Here (1982)


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Track Listing:

Taste of Magic {Carolyn Myles, W Collins, David Spradley}  4:49
Godmoma Here {Phelps Collins, W Collins, Joel "Cheese" Johnson}  5:31
Hands Up (Punk Funk) {W Collins, D Spradley, Carl "Butch" Small}  6:40
I Like It {Cynthia Girty, Arnenita Walker, W Collins}  3:56
Spice (Too Nice) {P Collins, W Collins}  6:05
Be All You Can Be {Sylvester Stewart, W Collins}  3:22
Godmoma of Love {C Girty, A Walker, W Collins}  6:31


Producer: Bootsy Collins 
Godmoma Singers: Cynthia Girty (Sugar Baby), Tony Walker (T Baby),  
 Carolyn Myles (Baby Kay)
Guitar: Catfish Collins, Bootsy Collins
Percussion: Godmoma, Bootsy Collins, Carl "Butch" Small, Bebop, Maruga Booker
Drums: Bootsy, Tiger Martin on "I Like It"
Space Bass: Bootsy Collins, Mike Mitchell on "Taste of Magic"
Horny Horns: Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith, Larry Hatcher, 
 Don Bynum, Greg Boyer, David McMurray 
Synth: Sly Stone, David Spradley
Lyricon Solo: Mike Warner
All Rhythm Arrangements By:  Guess Who B----y?

Rating: RC: ***1/2


RC: This was a Bootsy production all the way, doing his take on the whole 'girl-group' thang. As is to be expected, his version is very funky, with an emphasis on singing. While there's some disco fluff and a dull ballad here, most of the stuff is very tight, with Sly Stone popping in for a session or two. The material is very lively, not relying on strings to punch up the songs like some of the Brides and Parlet albums. Most of all, the spirit, enthusiasm and craft of Bootsy shine in on every track. Even on the most standard of songs, there will be an interesting bass part here, an interesting vocal there. The singers themselves are very good, with an aggressive, in-your-face vocal style. Also notable are their writing credits on the songs, which had been almost unheard of for the Brides or Parlet.

"It's Magic" is straight-up disco, covering every cliche in the book except the hanging silver globe on the ceiling. In spite of that, there are some interesting vocals, sounding a bit like Parliament's "Crush It" (a Bootsy track) in some spots. "Godmoma Here" features great singing and funky bass synth, probably from David Spradley. "Hands Up" is a definite winner, an update of "Rubber Duckie" with amazingly salacious lyrics. "I Like It" is a clunker ballad that just doesn't go anywhere. "Spice" has great bass playing and a catchy guitar riff. "Be All You Can Be" is a great slow song, pretty much arranged by Sly Stone. It would later pop up in 1990 on Maceo Parker's album, minus some of the lyrics and with some new parts played on top of it. Good use of synth as atmosphere, matching well against the voices. "Godmoma Of Love" is a good sendoff, a solid funk dance number.

This album is out of print and somewhat hard to find. Expect to pay anywhere from $10-35 dollars on it if you see it.