Horn Riffs For DJ's Volume 2 (with Fred Wesley) (1993)

Maceo Parker

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Track Listing:

Volume 2 Track 1
Volume 2 Track 2
Volume 2 Track 3
Volume 2 Track 4


Volume 2 Track 5
Volume 2 Track 6
Volume 2 Track 7
Volume 2 Track 8

(Note that the outside jacket lists a total of 10 tracks where the label
lists 8!)


MT: More date inconsitencies. This time the disc says '93, the cover says '92 and the cover artists copywrite is '91!!!! You be the judge...

Volume 2 of the series is much less consistent then the first one. Much of it sounds improvised and a lot of the performance is loose and sloppy. In addition there are several times where the recording is slightly distorted. To top it all off this volume is much shorter than the first one -- only being about 20 to 30 minutes long. The only advantage this has is a really cool cover with a cartoon illustration of Fred and Maceo with a rapper and a DJ behind them. A nice addition to any funk vinyl cover collection. (Volume 1 has a photo of Fred and Maceo in action live.)