Funky Good Time/Live (1993)

The JB Horns

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Track Listing:

Sweet And Tangy {Alfred Ellis, Fred Wesley, Jim Payne, Bob Greenlee}  6:18
Blues A La L.S. {A Ellis, Ernie Lancaster}  6:40
House Party {F Wesley}  5:01
Children's World {Maceo Parker}  9:23
In My Neighborhood {A Ellis}  5:00
Funky Good Time {James Brown, F Wesley}  7:34
Step On Your Watch Part II {J Payne, R Anderson, Allan Jaffe, F Wesley}  4:44
Soul Power {J Brown, F Wesley}  5:08
Let Him Out {M Parker}  7:27


Producer: Kenny Inaoka, Jim Payne
Vocals: Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker
Tenor Sax: Pee Wee Ellis
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Guitar: Allan Jaffe
Bass: Mark Hellas
Drums: Jim Payne
Recorded: Club Gio, Japan, 6/11/90

Rating: RC: ***


RC: The real problem with this live album is that everyone tends to compare it with another live album released at the same time, Maceo Parker's Life On Planet Groove, and not favorably. This isn't really fair, because this album has charms of its own, most notably Fred's funky "House Party" and the Free James Brown anthem, "Let Him Out". Fans of their first studio album will appreciate the cuts "Sweet & Tangy", "Blues A La LS" and "Step On Your Watch". JB fans will love "Funky Good Time" and "Soul Power". While the crowd and the band lack some of the fantastic energy on Planet Groove, there's still plenty of good stuff here. Maceo's playing is a bit more subdued, with only one real showcase: "Children's World". The last five songs are a non-stop party.

This album is in print and should be easy to find.