Bread Alone (1980)


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Track Listing:

Love Has Taken Me Over (Be My Baby) 
	{Walter Morrison, S Singleton, J Tinsley}  4:02
Why {J Tinsley, W Morrison, S Singleton}  5:25
Bread Alone {S Singleton, J Tinsley}  4:28
Nagual's Theme {W Morrison}  1:09
Funky Parts {W Morrison, S Singleton, Lynn Mabry}  4:29
Seaman First Class (Jock Rock) {W Morrison, L Mabry, Akasha Morrison}  7:59
Apple Song {W Morrison}  4:01


Vocals: Junie Morrison
All Instruments: Junie Morrison
Background Vocals: Lynn Mabry, Teresa Allman, Brenda Henderson,
 Akasha Morrison
Synth Programming: Wes (Duck Army) Boatman
Producer: Junie Morrison

Rating: RC: ***1/2


RC: This is a good solo album from Junie, his first solo effort after his hook-up with P.Funk. He benefits greatly from the presence of Lynn Mabry of the Brides doing back-up vocals. The album has a light feeling to it; it's certainly not as heavy or rock-oriented as his earlier solo albums. The album switches between dance-funk songs and uptempo ballads, the sort of thing he did so well with P.Funk. And for the most part, it works well here also.

"Love Has Taken Me Over" is a "Knee Deep" style song that features bass synth and great singing all around. The intro even sounds a bit like "Knee Deep"! "Why" has fine bass playing and those great Junie growls that sound so funny because his voice is naturally so high. "Bread Alone" has extremely clever lyrics and more good singing. The guitar has an almost reggae-like rhythm, and the use of spacing throughout is excellent. "Nagual's Theme" is an odd little vignette with multi-layered vocals. "Funky Parts" is an top notch dance funker with great rhythms and vocals; it eventually turns into a funk-tango! The album slips a bit with the last two songs: "Seaman First Class" and "Apple Songs" are both weak uptempo ballads that, despite good singing, don't really take off.

I would certainly recommend the album to all Junie fans, and if you've only heard his work on the late Parliament and Funkadelic albums, you should really check him out.

The album is out of print, but should be available on CD domestically, for around $10. You may have to order it from your CD store, however. The album itself isn't easy to find, but should be cheap if you see it. Pay no more than $10 for it. The cover has Junie sitting in a bunch of loaves of bread.