Rhenium (1989)

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Track Listing:

	{Ruth Copeland, G Clinton, Clyde Wilson}  3:24
I Call My Baby Pussycat
	{Billy Nelson, G Clinton, Eddie Hazel}  3:50
Put Love In Your Life
	{Vivian Lewis, G Clinton}
Little Ole Country Boy 
Moonshine Heather
Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer
Red Hot Mama  2:36
My Automobile
Nothing Before Me But Thang
	{Ernie Harris, G Clinton, E Hazel}
Funky Woman
	{G Clinton, B Worrell}
Livin' The Life
	{B Nelson, G Clinton}  6:15
Come In Out of the Rain
The Silent Boatman

Review:  RC: ****


RC: This is a British re-release of Parliament's first album, Osmium. Rhenium contains all of the original's songs, plus three singles: "Red Hot Mama", "Breakdown", and "I Call My Baby Pussycat". I actually prefer this to First Thangs in terms of how listenable it is. This disk often shows up at Tower Records, but is not officially available. Credits and track times are listed if they are different from those on First Thangs. Note that many of the songs on Rhenium are shorter. Also, some of the songs have slightly different titles, and order of credit for the writers differs somewhat.

Check out the review of First Thangs for a more thorough discussion of the songs.

MT: There were two different versions of Rhenium - some of them have a CD picture disc (though mine is just a silver CD).

It is worth avoiding the vinyl release of Rhenium which apparently omits some of the tracks from the original Osmium album.