Cosmic Round Up (1985)

Human Body

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Track Listing:

Cosmic Round Up {Dale Degroat, Roger Troutman, Larry Troutman}  5:42 
Let Me Get You Wet {D Degroat, R Troutman}  5:28 
Desire {D Degroat, R Troutman}  5:21  
Can We Touch {D Degroat, R Troutman}  4:44 
Everything {R Troutman, L Troutman}  5:31 
DX3-T18 {D Degroat, R Troutman}  3:36 
Gimmie What You've Got {D Degroat, R Troutman}  5:18 
Dreams {D Degroat, R Troutman, L Troutman}  6:27 


Bass: Roger Troutman, Zapp Troutman, Aaron Blackmon
Horns: Jerome Derrickson, Michael Warren, Michael Jennings, Robert Jones
Conga Drums and Percussion: Larry Troutman, Lester Troutman, 
 Robert "Kumba" Jones, Dale Degroat, Gregory Jackson
Keyboards: Roger Troutman, Zapp Troutman, Dale Degroat, Gregory Jackson,
 Roger Lynch
Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Roger Troutman, Aaron Blackmon
Background Vocals: Dale Degroat, Larry Hatcher, Ray Davis, Zapp Troutman, 
 Shirley Murdock, Rufus Troutman III, Gregory Jackson, Robert Jones, 
 Damian Black, Rhonda Stevens, Jannetta Boyce

Rating: RC: ***


RC: Another album from the Troutman crew, this one is much more upbeat and funky than the last one. The first three songs are upbeat dance tunes, the first of which, "Cosmic Round Up", is truly hilarious. Ray Davis does a variation of the 'bow wow wow, yippee-o, yippee-a' routine. The lyrics are strangely moralistic on the other songs, with "Let Me Get You Wet" denouncing sex in favor of love as a solution to the world's problems; and "Desire" being about wanting success, recommending that one believe in god and reject drugs. Guitar solos return on this album, as well as a banjo solo. "DX3-T18" is an electronic experiment that's fairly interesting. The rest of the songs are similar to their first album; well-crafted love songs. This one is long out of print, and has fewer P.Funkers than on the first album, but big fans of Roger and Ray Davis should check it out. I again wouldn't spend more than $10 for it if you're not a huge fan.