Go Head (1984)

Eramus Hall

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Track Listing:

I Can't Keep My Head (I Always Lose It To You) {J Martin}  5:57
Stuck In The Mud {J Martin, Marvin Williams}  3:35
Freaky But Sneaky {J Martin, William Tillery, James Wilkerson, M Williams}  3:51
Stir It Up {J Martin, W Tillery, M Williams, Armen Boladian, J Wilkerson}  3:27
Keep Me Burnin' {G Clinton, Bob Bishop, W Collins}  4:53
Checkin' You, Checkin' Yourself Out 
   {W Collins, J Martin, M Williams, B Bishop, G Clinton}  5:37
Will You Love Me? (The Same Way Tomorrow) {J Wilkerson, W Tillery}  3:48
I Can't Keep My Head (I Always Lose It To You) [Reprise in Spanish]
   {J Martin}  1:29


Lead Vocals: Michael Gatheright, William Tillery, James Wilkerson
Guitar: Marvin Williams
Keyboards: Michael Gatheright
Bass: Joe Anderson
Drums: Bernard Provost
Alto sax: William Tillery
Trumpet: James Wilkerson, Grady Smith
Percussion: James Wilkerson
Background vocals: Billy Ray Crumb, Mahlia Franklin, Robert "Peanut" Johnson,
 Lige Curry, Michael "Clip" Payne, Garry Shider and Gary Cooper, Grady Smith,
 Joe Anderson, Marvin Williams
Support personnel: Louis Resto, Larry Fratengelo, Garry Shider, 
 The P-Funk Horns, Arnoldt Williams Music, Daryll Clinton, Joe Peraino, 
 Andre Lewis, Gary Schunk

Rating: RC: **1/2


RC: This is a marginal P.Funk album, included here because of the large number of P.Funkers that perform, and their connection with Clinton back in their Westbound days. One of the lead singers, Michael Gatheright, would later go on to sing with Bootsy's New Rubber Band. The album is actually pretty good, surprising considering the musical climate of that time. It's helped along by the 'support personnel' and excellent singing. The P.Funk Horns certainly help to fill in a lot of musical gaps. Clinton and Bootsy Collins cowrote a few of the songs.

"I Can't Keep My Head" is a solid upbeat dance tune. "Stuck In The Mud" is a good mid-tempo number with funky keyboards and bass synth, and great group singing. "Freaky But Sneaky" is a too-slick dance tune that gets mired in a dull rhythm track. "Stir It Up" is a good rock tune with more good singing and nice horn work. "Keep Me Burning" is a funky track with hot rhythm, more tasty horns, Mudbone doing backup vocals, and some nice guitar licks. "Checkin' You..." is another over-synthed cut that gets tiresome quickly despite an engaging guitar vamp. "Will You Love Me" is a slightly Latin-influenced ballad, with good percussion. The spanish reprise of "I Can't Keep My Head" is certainly weird, and quite unnecessary.

This album is decent, but unremarkable. It's out of print, and is worth a listen if you can find it a good price.