Paint The White House Black (CD5) (1993)

(George Clinton)

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Track Listing:

Paint The White House Black (single version) 
  {W Bryant, G Clinton, K Gordy, Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield}  4:19
Paint The White House Black (album version) 7:50
Picture This (street mix) {W Bryant, G Clinton, K Gordy} 6:48
Booty {G Clinton} 3:24
Paint The White House Black (instrumental) 5:40


Rating: RC: ***


RC: This album is a standard remix package with one difference: the HOT non-album track "Booty". This one has a hard, sleazy beat with a subtle horn riff and great singing. There's even a great guitar solo from Blackbyrd at the end. This is the closest thing to Funkadelic that we've heard from George since "Icka Prick" and maybe "Cool Joe". The song waxes eloquent on the human rear and all its variations. 'Must be jelly, 'cause jam don't shake like this!' The rest of the album contains variations on "Paint The White House Black", with few surprises. "Picture This" has some different lyrics than the original, but it's mostly the same thing. The whole thing is worth getting just for the one song, though.