The Legendary Meters featuring The JB Horns: Live at the Moonwalker; Vol.2 - Second Helping (1994)

The JB Horns

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Track Listing:

Change Reform  7:28
Hey Pocky Way  7:36
Funky Miracle  6:31
Cissy Strut  6:56
Soul Island  5:24
Cold Sweat/Ride Me Pony  6:11
Be My Lady  9:54
Ham  5:17
Southwick  11:27

Total: 66:44


Concert recorded at the Moonwalker in Aarburg, Switzerland, December 1991.

Guitar: Leo Nocentelli
Bass: George Porter Jr.
Drums: David Russell Batiste Jr. 
Keyboards: David Torkanowsky 
Sax: Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis
Trombone: Fred Wesley

Rating: RC: ***1/2


GB: The two CD collection is very nicely produced, with original cover art (imprinted on disc as well), photos (B&W), a Meters discography, a New Orleans nightlife guide with maps, pictures and a Big Easy festival listing. The production crew/engineers & remix studios are listed! Lakeside Music (P.O. Box 39, Ch-3652 Hilterfingen, Switzerland Tel: 033 433524 Fax: 033 435210).

RC: This part of the collection is heavier on the Meters material. The JB Horns appear are pretty much in the background for the first four songs, although they each get a brief solo turn during "Funky Miracle". There's an excellent sax solo during "Soul Island", and Fred takes his turn with a trombone solo in "Be My Lady". It's the Meters' turn to do a cover when they play the James Brown classic "Cold Sweat." There's a funny exchange towards the end, 'We're the Meters! Who're you? We're the JB Horns! Who're you? We're the Meters!' etc. "Ham" is another funky New Orleans-style jam, with Maceo tearing it up. It concludes with an epic version of "Southwick", with every musician taking a long solo. The whole thing is a lot of fun, although I wouldn't recommend it to P.Funk fans who aren't also fans of the Meters. Leo Nocentelli is especially hot on guitar. Not the greatest live performance of either group, but definitely an interesting item.