Keep Your Soul Together (1993)

Maceo Parker

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Track Listing:

Keep Your Soul Together (radio mix)  {F Hubbard, R Cole, A Odukoya}  4:35
Keep Your Soul Together (extended vocal club mix}  
	{F Hubbard, R Cole, A Odukoya}  6:45
Keep Your Soul Together (jazzy instrumental mix) {F Hubbard}  6:19
Well You Needn't {Thelonious Monk, D Russel}  4:17
Well You Needn't {T Monk}  5:41

Producer, Arranger: Future Rock
Executive Producer: Stephan Meyner
Alto Saxophone: Maceo Parker
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Tenor Saxophone: Pee Wee Ellis
Guitar: Rodney Jones
Drums, Keyboards: The Funky Brothers
Rap: Russell D. Cole, aka M.F. Russs
Raggamuffin Vocals on "Keep Your Soul Together": Don Abi
Rap on "Well You Needn't": Sebastian Greenberg, aka SBG
Turntables: Rick Skee
Samples, Programming: Future Rock

Rating: RC: ***


RC: This is an interesting remix album in the same vein as the JB Horns I Like It Like That, a funk/hip-hop/acid jazz project. This one really leans towards the hip-hop side, with extensive rapping on both songs. The beats are strong and the horns are as excellent as ever. The raps are good, with a dancehall rapper in addition to a more 'traditional' rapper, though not exceptional. "Keep Your Soul Together" is a well designed song, with the longer edits being better. Those have a long, solo horn intro. "Well You Needn't" is notable for rapping in French! I would recommend this for enthusiasts, but not casual fans of Maceo. If you don't like hip-hop, you probably won't like this, either. As far as I know, this is available only as a European import.