Bridging The Gap (1991)


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Track Listing:

(Everybody) Get Up {Roger Troutman, David Gamson}  4:37
Take Me Back {R Troutman, D Gamson}  5:33
Curiosity {R Troutman}  6:40
You Should Be Mine {R Troutman, D Gamson}  6:02
Emotions {R Troutman, D Gamson}  6:09
Break Through {R Troutman, D Gamson}  5:24
Love Incorporated {R Troutman}  4:52
Victim Of Love {R Troutman}  5:58
Who-La-Boola {R Troutman}  4:37
Hurry Up {R Troutman}  3:39


Producer:  Roger Troutman
Producer on "Get Up", "Take Me Back", "You Should Be Mine", "Emotions",
 "Break Through": Roger Troutman, David Gamson
Lead Vocals: Roger Troutman
Backup Vocals: Roger Troutman, Zapp Troutman, Nicole Cottom, Dale DeGroat,
 Shirley Murdock, Sherman Fleetwood, Dick Smith, Rocque LaCrosby, Otis Stokes
Special Vocal Assistance: Rocque LaCrosby
Bass: Roger Troutman, David Gamson
Drum Programming: Lester Troutman, David Gamson, Tony Alvarez
Keyboards: Roger Troutman, Zapp Troutman, Dale DeGroat, David Gamson
Percussion: Lester Troutman, Paulinho DaCosta
Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Roger Troutman
Synthesizer: Roger Troutman, Dale DeGroat, David Gamson

Lead Vocals: Roger Troutman
Talkbox: Roger Troutman
Background Vocals: Roger Troutman, Shirley Murdock
Guitar, Bass: Roger Troutman
Keyboards: Roger Troutman, Dale DeGroat
Drum Programming: Roger Troutman, Lester Troutman

Rating: RC: **


RC: More of the same from Roger, except his sound is even more sanitized for your protection from being funked up. The sound is dominated by synths and drum machines, but what's even worse, there's very little of that trademark Roger quirkiness to keep things interesting. While there is still some of that snappy guitar playing that Roger does so well, and his usual talkbox singing, most of the rest of the album can barely be differentiated from any other 80's R&B (and I do mean Rhythm and Business) act. It's not over-the-edge in its hollowness, but it's not really worth listening to, either.

"Take Me Back", "Emotions" and "Love Incorporated" are the sort of ballads that are typical of late Roger, sugary, string-synth laden, and hollow. "Get Up" is a mindless but OK dance jam featuring guitar lines not unlike "More Bounce". "Curiousity" is probably the album's best track, featuring good singing. "You Should Be Mine" is an average mid-tempo song featuring that ringing guitar sound. "Breakthrough" is a bland dance song. "Victim Of Love" is similar, but has more bite to it, with a stinging guitar solo. "Who-La-Boola" is the obligatory jazz track, with some nice sax playing. "Hurry Up" is a good bluesy track with a heavy harmonica presence.

This album is in print and should be easy to find. I found mine in a cheap bin.