*********P. FUNK COVERS*********
                        July 15, 1996

 RC: These are P.Funk tunes that other people have covered.  Comments on 
some of the songs follow the list.  The list is in alphabetical order by

Group	          Song			 Album	         Label/Cat #       Year
-----		  ----			 -----		 -----------       ----

Bazooka		  Super Stupid	         Perfectly Square SST/1886 292 2   1992

Big Chief	  Super Stupid

Blind Idiot God   Alice In My Fantasies  Undertow	 Enemy/29532 102 7 1989

Billy Butler	  I'll Bet You		 (single)	 Brunswick

Stanley Clarke/   Mothership Connection  3	         Sony/46012        1990
 George Duke

Dells		  I Wanna Testify	 New Beginnings  ABC		   1978

Dells		  All Your Goodies Are   New Beginnings  ABC		   1978

Chaka Demus & 	  One Nation...		 All She Wrote	 Mango/1625 99302

Thomas Dolby	  Hot Sauce		 Aliens Ate My   EMI		   1988

Earth,Wind & Fire P.Funk		 Live In Velfarre Avex Trax	   1995

Bobby Franklin's  Hit It and Quit It	                 Westbound/W 183   1971

Gotcha!		  Red Hot Mama		Gotcha! Gotcha!	 Areola		   1993	

Gotcha!		  Miss Lucifer's Love	Gotcha! Gotcha!	 Areola		   1993	

Jackson 5 	  I'll Bet You   	 ABC  	         Motown/5152       1970

Michael Jackson	  Touch The One You Love Farewell My	 Motown		   1984
 					 Summer Love 1984

Michael Jackson   Little Christmas Tree 

General Kane      Flashlight             Wide Open 	 Motown            1987 

Maggotron	  Cosmic Slop		 Bass Man Of     Jamarc/Pandisc    1992
					  The Acropolis   JMCC-9004

Maggotron	  Maggot Brain		 Bass Planet     Jamarc/Pandisc    
					  Paranoia	  1705 9003 2

Magictones	  Good Old Music	(single)	 Westbound

Masquerade	  One Nation/Flashlight/ (see below)	 Polydor	   1985
		  Knee Deep/Tear the Roof

Material	  Cosmic Slop	         The Third Power Axiom/848417      1991

Mtume		  I'd Rather Be With You Theatre of the  Epic		   1986

NWA		  My Automobile		 Niggaz4Life     Priority/8724

Kellee Patterson  If It Don't Fit, Don't
  		   Force It

Percussion 	  Up For The Down Stroke (B-side)        Silence	   1984
 All Stars

Platinum Hook	  Standing On The Verge..				   1978

Red Hot Chili	  Atomic Dog		 Funk Off (boot) Red Phantom/1078  1993 

Redman		  Cosmic Slop		 Dare Iz A       Def Jam/23846 4   1994

The Sequence	  Funky Sound (Tear the Roof Off)        Sugarhill/SH-561  1981

Paul Shaffer	  (not just) Knee Deep   World's Most    SBK/(see Part 2)  1993	
				          Dangerous Party

Supremes	  I Can't Shake It Loose Love Child	  		   1969

Tackhead	  Super Stupid		 

Johnnie Taylor    Testify (I Wonna)      Johnnie Taylor  Stax/2534 8563 2  1969
					  Philosophy Continued

Roger Taylor	  Testify		 (single)	 EMI/2679	   1977

Stevie Ray Vaughn Testify		 Texas Flood     Epic/EK 38734     1983

Mike Watt	  Maggot Brain		 Ball Hog Or	 Sony/CT67086	   1995

Ron Wood	  Testify		 Slide On This   Continuum/19210   1992


 CK: Don't forget my personal favorite P.Funk cover of all time, the Jackson
 5 doing "I Bet You" on their second album, ABC.  It's actually as good as
 the two versions George recorded.  They included it in one sequence on their
 animated series (I have it on video) and it has lots of psychedelic 
 animations swimming around their heads.

