Federation of Tackheads (1985)

Jimmy G and the Tackheads

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Track Listing:

Clockwork {Robert Johnson, G Clinton, Steve Washington}  6:23
Break My Heart {G Clinton, St Washington, Sheila Washington}  6:00
All Or Nothin' {G Clinton, St Washington, Sh Washington}  5:52
Lies {Jimmy Keaton, E Eatmon}  4:58
Slingshot {G Clinton, St Washington, Garry Shider}  4:12
I Want Yo Daughter 
	{Jimmy Keaton, J Rogers, G Clinton, R Johnson, Andre Williams}  5:24
Family Funk {J Keaton, G Clinton, St Washington} 5:21


Producer on "Clockwork", "Break My Heart", "All Or Nothin'", "Family Funk":
 George Clinton, Steve Washington
Producer on "Lies": George Clinton, DeWayne McKnight
Producer on "Slingshot": George Clinton, Garry Shider
Producer on "I Want Yo Daughter": George Clinton, Steve Washington, Garry Shider
Horn arrangements: Steve Washington
Rhythm arrangements: Steve Washington, Jimmy "G"
Vocal arrangements: George Clinton, Garry Shider
Lead Tackhead vocal: Jimmy "G" (Giles)
Tackhead background vocals: Robert Johnson, Garry Shider, George Clinton, 
 Blackbyrd McKnight, Ron Ford, Andre Foxxe, Lige Curry, Dean Ragland, 
 Ken Colton, Rod "Cuz" Simpson, Joe "Pep" Harris, Darryl Clinton
Tack-Ette background vocals: Patricia Lewis, Sheila Washington, Linda Shider,
 Sandra Feva, Mallia Franklin, Cheryl James and Patty Curry
Guitars: DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight, Steve Washington, Garry Shider, 
 Tony Thomas and Andre Foxxe
Bass: Jimmy "G" and Steve Washington
Drums: Dean Ragland
Drum programs: Steve Washington (except for "Lies"-Jimmy "G" and Steve
Keyboards, Synthesizer, OB 8, Emulator, Oberheim: Steve Washington
Horns: Steve Washington

Rating: RC: *1/2


MG: The funny thing about this LP is that the titles of the songs differ on the record cover and on the label. The track listing above are what they're called on the label. But on the record cover the songs are called "You Always Break My Heart" and "I Want Your Daughter" instead of "Break My Heart" and "I Want Yo Daughter" as on the label.

RC: This album is truly a case against nepotism. Clinton worked with his younger brother, Jimmy Giles, to produce an album. Jimmy G is actually a pretty good bass player, but at the time this album was produced, Clinton's music was drowning in keyboards and drum machines. It's a shame he wasn't given a chance to succeed on a real funk album, because the Family Series later showed that he was talented. I blame Steve Washington, Clinton's collaborator at the time he was shamelessly into crossover sounds.

The singing and lyrics on the album actually aren't that bad, somewhat redeeming what's going on. The occasional Blackbyrd guitar solo is also worth listening for. Of course, the good ideas and lyrics are beat into the ground by the overlength of the songs. The only completely listenable songs are "Lies", founded on a good guitar vamp and some decent raps, with an interesting guitar solo; and "Family Funk", a song that lets Jimmy G really show off his bass chops, surrounded by some good percussion. The most amusing song is "I Want Yo Daughter", which is a blatant Prince rip-off, ironic considering how much he stole from P.Funk over the years.

The album is out of print, but it's not worth paying much for. I got my copy for $1, and that's about what it's worth. Pedro Bell does do the cover art, but even that's not one of his more interesting works.