Lifestyles of the Roach and Famous (1988)

Incorporated Thang Band

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Track Listing:

Body Jackin' {G Clinton, Joseph Fiddler, W Collins}  5:57
Storyteller {Steve Washington, G Clinton}  4:43 
Still Tight {G Clinton, Tracy Lewis, Garry Shider, Justin Kace}  5:25 
Androgynous View {Steve Washington, G Clinton, Andre Foxxe}  4:17 
Jack of All Trades {A Foxxe, Lige Curry, G Clinton}  4:37
I'd Do Anything For You  {Robert Johnson, LaShawn Clinton}  3:48
What If The Girl Says Yes {G Clinton, W Collins, J Fiddler}  5:32
44-22-38 {G Clinton, Jimmy Giles, W Collins, Michael Lane}  6:29


Top Roach Producer: George Clinton
Co-Pilot Producer: Bootsy!
Lead vocals: Lige Curry, Andre Foxxe Williams
Bass: Lige Curry
Keyboards: Robert "Sly" Garrett, Patrick "Boogie" Drummond
Guitar: Christopher Bruce, Andre Foxxe Williams
Drums: Dean "Kurl-E" Ragland
Vocals: Claudia "C-Rae" White, Angel "Cake" Keener, Patrick Drummond
 Yo! Inc. T. B. wanna thank da P-Funk Posse for X-Tra Prop Tracks:
Synthesizer, Keyboards:	Michael Lane, Steve Washington, Justin Kace, 
 Tom Norton, Joseph "Amp" Fiddler, Robert Johnson
Guitars: Steve Washington, Bootsy, D'Wayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight, Garry Shider
Bass: Bootsy Collins, Steve Washington
Synth and Drum programming: Justin Kace, Bootsy Collins, Andre Williams, 
Steve Washington, Mike Lane
Vocals:	Garry Shider, George Clinton, Tracey Lewis, Robert Johnson, 
 Sandra Feva, Pat Lewis, Lloyd Williams, Joe Harris, Shelia Washington, 
 Jessica Cleaves

Rating: RC: **


RC: This was a Clinton-produced album that sounded much like his other 80's productions: dominated by drum machines and synthesizers, with hints of other instrumentation buried underneath. The band consists of a number of young P.Funkers, including current tour band members Lige Curry and Andre "Foxxe" Williams. Lige is a good singer and he carries a lot of the album, but the rhythms just aren't that interesting. His bass playing does help things along, as he's solid but not flashy, in the school of a Boogie Mosson. I blame some of the mishmash on Steve Washington, Clinton's partner at that time. Still and all, the musical skill of a number of the players keep it from sinking to the level of the Jimmy G and the Tackheads album.

"Body Jackin'" is a song that exemplifies the album's problems: too many synthesizers, not enough interesting percussion. "Storyteller" is better, with a greater emphasis on singing on Curry's bass playing. "Still Tight" is a fairly engaging song that also wisely places an emphasis on singing, which this time is well accented by the keyboards. "Androgynous View" takes off on "How Do Yeaw View You", looking at different sex roles. Musically, it's more of the same, unfortunately. "Jack Of All Trades" is a horn-dominated track that vocally recalls Sly & The Family Stone's "I Want To Take You Higher". Lige's bass is also good here. This is definitely one of the better tracks here. "I'd Do Anything For You" is pure pop, a crossover love song. "What If The Girl..." is only notable for a good Blackbyrd guitar solo; otherwise, it's more of the same. "44-22-38" is an amusing song about a girl's measurements that's fairly lively musically.

The album is out of print, but I wouldn't pay much for it unless you must have everything. If you see it for under $10, I'd pick it up just to hear some of the interesting horn arrangements, Lige's bass playing, and a Blackbyrd solo or two. Other than that, it's not worth current prices.