i am what i am (1971)

Ruth Copeland

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Track Listing:
The Medal {Ruth Copeland, D Baldwin}  6:50 
Cryin' Has Made Me Stronger {R Copeland, G Clinton}  5:39  
Hare Krishna {R Copeland, G Clinton}  3:22 
Suburban Family Lament {R Copeland, Eddie Hazel}  3:48   
Play With Fire {Mick Jagger, Keith Richards}  7:16 
Don't You Wish You Had (What You Had When You Had It) 
	{R Copeland, G Clinton}  4:49 
Gimme Shelter {M Jagger, K Richards}  7:54  

Track Listings:

Producer: Ruth Copeland 
Bass: Billy Nelson & Dawn Hatcher 
Drums: Tiki Fulwood 
Guitar: Eddie Hazel, Ron Bykowski, Ray Monette 
Organ: Bernie Worrell, Dave Case 
Piano: Bernie Worrell 

Rating: RC: ***1/2


RC: This is Ruth Copeland's second collaboration with Funkadelic, and this effort is much more consistent, interesting and funky. The songwriting is better, with more input from the Funk Mob, and the lyrical style is less angst-ridden. It also just rocks out more, relying on that nasty blues-funk-psychedelic style of early Funkadelic. Note that future Funkadelic guitarist Ron Bykowski pops up here. Every track is fairly strong, and most wouldn't be out of place on early Funkadelic records.

"The Medal" is a typical, overwrought Copeland composition lyrically, but it really rocks out musically. Ray Monette plays some blistering licks. "Cryin' Has..." is a very good slow blues ballad that really expresses some strong emotions without going overboard. "Hare Krishna" is a bizarre but fun statement about equality of religions, driving by Bernie's churning organ. "Suburban Family Lament" is an attempt at social commentary that doesn't quite work, but the singing and Eddie's guitar playing are both excellent. "Play With Fire" is a pretty good cover of a Rolling Stones song, with the original's acoustic strumming being replaced by a hard fuzz tone guitar. "Don't You Wish..." is a solid slow rocker in a bluesy vein. "Gimme Shelter" is another interesting Stones cover, uptempo with a funky bassline and more searing guitar work, once again by Ray Monette (I think).

This album is extremely rare. Reports have it as high as $200! I certainly wouldn't spend that much money on it, but I'd spend up to $40 to hear another side of Funkadelic.