Osmium (1970)

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Track Listing:

I Call My Baby Pussycat
	{Billy Nelson, Eddie Hazel, G Clinton}  4:21
Put Love In Your Life
	{G Clinton, Vivian Lewis}  5:04
Little Old Country Boy
	{R Copeland}  3:56
Moonshine Heather (Takin' Care of Business)
	{G Clinton}  4:03
Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer
	{P Trim, prayer by R Copeland}  4:57
My Automobile
	{Clarence Haskins, G Clinton}  4:42
There Is Nothing Before Me But Thang 
        {Ernie Harris, E Hazel, G Clinton, B Worrell} 3:52
Funky Woman
	{B Worrell, G Clinton}  2:53
Livin' The Life
	{G Clinton, B Worrell, B Nelson}  5:55
The Silent Boatmen
	{R Copeland}  5:50


RC: For personnel and a review, see review for First Thangs.