Kiddo (1983)


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Track Listing:

Tired Of Looking {Reggie Andrews, Leon Ndugu Chancler}  3:49
What I See, I Like {R Andrews, LN Chancler}  4:16 
Try My Lovin' (Gimme Just Enough) {Donnie Sterling, R Andrews, LN Chancler} 5:15
Thinking About Your Charm {D Sterling, R Andrews, LN Chancler}  5:05 
Give It Up {D Sterling, Kevin Wisham}  6:23
Strangers {D Sterling}  5:58
Suzy's Gone {D Sterling}  3:00
Cheated, Mistreated {D Sterling, David Libert}  3:15


Lead Vocals: Donnie Sterling
Vocals: Leroy Davis, Rock Goodin, Willie Jenkins, Arthur Brown
Sax: Leroy Davis
Drums: Rock Goodin
Bass: Juice Johnson
Percussion: Willie Jenkins
Keyboards: Arthur Brown
Guitar: Michael Hampton, Donnie Sterling
BREAK 6 edits: The Latin Rascals (Tony Moran and Albert Cabrera)

Rating: RC: **1/2


MG: Donnie Sterling's group which, among others, also included Michael Hampton.

RC: Donnie Sterling played bass for Parlet, wrote a bunch of tunes for Parliament in the band's late days, and is most noted for his vocal performance in "Agony Of Defeet". He was slated to have an P.Funk project of his own called Sterling Silver Starship, but that never quite materialized. Some of those tracks can be heard on the George Clinton Family Series. He ended up forming Kiddo, with Michael Hampton hopping on for this album and some performances. His guitar playing is restrained and tasteful, adding a lot to the quality of this album. The album was recorded just before funk as we knew it was basically driven into the ground by drum machines and synthesizers, and this album is definitely caught between those two worlds. The number of funky moments is matched by dull, tuneless synth doodlings. I'd recommend this one only to Michael Hampton completists or Donnie Sterling fanatics. Sterling's singing is actually one of the best things about the album: he has a funky, soulful voice with power. "Tired Of Looking" is a very good dance tune, with excellent guitar, bass and percussion. It segues into the equally interesting "What I See...", which concentrates on a decently funky synth bass. "Try My Lovin'" is a Zapp ripoff, but it's still lots of fun and has good singing. "Thinking..." is a hideous ballad that falls flat. "Give It Up" is a hollow, synth dominated dance song redeemed somewhat by a spirited sax riff. "Strangers" is more of the same, made palatable by Hampton's guitar. "Suzy's Gone" is an absurd, throwaway bit of synth fluff. "Cheated, Mistreated" is a rousing funk-rocker, with another nice horn arrangement and good guitar rhythms.

This album is out of print and hard to find. But it's not worth spending much money on; I wouldn't shell out more than $10 and only if I was a major collector.