Live/P. Funk Earth Tour (1977)

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Track Listing:

P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)  6:13
Dr. Funkenstein's Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication Medley:
 a) Let's Take It to The Stage
 b) Take Your Dead Ass Home (Say Som'n Nasty)  4:58
Do That Stuff  5:14
The Landing (of the Holy Mothership) {G Clinton}  3:04
The Undisco Kidd (The Girl is Bad!)  7:02
Children of Productions  2:50
Mothership Connection (Star Child)  5:51
Swing Down, Sweet Chariot  5:06
This Is The Way We Funk With You 
	{G Clinton, B Worrell, Eddie Hazel, Glen Goins}  5:03 
Dr. Funkenstein  15:07
Gamin' On Ya!  4:09
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker Medley
 a) Give up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)
 b) Get Off Your Ass and Jam  4:57
Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples  6:13
Fantasy is Reality {G Clinton, B Worrell, L Ware}  6:40 


Produced & Refereed: George Clinton
Vocals: George Clinton, Calvin Simon, Fuzzy Haskins, Raymond Davis, 
 Grady Thomas, Garry Shider, Glen Goins, Debbie Wright, Jeanette Washington
Horns: Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Rick Gardner, Richard Griffith
Bass: Cordell Mosson, Bootsy Collins
Guitars: Garry Shider, Michael Hampton, Glen Goins, Eddie Hazel
Drums & Percussion: Jerome Brailey
Keyboards & Synthesizers: Bernie Worrell
Extra-Singing Clones: Lynn Mabry, Dawn Silva, Gary Cooper
Lead Snore on "This Is The Way We Funk With You": Michael Hampton
Horn Arrangements: Bernie Worrell & Fred Wesley
Rhythm Arrangements: Bootsy Collins & George Clinton

Recorded live at the Los Angeles Forum, January 19, 1977, A.D. &
 the Oakland Coliseum, January 21, 1977, A.D.

Rating: GZ *** RC *** MM ***


TK: "Give Up The Funk" was recorded with "Cosmic Slop" in an airplane hangar in 1976.

RC: Not bad, a few funny creations, a couple of new songs as well. The 1990 P. Funk All-Stars live album would probably be a better representative. This album is generally considered to be a rush job. The two studio tracks are "This Is The Way We Funk With You" and "Fantasy Is Reality." The latter had been an early Parliament song, recut for this album. The original LP came with a nice poster of George (in this outrageous fur outfit, holding a rocketship) and an iron-on transfer, that said: "Take Funk to Heaven in '77." If you see them, get them. They're great. Nice photography throughout. The LP version has "Dr. Funkenstein" after "This Is The Way We Funk With You." The highlight would have to be "Dr. Funkenstein", a marvelous extended jam that adds some new vocals arrangements and a sizzling solo from Michael Hampton. "The Landing" is a compendium of song clips that tell the story of a bunch of Funkateers waiting for the Mothership. It's fairly amusing. The main problem with the album is that there's too much material from Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic and Clones of Dr. Funkenstein, and doesn't draw enough on older material. But the finale, with "Give Up The Funk", is a monster.

MW: If you have a vinyl copy of the Parliament Live--P-Funk Earth Tour, look closely on the end part of the vinyl where there's no sound (the part of the wax before the label). My copy has the following messages inscribed there: "Funkin' for Fun" on side 3, "Supergroovalistic- prosifunkstication" on side 4, and "Take Funk to Heaven in '77" on side 1.

MM: The live versions sound more like the studio versions here than on the 1990 live album.

MT: The CD version of this album omits "Fantasy is Reality".