Evacuate Your Seats (1984)


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Track Listing:

Tease Me {Walter Morrison}  4:58
Show Me Yours {W Morrison}  4:24
Stick It In {W Morrison}  5:00
Gyrate {W Morrison}  4:51
Break 6 {W Morrison}  5:10
Driving In A Porsche {W Morrison}  4:16
Techno Freqs {W Morrison}  3:37
Here With You Tonight {W Morrison}  6:04


Produced, Performed, Written and Directed: Walter Morrison

Rating: RC: *1/2


RC: This is a hideous, ill-advised electronic music album that is easily Junie's worst album. Was Junie just following a trend, or did he really think that electronic music was the way to go? Whatever it was, it's not funky or even interesting. Like much of the music of the mid-80's, it sounds hollow, tinny and tacky. Junie abandons drums, bass and guitar (for the most part), relying on the almighty synthesizer and drum machine. There are actually a few good melodies and ideas buried on this album, earning it a half a star, but it's just not enough. The only other thing I can think of is that he was trying to mimic Prince's sound; this is particularly depressing since Junie predated Prince's 'one-man band' act by several years.

Junie actually raps on "Break 6", which is interesting for a minute. "Stick It In" also is a bit better than the rest, because it gets a little closer to hip-hop. The rest is garbage, mostly a hollow, repetitive (without being funky), soulless electronic mishmash. The only ballad, "Here With You Tonight", is horrible despite good singing; the synth saps away its soul.

The cover has all sorts of electronic drawings. The album is completely out of print, but it shouldn't be that hard to find it. Don't spend anything more than a couple of bucks unless you simply must complete your Junie collection. There are a couple of 12" records associated with the album as well.