George Clinton Presents Our Gang Funky (1989)

Our Gang Funky

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Track Listing:

Beautiful {W Collins, Mico Wave, Linda Shider}  5:50
Nice {G Clinton, David Spradley}  6:48
Manopener {G Clinton, W Collins, Joe Harris}  6:32
Hooray {G Clinton, D Spradley}  7:47
He Dance Funny {G Clinton, W Collins, Wes Boatman}  5:59
I Want Your Car {Mark Davis, M Sands}  5:29


Producer: George Clinton 
Producer on "Beautiful", "He Dance Funny": George Clinton, Garry Shider
Producer on "I Want Your Car": George Clinton, Mark Davis
Playground Screamers (Vocalists): Belita Woods, Pat "Patty Poo" Lewis,
 Joe Harris, Andre Foxx Williams, Yosefa Bari, Michelle Hill, 
 Robert Johnson, Phaedra Harris, Pennye Ford, Jessica Cleaves, 
 Linda Williams, Stefan Frank, George Clinton, Virginia Watson, 
 Tracy Roberson, Sandra Feva, Michael Payne, Lloyd Williams, Gary Shider
Keyboards/Drum Machines: Amp Fiddler, Michael Lane, Mark Davis
Guitar: Garry Shider, DeWayne McKnight, Bootsy Collins, Christopher Bruce
Bass: Bootsy Collins

 Artist: Garry Shider
Vocals: Garry Shider

 Artist: Cadillac Heights
Vocals: Stefan Frank

 Artist: Babyfatt
Vocals: Yosefa Bari, Phaedra Harris, Michelle Hill, Tracy Roberson,
 Linda Williams

 Artist: Jessica Cleaves
Vocals: Jessica Cleaves

 "He Dance Funny"
 Artist: O.T.W.
Vocals: Joe Harris, Lloyd Williams, Michael Payne

 "I Want Your Car"
 Artist: Maxi Muff

Rating: RC: *  MM: *


RC: A hideous waste of time that could have been a great project. The only good thing about it is that Garry Shider finally got a solo credit, even if it was only one song. The CD is marred by the weak electronic production techniques that Clinton was using at the time. The album is dominated by drum machines and keyboards, with bass & guitar way down in the mix, if audible at all. Each of the different 'groups' consisted of assorted vocalists Clinton was working with at the time. The only interesting musical bit on the album is a guitar solo at the end of "I Want Your Car" (which is much more of a lame Runaways-type rocker than a funk tune). I'm pretty sure it's Blackbyrd.

The CD's title is a play on the old 'Our Gang/Little Rascals' TV show. The CD may still be in print, but it's not in wide circulation. But if you must have it , try and get it used. It's not worth shelling out big dollars.