Jungle Bass (1990)

(Bootsy Collins)

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Track Listing:

Jungle Bass (Jungle One/Long Form) 
    {W Collins, Bill Laswell, B Worrell, Joel Johnson}  13:10
Disciples of Funk (The Return of the Funkateers) 
    {W Collins, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith, Rick Gardner}  4:41
Jungle Bass (House of Bass Mix) 
    {W Collins, B Laswell, B Worrell, J Johnson} 9:03
Interzone (Silent Hush-Hush Mix/Cyberfunk) 
    {W Collins, B Laswell, B Worrell, J Johnson} 3:17


Horny Horns: 

Producer, Arranger: Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins  
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Trumpet: Richard Griffith, Rick Gardner
Synth: Bernie Worrell, Joel "Razor Sharp" Johnson, Jeff Bova
Front Ground Vocals: Gary Cooper
Bass, Samples & Free Jazz: Bill Laswell
Space Bass, Guitar, Drums, Black Noise, Unsamples & Vocals: Bootsy Collins
Robot Vocals: Boot-Tron

Rating: GZ: **** RC: ***1/2


RC: Really enjoyable excursion into "Cyberfunk", with great production by Bill Laswell. Stays true to Rubber Band roots while breaking new ground. Each of the four tunes is basically the same thing, with different bits of old Bootsy songs thrown in, as well as other songs (like Bootsy singing some of "Hound Dog" & "Get Off Of My Cloud", by Big Mama Thornton & The Rolling Stones, respectively). Bootsy gets into some seriously funky soloing, with lots of great slap effects. The Horny Horns are also in full effect. Overton Lloyd contributes some cartoons. The main complaints are that the guitars can't really be heard, and that most of the percussion is electronic. Still, a definite step up in sound and style.

Done at the same time as Maceo's For All The King's Men, it has much the same cast. I would have preferred more than four versions of the same song (which is basically what is on here), but it's still a good listen. A precursor to further experimentation from Bootsy with Bill Laswell.