To Someone (1993)

Fred Wesley Quartet

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Track Listing:

Sandu {Clifford Brown}  8:02
La Bossa  6:53
To Someone {EB Coleman}  7:13
Autumn Leaves  6:33
The North Star  8:09
Tippin'  4:28
The Way You Look Tonight  8:28
Work Song {Julian Adderly, Brown}  5:51
It's Alright With Me  8:37
Minor Coated {EB Coleman}  4:18


Producer: Ron Wesley, Fred Wesley
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Drums: Bruno Carr
Piano: Joe Bonner
Bass: Ken Walker

Rating: RC: ***


RC: This is pretty much a straight-up jazz album, playing a number of covers. It's enjoyable for what it is, but it's not funk. The bass player plays an acoustic standup, which sounds pretty cool. The drummer, Bruno Carr, died after this recording was made. This came out on a tiny label and may be hard to find. The most enjoyable tracks are "Sandu", a song with a funky latin beat to go with Fred's solos; and "La Bossa" a cool jazz track with hot t-bone blowing. I'd recommend this for diehard fans of Fred who also enjoy stripped-down, acoustic jazz arrangements.