*Pre-Funk*  February 13, 1996 

  This section contains a listing, and when possible, a 
description of the works of assorted P.Funk personnel in the time 
period before they joined the Funk Mob.  Their works after the time
they joined are documented elsewhere.  This section is still under
construction, so forgive any gaps or inaccuracies that may be present;
in fact, please forward any corrections or additions to Rob Clough at 

Table of Contents:

 (each artist gets an introduction, an album/single list, and then
  a full description of each album)

I.  Junie Morrison
       a. With the Ohio Players
       b. Solo

II.  The J.B's: Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Catfish Collins, Bootsy Collins
     and others.  
       a. The J.B's albums.
       b. Maceo's early solo albums.
       c. James Brown albums featuring future P.Funkers
       d. J.B.'s compilations
       e. Bobby Byrd

III. The Headhunters, featuring DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight  

IV.  The Human Body, featuring Roger Troutman

V.   Madhouse, featuring Gary "Mudbone" Cooper and Joel "Razor Sharp" Johnson

VI.  Sly & The Family Stone, featuring Sly Stone

VII. Jeanette Washington

VII. Sandra Feva

IX.  Other Pre-Funk Listings

I.  Junie
 Walter "Junie" Morrison was a man ahead of his time.  He preceded the
one man funk jam acts of Prince and Roger by several years.  He began his
career as one of the prime creative elements of the Ohio Players, 
responsible for their first hit, "Funky Worm".  After the band left the
Westbound label, he launched his own solo career.  The material covered
here is his pre-1978 work; his later solo albums will be discussed in
section 6.  
A. Ohio Players

Pain					71	Westbound	CDSEWM 004
Pleasure				72	Westbound	CDSEWM 014
Ecstasy					73	Westbound	CDSEWM 026
Orgasm (The Best of the Ohio Players)	74	Westbound	CDSEWD 062

Ohio Players

_Pain_   (1971)

Track Listing:

Never Had a Dream
Players Balling (Players Doin' Their Own Thing)
I Wanna Hear From You
The Reds
Singing In The Morning

Rating: RC: ***1/2


 RC: The first Players album falls a bit short of later works, but it still
 definitely has its moments.  The album in general is more laid-back than
 the second one, with the Junie influence not quite all the way up-front yet.
 It's also a bit short with few real funky jams.  While not a classic and 
 not hardcore funk, it's still required listening for fans of the OP's and 
 Junie in particular.
  "Pain" has a nice piano intro and an amazing guitar solo, continuing in
 the same sort of driving riff that propelled "Pleasure".  But the real
 attraction of the track is Junie's singing and scatting, as well as the
 horn riffs.  "Never Had A Dream" is a slow ballad with more good singing
 accompanied by tenderly played piano.  It's given slighly more body with
 the addition of horns and jazzy, uptempo percussion from the cymbals.
 "Players Balling" is a great jam, with fine percussion, a solid bassline
 and great wah-wah guitar.  "I Wanna Hear..." is a mildly funky midtempo
 track.  "The Reds" is a good blues track, with that walking piano groove,
 a wailing chorus, a hard bassline and a Buddy Guy-style wah-wah guitar
 solo.  "Singing In The Morning" features Granny once again, signaling heavy
 involvement from Junie.  But Granny quickly gives way to the normal Junie
 voice, with a thumpin' drumbeat and another slow, driving groove.
   This album is out of print, but is fairly easy to find as a reissue
 from Westbound.

_Pleasure_  (1972)

Track Listing:

Laid It
Pride And Vanity
Walt's First Trip
Varee Is Love
Walked Away From You
Paint Me
Funky Worm
Our Love Has Died

Rating: RC: *****


 RC: A brilliant second album, spearheaded by the one and only Walter "Junie"
 Morrison, songwriter, singer, keyboardist, bass player, guitar player,
 drummer and arranger.  The album has an excellent mix of hard-driving funk
 and rock, as well as precisely crafted soul ballads.  There are some 
 obvious cues taken from James Brown and the J.B.'s, as well as the Stax-
 Volt catalogue.  But there's a lot of freshness and originality here as
 well, and Junie is the springboard for much of it, with his complex musical
 ideas and bizarre sense of humor.  There's something for everyone on 
 this album, and all funk fans should run to try and find this one.  It's
 an absolute requirement for any OP or Junie fans, no question.  "Funky Worm"
 is the track that got the OP's on the map, BTW.  
   "Pleasure" is an amazingly funky, upbeat, driving song, highlighted by
 the organ.  But the percussion is excellent, the horn riffs are tight, and
 it's centered by a long, doodling piano solo.  "Laid It" is another groove
 with a nice guitar strum and great horns.  "Pride & Vanity" has a cool
 bass/piano intro.  The horn riffs are very reminiscient of the J.B.'s, 
 although the whole track bears that unmistakable Junie imprint.  "Walt's
 First Trip", a reference to some sort of journey that Junie took (perhaps
 chemical?), is an uptempo, clavinet-dominated instrumental.  It's definitely
 a rump shaker.  "Varee Is Love" is a classy ballad, with nice textures
 and great singing.  "Walked Away..." is a Stax-influenced song, upbeat
 with horns crying out the melody.  The bassline and guitar playing during
 the bridge are excellent, switching to the more typical OP "driving" feel
 before returning to the original riff.  "Paint Me" is a brilliant song,
 with fantastic singing, wonderful chord progressions and spare but excellent 
 use of horns.  "Funky Worm" is another classic, a hilarious and super-funky
 song.  It introduces Granny, Junie's alter ego, who is the manager of a funky
 worm who can play guitar.  The grooves and solos are so funky you can smell
 'em.  "Our Love Has Died" is another ballad, with a piano-lounge intro and
 great singing.
   This album is out of print and hard to find.  It's available on CD as
 an import, but it'll probably run you at least $30.


