Cookin' From The Inside Out!!! (1987)

Mico Wave

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Track Listing:

Star Search {Mico Wave, B Collins}  3:30
Misunderstood {M Wave, B Collins}  7:36
First Impression {M Wave, B Collins}  5:15
It Happens Everytime {M Wave, B Collins, Wes Boatman, Vicky Vee}  4:01
Instant Replay {M Wave, B Collins, Mallia Franklin, W Coleman}  5:03
Sleeping Single {M Wave, B Collins}  3:49
Can We Love Again {M Wave, B Collins}  5:50
American Dream {M Wave, B Collins}  4:41
Kiss {M Wave, B Collins}  4:08


Producer: Bootsy Collins
Key Player: "Mico Wave"
Space Base & Advanced Keys: "Bootsy"
Drums & Drum Programming: "The Key Player" and his assistant "_ _ _ _ SY"
1/2 of a Horny Horn: "Maceo Parker"
Lead & Rhythm Guitars: Ron Jennings, Mark Woerpel, Catfish Collins, 
 The Key Player, Bootsy Collins
Wave-U-Lator and Decorder: The Key Player M.W.
Vocals: The Key Player (Mico Wave) and the Lock (Bootsy)
String Arrangements: Karl Berger with "Material String Players"
Additional Piano: Bernie Worrell
Additional Keys: Wes Boatman
Computer Programming: Barry Haney & Ben Grosse
Additional Harmonica: Peter Madcat Ruth, "Mico Wave"

Rating: RC: **1/2


RC: This was a collaboration between Bootsy Collins and Mico Wave, aka Michael Lane. It was a typical 80's production, ie, lots of drum machines, synth, sequencing, etc. But like most anything that Bootsy has been involved in, it certainly has its moments. The singing here is mostly pretty good, the guitar riffs found on the songs are usually crisp and stinging, and Bootsy's bass shines on a few cuts. Some of the songs are pretty dull or hollow sounding, and a lot of the cuts sound like Zapp songs. In general, there's not a lot of variety from track to track.

"Star Search" sounds very much like a track from Bootsy's The One Giveth album. An uptempo number with nice guitar riffing and a good bass presence, it's fairly funky. "Misunderstood" is another funky track, again similar to The One Giveth and Zapp as well. I like the singing here and the bass groove. "First Impression" and "It Happens Everytime" are dull, hollow-sounding tracks with the same sort of beat. "Instant Replay" and "Sleeping Single" are both Zapp ripoffs, but they're at least entertaining. "Can We Love Again" is a lame R&B crossover attempt that does at least have some interesting guitar sections. "American Dream" is a wild guitar song that is a flat-out rocker, complete with acoustic drums. "Kiss" is another ballad that doesn't quite work; I don't think Mico Wave's voice is quite right for the subject matter.

The album is out of print but is available as an import from Sony. It isn't really interesting enough to warrant spending a lot of money on, however. Lyrics are enclosed on the import version.