Keepin' Dah Funk "Alive" 4-1995 (1995)

(Bootsy Collins & Bootsy's New Rubber Band)

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Track Listing:

Disc One:

Intro {W Collins}  1:38
Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby  5:19
Bootsy? (What's The Name Of This Town?)  3:40
Psychoticbumpschool  2:42
The Pinnochio Theory  2:03
Hollywood Squares  4:11
Bernie Solo {B Worrell}  3:07
One Nation Under A Groove  7:14  lyrics
P.Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)  9:38
Cosmic Slop  3:59  lyrics
Flash Light  4:46
Bootzilla  1:16
Roto-Rooter  3:10

Disc Two:

I'd Rather Be With You  10:45
A Sacred Place (R.I.P.)  7:43
Medley: Stretchin' Out/Touch Somebody {W Collins}  11:20
Night Of The Thumpasorus Peoples  2:22
Keepin' Dah Funk Alive 4-1995 {W Collins}  4:10


Producer: At'c Inoue (P-Vine Records)
Vocals: Bootsy Collins, Mudbone Copper, Henry Benifield, Michael Gatheright
Drums: Frankie "Kash" Waddy
Lead Guitar: Gary "Dirty Mugg" James
Rhythm Guitar: Flip Cornett & Bootsy Collins
Bass: Flip Cornett
Space Bass: "Ill-Legal Alien" Bootsy Collins
Space Keyboards: "Ill-Legal Alien" Bernie Worrell
Finger Funkin' Keys: Joel "Razor Sharp" or Straight Razor Johnson
Religiously Funky Keys: Greg "Daffy Ducking" Fitz
3 Day Rehearsal Horn Section: Vince & Reggie Calloway, Larry Hatcher, 
 Don Bynum, Rick Gardner

Recorded at Jungle Bass, June 24, 25 1994, Tokyo, Japan

Rating: RC: ****


RC: Finally, we have the long awaited Bootsy live album, and it's a good one. The new Rubber Band is very good, with holdovers including Mudbone, Frankie and Razor. The new members, including guitarists Dee Dee James (a Hendrix/ Hazel type player) & Flip Cornett (a classic Catfish-style rhythm player), keyboardist Greg Fitz (a straight-ahead, no-frills player) and singers Henry Benifield and Michael Gatheright, fit right in. The best addition is Bernie Worrell, who adds a lot of texture and color to the show and gets a couple of opportunities to really shine. Bootsy holds it all together, and we get a nice combination of classic Bootsy, Parliament and Funkadelic hits, extended solos by everyone in the group, and lots of straight-up fun with a 'k'. Highlights include Bootsy's astounding solo during "I'd Rather Be With You", the raucous sing-a-along during "A Sacred Place", and a great jam with "Cosmic Slop." The only minor quibbles I have are that the performance seems a little too laid-back at times, not like that insane version of "Psychoticbumpschool" that can be heard on Back In The Day, and that Bootsy doesn't always play a lot of bass on some of the songs, choosing to sing or leave the stage entirely. Some of the songs are extremely short, when a natural jam is expected. But it's still a great show.

The album originally was released in early 95 as a Japanese import. Greg Fitz is formerly of Quazar; Michael Gatheright is formerly of Eramus Hall. The audience was almost completely overdubbed. The American and Japanese versions don't differ in terms of content, but the the packaging is quite different. The Japanese version has a different, separate poster that is much larger than the US version. There are also more photos in the Japanese version. But the Japanese version will probably run you about $40.