Track Listing:

You and Me
Not So Sad And Lonely
(I Wanna Know) Do You Feel It
Black Cat
Food Stamps Y'All
Sleep Talk
Silly Billy
Short Change

Rating: RC: ***1/2


 RC: The final OP album from Junie is certainly worthy of the other
 two, although its overall feel is much different.  It's more of a
 straightforward funk album, focusing on grooves, driving beats and
 percussion.  It's much less eclectic and weird than the first two,
 especially _Pleasure_.  Still, that doesn't detract from the album's
 overall quality--it's an excellent album.  It does seem to indicate
 that Junie's influence might have lessened a bit by that time.  When
 Junie left to do his own solo albums, they were as weird and all-over-
 the-map as _Pleasure_.  Still, any fan of funk, Junie, and/or the OP's
 will dig this album immensely.  It's not groundbreaking or a milestone,
 but it's still an fine album.
   "Ecstasy" is a typical Junie intro number, establishing the album's
 feel.  There's a nice horn intro and the bassline is solid throughout,
 as Junie sings about his girl.  "You And Me" is a light-sounding song.
 The percussion is icy but friendly, there are some reassuring ascending
 lines, and a fine sax solo.  "Not So Sad..." brings the funk into play,
 with a driving, uptempo groove.  The clavinet is gettin' stinky while
 there's a fine sax solo.  "Do You Feel It" is sleaze-funk at its finest.
 The pace is sexily slow, with good singing and stinging organ.  The whole
 thing speeds up frantically towards the end.  "Black Cat" has an elegant,
 almost plaintive, intro that gives way to organ dominance.  The main body
 then goes into an interesting, choppy rhythm that is super funky.  "Food
 Stamps" is another driving number, with a great horn line.  "Spinning"
 has a great wah-wah riff; the song is a bit poppish sounding but good.
 "Sleep Talk" has a solid, locked-in groove like no other on the album;
 the percussion is almost latin-sounding, as though WAR influenced it.
 "Silly Billy" is a sweet ballad, perfectly arranged by Junie.  "Short
 Change" is an instrumental, with its groove being like most of the rest 
 of the album.  
  The album is in print as a reissue from Ace Records in England.

_Orgasm - The Very Best of the Westbound Years_

Track Listing: 

Pain  6:10
Pleasure  5:31
Ecstasy  2:27
Climax {L Crane, B Baine}  4:09
Funky Worm  2:39
Player's Balling (Players Doin' Their Own Thing)  4:22
Varee Is Love  2:44
Sleep Talk {L Bonner, A Noland, M Jones, R Middlebrooks, W Morrison}  3:15
Walt's First Trip  3:00
Laid It  3:00
What's Going On {M. Gaye, A Cleveland, R Benson}  6:04
Singing In The Morning 
	{L Bonner, A Noland M Jones, R Middlebrooks, W Morrison}  7:00
Food Stamps Y'All {L Crane, B Baine}  2:32
I Want To Hear (From You)  2:49
Ain't That Lovin' You (For More Reasons Than One) {H Banks, A Jones}  5:42

All titles written by Gregory Webster, Andrew Noland, Walter Morrison,
Marshall Jones, Leroy Bonner, Ralph Middlebrooks, Marvin Piere and Norman
Napier except where noted.
B. Junie (solo)


Tight Rope				75	Eastbound	619/E3239
Walt's Second Trip			75	Eastbound	619/E3240
Loving Arms/Married Him			75	Westbound	M5007
Granny's Funky Rolls Royce/Super J	75	Westbound	M5013
If You Love Him/Suzie Thundertussy	76	Westbound	M5027		


When We Do				75	Westbound	200/D7503
Freeze					75	Westbound	214/D7605
Suzie Super Groupie			76	Westbound	228/D7610
The Westbound Years			94*     Westbound	CDSEWD 064

