**P. Funk Unreleased Material:**

RC:  One of the most notable unreleased works is the 1989 _By Way Of
The Drum_ album, from Funkadelic.  After it was promised for quite a long
time, it never materialized.  The only thing that came out was the single
of the same name.
 Track Listing:
Sunshine Of Your Love
Beware Of Freaks Bearing Gifts
Ya Da Da Da (with Trey Lewd)
By Way Of The Drum
All Eyes Right
Some Freshadelic

 The version of "Sunshine Of Your Love" is similar to the one that pops
up on Family Series Volume I, except that this one has vocals!  Really
well done, Clinton and Shider alternate leads.  The overall sound on the
album is much heavier than other Clinton projects of the time (ie, Cinderella
Theory, Our Gang Funky, Otis Day & The Knights), with a strong guitar
and bass emphasis.  It sounds like Blackbyrd and Skeet all over this one,
though I can't be sure.  Drum machine still dominates, however.  It's a
pretty strong recording, though I can understand why it was never released--
it didn't really have a wide audience, especially in 1989.  Sure, the
tried and true Funkateers would have picked it up, but it was too much of
a rock album to be played on black radio, and P.funk hadn't yet settled in
with the Lollapalooza crowd either.


Gary & Gary; a collaboration between Gary Cooper and Gary Shider.

Trey Lewd's first album from 1983

E.T Brain; a group consisting of Ronnie Ford and Clinton's brother
 Jimmy Keaton.

Rev. Uriah Boyington; was supposed to sound like a crazy Al Green.

RC: Garry Shider's First Family Of Funk album, under contract to Westbound.

CK:  There's an unreleased Prince/George Clinton collaboration called 
_Soul Psychedelicide_ from 1990 which includes the chorus from "The
Big Pump" (such as it is...).  There are also a number of unreleased
Clinton songs from 1990-92 that pop up on Prince bootlegs.  They include
"I Need Love", "This Groove", "Oil Spill" (which I think is also called
"Making It Easy" on another boot...at least they sound like the same
song to me), an unreleased version of "Let's Get Satisfied" and "We Can
Funk '92."
 "Oil Spill" probably got left off the album because it seems to be a 
protest against the Gulf War (one of Prince's "issues") and would have
been out of date by the time _Finger_ came out.  All of the unreleased
songs, which I think are collaborations with Prince, are far superior
to "The Big Pump", by the way.  

MT: We Can Funk - Though this was released - the released version featured very
little of George.  I have a mix which prominently features George on lead
vocals with Garry Shider making a noticable appearance too.

MT: Note that the titles are purely my speculations based on the vocal
 hooks from the songs.

George Clinton Capital Years outtakes:

"Outer Space"
"There's No Place Like Home"
"Hot Sauce (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes)"
"The Girl's Got Pizazz "

_Hey Man, Smell My Finger_ Outtakes

"Rhythm & Rhyme (demo)" - there is an early demo of this song that doesn't
feature Bootsy or Humpty - though the released version is better - the
track is completely different - and it's interesting
"Booty (demo)" - again - very different from the version released on the
b-side of "Paint The White House Black"  The track is completely different
and in my opinion BETTER than the released version.  Features a trombone
solo by Fred Wesley.
Also the vocal chorus from this song was really cool - and was deleted from
the remixed version that was released.
"Oil Spill"
"Smell My Finger/Way Up"  the instrumental  is the Foley track "Way Up"
very close as it appeared on the album - except George does the "Funk Is
Dead" rap which became Martial Law on top of the track.
"Your Mother"  this track has a rap that I've heard Tracy Lewis do before -
and I think George does it on one of the remixes of Martial Law - there are
not really any repeated vocal lines or chorus - but the lyrics sound to be
talking about somebody's alcoholic mother.  The track I have is clearly in
an unfinished state - there is a long instrumental parts which were clearly
intended to have vocals over them.  Nice horns featuring Maceo and Fred.
"(Saddle Up My Pony and) Ride"  (I've heard other people refer to this as
"This Groove (Is Gonna Make You Move)"
"I Need Love"