Connections and Disconections (1981)

Who's A Funkadelic? (1992)

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Track Listing:

	{Clarence Haskins, Billy Mims, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas, Ben Powers}  5:32
You'll Like It Too
	{C Haskins, C Simon, G Thomas, Michael Williams}  4:27
The Witch
	{C Haskins, Johnson, C Simon, G Thomas, Betty Jo Drake}  9:29
   Shade I: The Proclafunktion
   Shade II: The Infunktation
   Shade III: The Celefunktion
Connections and Disconnections                                   
	{Stanley, Geter, C Haskins, B Mims, C Simon, G Thomas}  5:00
Come Back
	{C Haskins, C Simon, G Thomas, B Mims, B Powers}  4:28
Call the Doctor
	{BJ Drake, C Haskins, B Mims, C Simon, G Thomas}  5:12
Who's A Funkadelic
	{C Haskins, B Mims, C Simon, G Thomas}  5:47


Vocals: Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas, Michael Williams,
 Billy Mims, Ben Powers, Jr; Johnny Quad Riley  
Percussion: Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas
Drums: Ben Powers, Jr
Clavinet: Billy Mims
Guitar: Michael Williams, Billy Mims
Keyboard: Stan Thorn, Michael Williams, Johnny Quad Wiley
Bass: Ken Blackmon; Ben Powers, Jr
Background Vocals: Dede Dickerson, Ngoh Spencer, Vicky Randal,
 Betty Jo Drake

Review: GZ: ? RC: * MM: ?


GZ: I suspect this is a contractual obligation album. Clinton disavowed it.

RC: This was the revenge album of Grady Thomas, Fuzzy Haskins, and Calvin Simon. They mostly wrote about how greedy George was, and proceeded to be not very funky themselves. For completists. It was rereleased in 1992 under a different title, possibly to try and cash in on some of the new wave of Parliament popularity. Now there's an original Parliaments reunion album in the works. Grady is actually back singing with the All-Stars, Fuzzy is a preacher who has talked about getting back with George, but no one I've talked to knows what Calvin is up to.

On the cover of the album, it says, "none of the concepts on this album are related to George Clinton", and that may be what kills it. Say what you will about Clinton's actual contribution to the music of Funkadelic, but without his concepts and ideas, none of this would have gotten off the ground. The proof is here, when three important Parliaments try and work without him, and the result is mostly mediocre. Not awful, mind you--it's certainly competent enough, and the band they put together is pretty good-- but the vibe that existed on those P.Funk albums just isn't here. They sound like just another funk group; worse, they sound like one that had used up most of their good ideas already. The trio of ex-Parliaments sound very bitter about being used by George, and perhaps they had every right to be, but it didn't make for a great album.