The Space Cadets (1981)

The Space Cadets

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Track Listing:

Let's Pump It Up {Nairobi Sailcat, Jesse Rae}  5:10
You Make Me Wanna Do It {N Sailcat}  7:32
I Love What You're Doing To Me {Glen Goins}  3:25
Loveslave (Nosejob) {N Sailcat}  5:20
Make Me Funk (Fonkin' Straight Ahead) {N Sailcat}  6:41
I Might Be Crazy (But I Ain't No Fool) {N Sailcat}  6:06
Your Mother {N Sailcat}  4:12


Guitar: Nairobi Sailcat
Piano, Clavinet: Bernie Worrell
Synthesizers: Nairobi Sailcat, Bernie Worrell
Vocals: Jesse Rae, Nairobi Sailcat
Bass: T.M. Stevens, Tinker Barfield
Drums: Tyrone Lampkin
 Additional Musicians:
Vocals: Janice Pendarvis, Zephryn Conte, Gail Freeman, Connie Harvey, 
 Kevin Goins
Pedal Steel Guitar: Larry Campbell
Space Rappers: Aida, Harriet, Freddie, Taka

Rating: RC: ***


MG: Jesse Rae was that crazy guy in a kilt that Roger produced an album for later.

RC: This is a bizarre little early 80's funk band that features the notable talents of Bernie Worrell and Tyrone Lampkin, two funk giants that really make this album go. Part-time P.Funkers Kevin Goins and Taka also appear on vocals. The mood on this album is light and silly, but the grooves are sharp, the keyboard lines are super heavy & funky, and the drumming is rock-solid. It's dance music, and sort of mindless dance music, but extremely well done dance music with a lot of variety done with a lot of cleverness.

"Let's Pump It Up" is a funky dance tune heavy on Bernie's groovin' synth. It's a bit disco-ish, but the good guitar riff and tasty bass playing make it interesting. Sounds a bit like K.C. & The Sunshine Band. "You Make Me..." is more dance fluff, with several great solos and fine backup vocals. "I Love What You're Doing..." is a classic sleaze-funk number, keyed by Bernie, who is the master at setting up that kind of atmosphere. "Loveslave" is hot, nasty, wet and loose, centered on a gloriously loud guitar line. "Make Me Funk" centers around another good guitar lick and bass synth, not unlike late Parliament. "I Might Be Crazy" is a disco-ballad that is redeemed once again by Bernie & Ty, always keeping things interesting. "Your Mother" is an absolutely insane song with an excellent guitar solo. All in all, a nice little P.Funk gem. It's out of print, but definitely worth a few dollars.