If It Ain't On P-Vine, It Ain't P-Funk! (1993)

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Track listing:

Terrestrial Touch {Ron Ford}  4:04
Quantum Leap {R Ford}  6:10
Feona Funk {Donnie Sterling}  4:57

Rating: RC: **1/2


JB: Promotional CD3 from P-Vine. Probably outtakes from the Family series. No musician or performer credits are given.

RC: The songs are probably from the late 70's or early 80's, and they're typical Ford/Sterling songs. Heavy on keyboards and bass. The most interesting thing is the packaging: it's a mini-disc. "Terrestrial Touch" features a strong bass track and decent rhythm guitar. "Quantum Leap" is more of the same, at a faster pace, with a number of half-raps. It's a solid dance track. "Feona Funk" is another good dance track that works because it's relatively short.