P-Funk Guitar Riffs For DJ's (1995)

Michael Hampton

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Track Listing:

P-Funk Guitar Riffs 1  (6:00)
P-Funk Guitar Riffs 2  (6:00)
P-Funk Guitar Riffs 3  (6:00)

P-Funk Guitar Riffs 4  (6:00)
P-Funk Guitar Riffs 5  (6:00)
P-Funk Guitar Riffs 6  (6:00)


MT: This is the sloppiest of the three P-Funk sample discs on Tuff City. The most dissapointing thing is the recording quality. The recording is very poor -- often being distorted. The parts where he uses clean sounds are particularly bad -- rendered unusable for many purposes because of the poor production and recording.

If you're a hardcore P-Funk fan that regularly gets an acute desire to secretly follow Mike Hampton around so you can peep in his bedroom window and hear him practicing his guitar while on his vacation from P-Funk, leave poor Mike alone and get this instead! That's basically what it sounds like -- a bootleg tape of Mike practicing his guitar. He doesn't seem to being playing to any kind of timing device or track -- and his timing is not there -- which would make this very difficult to use as a DJ. The riffs aren't particularly funky either by the way.

Poor recording and pressing (my sealed copy came with several skips intact), coupled with playing which is for the most part sloppy and unrehearsed would require the most creative of producers to make something out of this via sampling -- and I certainly wouldn't put my money on it if I was a DJ.

By the way -- I asked Mike about this disc via IRC -- and he was unaware that this was going to be released as it is. He was under the impression it was going to be "spliced up", but it turned out they just put out a straight dub of the session on the LP. This certainly is not Mike at his best. It's got some amusing photos of Mike jamming on his double-necked Hamer on the cover though -- and even one of Mark the 45 King playing his guitar (I wouldn't be suprised to find that Mark played some of the tracks on the disc either...).