Wynne Jammin (1980)

Philippe Wynne

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Track Listing:

Never Gonna Tell It {G Clinton, B Worrell}  12:38
Put Your Own Puzzle Together {J Dean, J Glover}  4:15
You Make Me Happy (You Got The Love I Need) {Philippe Wynne}  3:46
We Dance So Good Together {J Glover, J Dean}  5:35
Hotel Eternity {Gary Hudgins, Darryl Clinton, P Wynne, Robert Johnson}  5:30
Breakout {P Wynne}  5:05
You Gotta Take Chances {J Dean, J Glover}  4:43


Producers: George Clinton, Ron Dunbar
 "Breakout" produced by Philippe Wynne, Clinton & Dunbar
 "You Got The Love I Need" produced by Dunbar & Wynne

Guitars: Michael Hampton, Bruce Nazarian, Kenny Birch, Gary Shider,
 Gordon Carlton, Dennis Coffee, Willie "Preacher" Hampton
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Rudy Robinson, John Glover, David Lee Chong,
 Gary Hudgins, Arnold Brimstone Ingram
Drums: Tyrone Lampkin, Jerry Jones
Percussion: Carl "Butch" Small, Larry Fratangelo
Synthesizer: Bernie Worrell, David Lee Chong
Bass: Rodney Curtis, Bruce Nazarian, Donnie Sterling, Frank Bryant
Strings: Gordon Staples, Felix Resnick, & the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Horns: John Trudell, Ernie Rodgers, Angelo Carlisi, Ted "Flip" Jackson,
 Gordon Stump, Leo Harrison, Maurice Davis, Fred Boldt, Mike Sutter,
 Marcus Belgrave,
Vocals: Brandye (Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent), Philippe Wynne, Jerome Rodgers,
 Robert Johnson, Ron Ford, Ray Davis, The Doc, Michael "Clip" Payne, 
 Stevie Pannell, David Lee Chong, Jessica Cleaves, Andre Williams, 
 Jeanette McGruder, Shirley Hayden, Chanta Payne, Cheryl James, Sheila Horne
Background Arrangments: George Clinton, Ron Dunbar, Philippe Wynne
Rhythm Arrangements: Rudy Robinson, Bernie Worrell
String & Horn Arrangements: Paul Riser, Tony Camillo

Rating: RC: **1/2


RC: This isn't really a funk album, despite the presence of assorted P.Funkers and Clinton's production. Instead, it's a Spinners-style light soul album that's heavy on strings and mellow arrangements. Wynne's superb voice is highlighted, which carries many of the weakly written tunes. The highlight is the epic cover of Funkadelic's "Never Gonna Tell It", with Michael Hampton's soaring guitar matched up with Wynne's fluid vocals. "Put Your Own Puzzle Together" is the other good song, with a nicely done string arrangment. The low point is "We Dance So Good Together", which is 100% pure disco. The rest of the songs basically sound alike, slow ballads and love songs that are heavy on strings and light on everything else. Philippe is excellent throughout, and it's his singing that gets the album a rating this high. The album is available on CD as an import for anywhere from $20-30, but it probably isn't worth that much except to Wynne fanatics. Try and find it on vinyl if possible, but I wouldn't spend more than $10 or $15 max.