February 2, 1996

(organized by Mike Theiss; all entries by MT unless otherwise specified)

This section focuses on the art work of the three artists responsible for
designing the majority of the P-Funk cover illustrations.  It is organized
by artist and the covers are listed in approximate chronological order.
Included are complete works within the Parliament/Funkadelic catalogue and
any outside work on cover art of other artist's albums that I could find as
well.  Peep the special inside info about Pedro Bell works for unreleased

P E D R O     B E L L

P-Funk Album Artwork:

 Funkadelic "Cosmic Slop" 1973
 Funkadelic "Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On" 1974
 Funkadelic "Let's Take It To The Stage" 1975
 Funkadelic "Tales of Kidd Funkadelic" 1976
 Funkadelic "Hardcore Jollies" 1976
 Funkadelic "One Nation Under A Groove" 1978
 Funkadelic "Uncle Jam Wants You" (inside and back cover) 1979
 Funkadelic "The Electric Spanking Of War Babies" 1981
 George Clinton "Computer Games" 1982
 George Clinton "You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish" 1983
 George Clinton "Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends" 1985
 Jimmy G And The Tackheads "Federation Of Tackheads" 1985
 George Clinton "R&B Skeletons In The Closet" 1986
 Incorporated Thang Band "Lifestyles of the Roach and Famous" (clay art and
comic art) 1988
 George Clinton Presents Our Gang Funky 1989
 P-Funk All-Stars "Live At The Beverly Theater In Hollywood" 1990 (contains
a clay sculpture on the cover and lots of comics and stuff inside)
 Eddie Hazel "Jams From The Heart"  1994 (this front cover art was lifted
from the inside cover of "Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On")
 Parliament - Funkadelic - P-Funk All Stars "Dope Dogs" 1994
 Axiom Funk "Funkcronomicon" 1995
 George Clinton "T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M." 1996 

(Note that all of the Funkadelic albums drawn by Pedro as well as the
P-Funk All Stars Live were issued in gatefold LP's with Pedro's work.   He
drew the front, back and inside covers, unless noted otherwise)

P-Funk Singles Artwork:

 Funkadelic "One Nation Under A Groove"  45
 George Clinton "Atomic Dog" 45, CD5 and 12" import
 George Clinton "Double Oh-Oh" 45 and 12"

(This is an incomplete list.  All of the above artwork was lifted from the
covers of the corresponding albums)

Unreleased or Possibly Really Super Rare P-Funk Cover Work:

 Funkadelic "By Way Of the Drum" (album) 1989 MCA
 Royal First Family Of Funk "Royal First Family Of Funk"  199? Westbound
(Artwork for a 12" was drawn also.  This was supposed to be a P-Funk group
that didn't feature George Clinton.  If I remember correctly - Garry Shider
was involved.)
 Sheila Horne "More Colors Than A Rainbow" 1993? Treasure Line
 Mallia Franklin "The Queen Of Funk"  199? K-Tel?  (I think this was a non
P-Funk affiliated solo project.)

 (following the date is the name of the record label these albums were
recorded/drawn for -  but some of them may have been released by different
labels in other galaxies)

Non P-Funk Artwork

 The Bass That Ate Miami "Return To The Bass That Ate Miami" 199?
Pandisc/Jamarc (Hip-Hop/Dance music)
 Maggotron "The Bassman Of The Acropolis" 199? Pandisc/Jamarc (Hip-Hop/Dance
 Miami Bass Machine 2 "This Boom's For You" 199? Jamarc (Hip-Hop/Dance music)
 Tevnol "Invisible Nation"  199? Sonic Noise/Dutch East (Industrial music)
 Tripzilla "I'm Turning Trippanese" 199? Blast First/London (This is Pedro
Bell's own group - he classifies it as "Z-Punk")

(I can't confirm the release of the last three entries)

Pedro Bell Tribute Art:
(drawings by other artists that rip off or acknowledge Pedro's distinct style)

 Funkadelic "Rocky Mountain Shakedown" (this bootleg double LP contains a
sloppy spoof of the Funkadelic covers by an anonymous artist who signs
their name "Pedro Hell")
 Funkadelic "Music For Your Mother" - clay art by Liz Tarr "with
acknowledgments to Pedro Bell"
 C-Funk "Three Dimensional Ear Pleasure" contains ripped off "One Nation"
flag and other art which appears to be either directly ripped off and
edited or traced.   In addition to ripping Pedro - they also rip Overton
Loyd's "Motor Booty Affair" cover art.

