This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N (1979)

(Bootsy's Rubber Band)

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Track Listing:

Under The Influence of A Groove {W Collins, G Clinton, B Worrell}  8:37
Bootsy Get Live {W Collins, G Clinton, Maceo Parker}  6:18
Oh Boy Gorl {W Collins, G Clinton, Gary Cooper, Ron Dunbar}  7:49
Jam Fan (Hot) {W Collins, G Clinton, Phelps Collins}  9:08
Chug-A-Lug (The Bun Patrol) 
	{W Collins, G Clinton, Robert Johnson, P Collins}  6:29
Shejam (Almost Bootsy Show) {W Collins, G Clinton, R Dunbar}  5:05
Reprise (Get Live)  :40


Bass: Bootsy Collins
Guitars: Catfish Collins, Bootsy Collins, Mike Hampton, Garry Shider
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Joel Johnson
Drums: Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Bootsy Collins
Percussion: Carl "Butch" Small, Bootsy Collins, Gary Cooper,      
 Larry Fratangelo 
Horny Horns: Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Rick Gardner, Richard "Kush" Griffith
String & Synth Arrangement: Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins
Horn Arrangement: Fred Wesley, Bootsy Collins
Front Ground Vocals: Gary Cooper, Robert Johnson, Greg Thomas, 
 Christopher Williams

 "Jam Fan (Hot)"
Vocals: Bootsy Collins
Background Vocals: Mallia Franklin, Sheila Hayden, Jeanette Washington,
 Dawn Silva, Lynn Mabry
Guitars: Bootsy Collins, Catfish Collins
Bass, Drums: Bootsy Collins
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpets: Rick Gardner, Richard "Kush" Griffith
Alto Sax, Keyboards: Maceo Parker

Rating: GZ: *** RC: ***1/2


RC: This album was rushed out to meet the huge demand that Bootsy had generated, and it sounds rushed at points, particularly in the concept. The material was starting to get a bit thin by this time. The usual internal band strains also had some effect on what was going on. But although it doesn't reach the heights of the prior Bootsy albums, it certainly has many great moments. The most disappointing aspect of the album was the lack of great ballads, a sure sign that things were rushed.

"Under The Influence Of A Groove" is a grand way to start things off, with a lot of competing sounds bouncing around. It's busy, but the grooves keep flowing. The guitar work is especially noteworthy. Note that George Clinton used the main lyrical hook years later on Smell My Finger, in the song "Kickback." "Bootsy Get Live" is my favorite track here, a fun sing-along. "Oh Boy Gorl" is rather disappointing as a featured ballad. The vocals are still excellent, but the musical ideas are thin. Things pick up with "Jam Fan (Hot)", a percussively dynamite track that makes references to Nancy Sinatra ('this boot is made for...') and which later influenced David Byrne ('Burnin`, burnin`, burnin`, burnin`, burning down the house!') This was the album's biggest hit. "Chug-A-Lug" has more bun puns than you can shake a rump at, like 'I am the bundunce kid!' and 'Go for your buns`. Extremely silly, but a lot of fun. The tune is upbeat, with all sorts of crashing noises matched against the simple bassline and guitar riff. The mellow "Shejam" is a great horn-oriented piece with nice vocals.

The album comes with a comic book and has great cover art. It's out of print, but can be found fairly easily in a good used vinyl store, for anywhere from $5-25. It's also available on CD as an import, for anywhere from $20-35.