 RC: "I'll Bet You" (different from the title on the Funkadelic album) also
 shows up on _Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5/ABC_, Motown 8119.

 CT: Stevie Ray Vaughn also performs "Testify" on his MTV Unplugged

 PJ: Thomas Dolby: _Aliens Ate My Buick_ (1988/EMI Manhattan) - cover 
 version of George Clinton song "Hot Sauce" (was originally planned for 
 Clinton's Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends and was part of early 
 advance tapes of that album).

 PJ: Masquerade: One Nation (Street Mix) / One Nation (Extended Groove) /
 One Nation (Horny Alternatives) (1985/Streetwave/Polydor) - 3 versions 
 of P.Funk cover versions, incl. 'One Nation Under A Groove', 'Flash Light',
 'Tear The Roof Off The Sucker' + '(Not Just) Knee Deep'.

 JD: "Super Stupid" features Doug Wimbish on bass. 

 MW: The Sequence song is a 12" single cover of "Give Up the Funk." 	

 CK: _Farewell My Summer Love 1984_ was an album released in that year
 by Motown to milk the success of Michael Jackson.  It's a collection of
 Jackson songs that were considered too weak to issue in the early 70's
 (and considering "Ben" was one of his better songs, try to imagine his
 outtakes...).  Included in it is a forgettable song called "Touch The 
 One You Love."  Info is as follows:
  Touch The One You Love (Artie Wayne, George Clinton)  
 WB Music Corps & Brown's-Mill Music (ASCAP)/Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Corp. (BMI)
 Recorded 6/14/73.
  My guess is this one of the songs GC wrote for Motown in the 60's which
 ended up in the vault.  They must have hauled it out for MJ to record in
 '73 before vaulting it again.
 RC: Along the same lines, MJ also covered another Motown-written Clinton
 song, "Little Christmas Tree".  Not sure where or when (or even if) that
 one was released. 

 DM: The Maggotron cover of "Cosmic Slop", featured as a non-LP bonus
 track, is actually titled "Cosmic Bass", but it is a cover version of
 "Cosmic Slop", right down to the writing credits: G. Clinton and B. Worrell.
 It's nine minutes long and yes, it sucks.

 Other Covers-Related Comments:

 DF: Dr.Dre's "The Roach" is so close to the original P.Funk [Wants to Get
 Funked Up] that IMO it goes beyond being considered a sample...the music
 is exactly the same and the vocals, while with different lyrics, are
 delivered w/ the same "intonation".

 JB: Snoop Doggy Dogg does a bit about a radio station called WBALLS that
 uses the Flashlight melody.  It's not a sample and not really a cover
 though.  I don't know where/if you'd list it.

 MB: Derek Martin's "Soul Power" on a Detroit label called Tuba (the 
 single was later picked up by Stax) borrows so heavily from "Testify"
 that it deserves a footnote.

 RC: Earth, Wind & Fire also covered "Open Our Eyes", a song that Funkadelic
 recorded in 1969.  However, it was not originally performed by Funkadelic.
 EWF's version appeared on the album of the same name, in 1974, on Columbia
 KC 32712.

	*********The P.Funk Bibliography*********

  RC:   The bibliography gives a listing of a smattering of places
        where people have written about the Funk Mob over the years.
        It's organized in five sections: newspapers, reviews, magazines, 
        books, and other miscellaneous sources.  Most of the books are
	album-review reference sources; I've yet to see a book totally
	devoted to P.Funk.  Each section is organized chronologically.
  	Special props to Edward Friedman, who provided much of this info.
          Whenever possible, the entries are annotated.  Extra-special
	shout-out to Melissa Weber for her efforts here.  Length of
 	article is divided into four categories: full-length, long, 
	medium, and short.