O V E R T O N    L O Y D   (AKA "O-Dog")

P-Funk Cover Art:

 Parliament "Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome" 1977 (Though he didn't
draw the cover or any of the liner notes - he drew the comic book and
poster included with the original release.)
 Parliament "Motor Booty Affair"  (get the vinyl for the full fold out with
pop-up insert - not printed in the cd liner notes) 1978
 Fuzzy Haskins "Radio Active" 1978
 Parliament "Aquaboogie" (picture sleeve 45) (note that this original art is
similar too - but not contained within the "Motor Booty Affair" art.  It is
an illustration of George riding a dolphin (with breasts) holding a bop gun
with a bubble coming out the end of it)
 Parliament "Gloryhallastoopid" 1979
 Bootsy's Rubber Band "This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N" 1979 (cover and
unfinished comic insert)
 Parliament "Trombipulation" 1980
 Zapp "Zapp" (back cover) 1980
 Bootsy's Rubber Band "Jungle Bass" (back cover) 1990
 George Clinton "T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M." 1996 

 Also, before the shows of the P-Funk and Bootsy's Rubber Band shows in 1978
they showed short animated segments (kind of half way between a slide show
and a cartoon) that appear to be drawn by Overton Loyd.  Really cool stuff!

Cover Art Outside of P-Funk:

 The Counts "Love Sign" 1973
 Digital Underground "Packet Man/Doowutchalike" (maxi-single) 1990
 Weapon Of Choice "Nuttmeg Says Bozo The Town" 1994 (inside band illustration)
 Jimmy Castor Bunch "The Best Of The Jimmy Castor Bunch" 1995


 DM: "Best Of The Jimmy Castor Bunch" features on amusing rendition
 of the Butt Sisters and Mr. Castor in a cave-man motif.

R O N A L D   P.   E D W A R D S  ("Stozo")

P-Funk Cover Art:

 Funkadelic "The Best Of the Early Years Volume 1" 1977
 Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns "A Blow For Me A Toot To You" 1977
 Fuzzy Haskins "Radio Active" 1978
 Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns "Say Blow By Blow Backwards" 1979
 Parlet "Invasion Of The Booty Snatchers" 1979
 Parlet "Play Me Or Trade Me" 1980
 Zapp "Zapp" 1980
 P-Funk All Stars "Urban Dancefloor Guerillas" 1983 (back cover)
 Eramus Hall "Go Head" 1984
 George Clinton "T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M." 1996 

Cover Art Outside of P-Funk:

 Oran "Juice" Jones "Shaniqua"
 Weapon Of Choice "Nutmeg Sez 'Bozo The Town'"  1995
 Weapon Of Choice "Hyperspice" 1996
 Fishbone "Chim Chim's Badass Revenge" 1996

 Note that the cover of Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns "Final Blow" on the UK
release contains art by Brian Burrows which blatantly immitates Ronald's
art on the first two Horny Horn albums (it's obvious that he was looking at
- if not tracing the art from the first two covers when he drew this).

D I E M   J O N E S (aka, "Fladimir Woo")

 RC: Diem Jones was a major part of the Funk Mob from 1976-86.  He
 was a photographer and art director of Uncle Jam Records, as well as
 head of Out Of Focus Productions and Focus Design Consultants.
 He was the fourth crucial member of the art team that produced all 
 those great P.Funk covers, either collectively or individually. 

P-Funk Cover Credits:

 Parliament "Live: Earth Tour"  (Poster of Dr. Funkenstein) 1977
 Fuzzy Haskins 
 Bernie Worrell "All The Woo In The World" 1978
 Funkadelic "Uncle Jam Wants You" (photo of George Clinton) 1979
 Phillipe Wynne "Wynne Jammin'" 1980
 Sweat Band "Sweat Band" 1980
 Bootsy "Mug Push" 1980 
 P.Funk All-Stars "Urban Dancefloor Guerillas" (cover photo) 1983
 George Clinton "R & B Skeletons In The Closet" 1986

Other P-Funk Related Stuff:
 P-Pull Magazine (3 issues)
 Tour Posters for Parliament-Funkadelic, Bootsy
 Publicity Photos for Parliament, Funkadelic, P.Funk All-Stars, Bootsy

Non P-Funk Stuff:
 Atlantic Starr
 SOS Band
 Larry Blackmon
 Lenny White 

 MW: The following list is comprised of artists whose work only 
 graced one cover or is unverified.

Shusei Nagaoka- Parlet "Pleasure Principle" 1978
	[work also found on album covers by Sun and Maze feat. Frankie 

Joel Brodsky- Funkadelic 1971, 1972.
	[photography also found on album covers by Faze-O, most Ohio 
	Players albums, etc.]

*Extra Artistic Funkentelechy Props*:

 Michael Bryan, Kenneth Stewart, Tricia Kelly, 
 G. "Sir Lance" Everett, April Bell, Mike Dowd, Lou Beach, David Williardson,
 Dianne Lawrence, Paul Weldon. . .