sweat Mix)  6:55
Stomp (Sir Nose Goes Off)  4:12
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker '94 (You Know The Words)  5:44
Erotic City (Super Groovestrumental)  4:36

Producer: Ralph Sall

Rating:  RC: **1/2


RC: This was a CD5 recorded in addition to the songs on the soundtrack for the Animal House knockoff P.C.U. "Erotic City" is a tame version of one of Prince's nastiest songs, mired in synthesizers and drum machines. "Stomp" is a decent dance workout, with George's vocals being the highlight. The 'live' update of "Give Up The Funk" is actually pretty damn good. It features Garry Shider doing some of the vocals, Ray Davis doing his traditional intro, and the horns incorporating the "PsychoticBumpSchool" horn riff into the song. The longer version of "Stomp" is much better, mostly because, as the title suggests, Sir Nose goes off, in hilarious fashion. The instrumentals are space fillers, as expected.