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_______.  "Oh, That Clinton!"  Chicago Tribune.  Oct. 24, 1993.
 MW:	Another cover story for George!!  The cover proclaims
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		*****Magazine Articles*****

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______. "Planet of the Tapes."  Rolling Stone.  Sept 23, 1976. 
  MW:  George gives his input on his favorite sound equipment.  
 ( . . . "Parliament were carrying so many radios that they tied up . . . 
 the airport metal detector.") (short)

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_______.  Random Notes.  Rolling Stone.  April 17, 1980.
  MW: This short piece described the Funk Mob landing in NYC dressed
in "full stage regalia," as they prepared to descend upon the Apollo
Theatre.  Those shows would be the last in that classic theatre until
almost a decade later.    The show is reviewed in Ted
Fox's _Showtime At The Apollo_ book.  The article also describes the song 
"Go For Your Funk" as being prepared for almost imminent release, although 
it wasn't available until it showed up on Family Series Vol. I, 12 years

_______.  Funk Magazine.  Vol. 1, # 4.  1983.
  MW: 	This issue of this obscure L.A. publication was entirely devoted
to the P-Funk All Stars.  It has gread candid shots of George, Bootsy, 
Gary Shider, Maceo, Catfish Collins, Lige Curry, Greg Boyer, and the Gap Band
(among others).  There's long interviews with Bootsy and Kiddo (featuring 
Donnie Sterling), and a write-up of the live show.  (full length)
	This magazine probably no longer exists, but its listed address 
is "Funk Mag," c/o 2446 Echo Park Ave., L.A., CA. 90026 in case you want 
to try to dig up a copy. 

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_______.  Details.  Sept 1993.
  MW:  Features a brief history of funk music in general with an emphasis on 
 P-Funk.  Mentions a few popular CD funk compilations.  (medium)

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  RC: Talks about the George Clinton Family Series.

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  RC: Talks about _Smell My Finger_, the guest stars involved, and digging
  up old P.Funkers.

_______.  "The Funkitive."  Details.  Nov 1993.
  MW: Includes an interesting time line of "the Clinton Years" from 1941 
 ("George Clinton born in an outhouse.") up to 1993.  This article includes 
 great quotes from George, Bootsy, and Tom Vickers (the Mothership and One 
 Nation tours' "minister of information").  Learn about George's inner conflict
 with Sir Nose!  (medium)

_______.  People.  Nov 8, 1993.
  MW:  Brief summary of George and promotion of _Hey Man ... Smell My Finger._
Hilarious picture of George "having a good hair day."

_______.  "Clinton's Health Plan: More Funk 4 U."  Rolling Stone. 
 Nov 11, 1993.
  MW: Interview with George and discussion of P-Funk events.  Contains 
interesting quotes: Dr. Dre on P-Funk's influence on his music; Stevie 
Wonder's opinion of "Atomic Dog;" Sly Stone "dope notes."  Great pics of 
George.  (medium)

Reid, Vernon.  "Brother From Another Planet."  Vibe.  November
 1993, Vol I # 3, 44-49.
  MW:	George gets the cover story in this issue.  Revealing 
interview sheds light on ideas behind and events surrounding "Maggot Brain,"
"Flash Light," "Atomic Dog," etc., and promotes _Hey Man ... Smell My Finger._
He also talks about Prince, Sly, Eddie Hazel, the falling out (in '78) of 
drummer Jerome Brailey, and "the funniest thing that ever happened at a
Funkadelic concerrt."  (long)

________.  "Funk Masters."  Vibe.  Nov 1993, Vol I #3, pp 50-51.

Harris, Carter "George Clinton".  Pulse!  Dec 1993 # 121,  
 pp 56-66, 102-103.
  MW:	Great cover story on "President Clinton on State of the Funk 
Nation" Interview and comprehensive Funk Mob discography.  
George talks about his freebasing days, the beginning of the Parliaments 
in the '50s, and the birth of P-Funk.  There's also discussion on the 
demise and resurgence of P-Funk, and "Hey Man ... Smell My Finger."  (long)

Bordowitz, Hank.  "The Three Funkateers."  American Visions.  
 December 1993-January 1994, v8, n6, Pp 44-47.
  RC: An excellent article that talks about the JB Horns in great detail,
  talking about their common links in working with James Brown, how Fred
  & Maceo ended up in P.Funk (and why Pee-Wee didn't), their thoughts on
  the craziness of the P.Funk days, and how they got back together as
  the JB Horns. 

