Best of Parliament: Give Up The Funk (1995)

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Track Listing:

Flash Light  lyrics
Bop Gun  lyrics
P. Funk  lyrics
Mothership Connection  lyrics
Do That Stuff  lyrics
Theme From The Black Hole  lyrics
Ride On  lyrics
Give Up The Funk  lyrics
Up For The Down Stroke  lyrics
Agony Of Defeet  lyrics
Aqua Boogie  lyrics
Dr. Funkenstein  lyrics
Chocolate City  lyrics
Let's Play House  lyrics

Rating: ****1/2


RC: This is from the people who brought you the 2CD Parliament set. Now they're trying to reach a larger audience with a stripped down version of that set. This is a pretty good set of songs, but it's missing a couple of essentials ("Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk", for starters). Still better than the Greatest Hits that came out in 1984, with all songs at their original length. It does at least include the underrated tunes from Trombipulation, "Let's Play House" and "Agony Of Defeet." For the most casual of fans only. Great liner notes are a plus.