Police Doggy (1995)

(Parliament - Funkadelic - P-Funk All Stars)

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Track Listing:

Police Doggy  3:45
Lost Dog Mix-1  9:49
Lost Dog Mix-2  8:28
Pepe (The Pill Popper)  6:08


 "Police Doggy"
Vocals: George Clinton, Derrick "Frog" Rossen
Musicians: Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight, Joseph "Amp" Fiddler, Michael Hampton

 "Lost Dog"
Performed by George Clinton and Primal Scream
Vocals: George Clinton, Bobby Gillespie, Denise Johnson, Belita Woods, 
 Jerome Rodgers, Charlie Wilson, Louie Kabbabie
Musicians: Bobby Gillespie, Robert Young, Andrew Innes, Dennis White, 
 Henry Olsen, Steve (from Primal Scream), Martin Duffy

 "Pepe (The Pill Popper) "
Performed by Patavian Lewis
Vocals: Patavian Lewis, Trafael Lewis, Kevin Johnson, George Clinton, 
 Louie Kabbabie, Belita Woods
Musicians: Michael Hampton, Charlie Wilson, Michael "Clip" Payne, 
 Joseph "Amp" Fiddler, Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight, Muruga Booker, 
 Perry Robinson, Cyrus Niccore

Rating: RC: ***


JB: The liner notes and the cover disagree about the title of "Pepe (The Pill Popper)"

RC: This is a very good CD5, containing four tracks not on the Japanese version of Dope Dogs. "Police Doggy" is a short but amusing track that features Clinton and Frog growling out some amusing lyrics about the title character trying to track down a pussycat. "Lost Dog-Mix 1" is a long, slow jam that features Primal Scream along with George. This mix is similar to, but not exactly the same as the version found on the European version of Dope Dogs. "Lost Dog-Mix 2" is a more psychedelic version of the song with more lyrics. There's a lot of echo and reverb here, which definitely helps things along. "Pepe" is a bizarre, jazzy track that features two of George's grandchildren and some scat singing from Belita Woods. The CD is only available as an import, at about $10-15 a clip.