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  RC: Talks about the George Clinton Family Series.

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  RC: Talks about Maceo's roots, how he got started with James Brown, 
  and how the _Southern Exposure_ album was put together.

________.  "What the Funk."  Guitar.  July 1994.
 MW: A brief synopsis on funk guitar players, with a few paragraphs on P-Funk.
 (There are guitar transcriptions for music by Leo Nocentelli (the Meters) and
 Jimmy Nolen (James Brown's band), but none for P-Funk.  Nice pics of George 
 and Bootsy.  (medium)

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_______. "Space Oddity-Bootsy Collins Orbits Higher With _Zillatron_ and 
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   MW: 	This interview promotes the aforementioned discs and briefs on 
Bootsy's musical career and his hook-up with Bill Laswell.  Great quotes 
and insight from William Collins on Bootsy ("Bootsy will always reach for 
the stars.  He loves the star look.") and Zillatron ("He's ... a 
notorious guy .... But Bootsy's keeping an eye on him ...").  (1 pic., medium)

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 Musician, Nov 1994, pp 22-30.

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________. Bassics.  Vol IV, #2, 1994.
  MW:	This "magazine for the modern bassist" devotes one of its two feature 
interviews to Bootsy Collins. It's a good, revealing one in which he 
tells about his relationship with Bill Laswell, Rykodisc, and Black Arc, 
how the 1st space bass came about, how he started playing guitar as a 
boy,  why one of the 2 "Blasters of the Universe" discs is primarily 
instrumentals, and much more. Of course, he talks about his favorite 
basses and the basses and amps that he's used over the years.  
Apparently, Bootsy is supposed to be coming out with some new stuff, as 
of this writing ("This is Bootsy meets hip hop.  Hopefully that'll be out 
the first of '95.").  (medium to long)  

Maffei, Greg and Berger, Joshua.  "Mothership Connection: A PsychoticBumpSchool
 Rap With George Clinton And Bootsy Collins."  Plazm.  #9, 1995, Pp 26-31.
  MW: This Oregon publication put out 4 times yearly talks with Bootsy 
and George (at separate times) about random things.  As usual, George is 
his usual philosophical self discussing the media, politics, 
etc.  And Bootsy is asked about upcoming musical projects, Bill Laswell, 
the "Boot-Tune Adventure" for MTV, and possibilities for the Mothership 
Reconnection tour.

________.  Jack The Rapper.  June 7, 1995.  
  MW: Picture of George with executive members of his new family at
  Epic/Sony 550 records along with Belita Woods and Archie Ivy.

________.  "Billy 'Bass' Nelson: P-Funk's Prodigal Son."  Bass Player.
 July/Aug 1995.

Watson, Ben.  "Rainbow Warrior."  The Wire.  September, 1995, issue 139, 
p. 22-25.
 MW: 	In this London-based music mag, George discusses the record industry, 
politics, and international affair more than he does music, but it's an 
interesting read especially for his opinions regarding Michael Jackson 
("I've known him since he was eight.  He gets pussy!"), Affirmative Action 
("If you take . . . the money that they spend making these bombs, . . . 
everyone would have a job."), and why _Smell My Finger_ didn't do so hot 
(". . . Martial Law was really something they [Warner Bros.] really didn't
 want us to talk about.").  (medium)

___________.  "Secrets Of The Remix Masters."  Keyboard.  April, 1996.
 RC: Has info on Bootsy remixing "Aeroplane" for the Red Hot Chili Peppers
 and doing remixes for some European bands.

James, Darius.  "Cruise Missile Looking For A Place To Land."  Vibe. 
 May, 1996, pp 84-87.
 RC: Interview with Pedro Bell, has lots of cool cartoons.

_____________.  The Aquarian Weekly.  No 831, Jul 3-10, 1996, pp 30,31,34.


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Winter 1990.  Funkiest Albums Of The 1980's; Early Years Of The Parliaments;
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