_When We Do_  (1975)

Track Listing:

Junie {Walter Morrison}  1:43
Loving Arms {W Morrison}  3:17
Johnny Carson Samba {W Morrison}  2:30
The Place {W Morrison}  3:20
Anna {W Morrison}  4:55
Tight Rope {W Morrison}  4:11
You And You {W Morrison}  3:55
When We Do {W Morrison}  3:22
Married Him {W Morrison}  3:32
Walt's Third Trip {W Morrison}  3:18


Producer, All Instruments: Junie Morrison with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Rating: RC: ****1/2


 RC: Great solo debut from Junie, a masterful blend of funk and rock, blended
 seamlessly with orchestral accompaniment.  "But when they (Detroit Symphony)
 play with Junie, they play funky!"  Junie's singing is also at its peak,
 as he's equally at home growling out some funky stuff and sweetly singing
 a ballad.  
   "Junie" is the overture for the album.  It starts with an orchestral 
 sendoff, then pauses before launching into a funky jam, highlighted by
 Junie's clavinet playing.  The brass pieces also add a lot to the song.
 "Loving Arms" is an excellent love song.  It begins with a delicate
 arrangement and tender singing, but then gets funky with a nasty guitar
 riff.  The percussion is excellent.  "Johnny Carson Samba" is a funky
 latin number, with a long piano solo.  "The Place" is another song that
 uses the orchestra well, with an ornate introduction.  Then some echoed
 voices are added, leading into a fuzz guitar solo.  The song concludes
 with a long and funky clav jam.  "Anna" is a straightforward, well-arranged
 ballad.  "Tight Rope" is a brilliant funk-pop classic, in the vein of
 Stevie Wonder.  Junie's singing is excellent, the lyrical concept is clever,
 and the bassline is melodic.  But there's more: the clav is extra funky,
 there's more of that fuzz guitar, and Junie even scats for us.  "You And
 You" is another very good ballad that really spotlights Junie's voice.
 "When We Do" is a midtempo funker, with more fuzz guitar (and an excellent
 solo) and great singing.  "Married Him" is another solid ballad.  "Walt's
 Third Trip" is another in the series of intrumental jams that started out
 on the Ohio Players albums.  There's a hot bass intro, but the real 
 highlight is Junie's jazz-style guitar playing.
  This is a great album that's a must for any Junie fan.  It's fairly rare,
 but many of the tracks can be found on the Westbound compilation of 
 Junie's first three albums.  

_Freeze_  (1975)

Track Listing:

Freeze {Walter Morrison}  4:53
Cookies Will Get You {W Morrison}  3:22
Not As Good As You Should {W Morrison}  3:18
Musical Son {Walter Morrison}
Super J {W Morrison}  4:42
World Of Woe {W Morrison}                       
Granny's Funky Rolls Royce {W Morrison}  3:06
Junie II {W Morrison}  3:04


Producer, Vocals, All Instruments: Walter "Junie" Morrison

Rating: RC: ****

 RC: Junie's second album is a total one-man effort, with a lighter 
 overall tone than the first album.  It's more keyboard-oriented, with
 fewer nasty guitar riffs.  Also, it's more light-hearted, with a wacky
 song about cookies and the return of his Granny character.  Junie also
 adds new toys, like a vocoder.  But he also pays attention to the basics,
 like making sure there's excellent percussion throughout the album.  It's
 definitely another solid effort overall and certainly worth finding.
   "Freeze" is a strange song about cocaine with a light, airy feel to it.
 The bass playing and drumming hold the song together.  "Cookies Will Get
 You" is an insane song that has an extended introduction.  It concerns
 cookies in a grocery store (speaking with chipmunk-like voices) demanding
 that Junie buy them.  The song itself sounds like a sugar rush, speeding
 along with more great bass playing.  "Not As Good..." is a midtempo song
 that is notable for its keyboards.  "Musical Son" is an excellent song
 that throws some vocoder into the mix, along with a great guitar solo
 and the usual steady drumming.  The keyboard riff drives the tune.
 "Super J" is a song about Junie as a superhero that is super funky, with
 more vocoder and another keyboard groove.  "World Of Woe" is a ballad
 accompanied only by piano.  It's a sad tune that is radically different than
 anything else here, but still fits into the album's overall tone.  "Granny's
 Funky..." brings back the Chipmunk Voice, this time as the album itself,
 demanding that Granny buy it immediately.  This launches into the song,
 which is sort of a sequel to "Funky Worm", in which the worm wants a limo.
 A vocoder provides the voice of the worm.  "Junie II" is my favorite of
 this overtures, which strangely closes out the album rather than opening
 it.  It's a midtempo song, anchored heavily in percussion.
  This is a very good album that's a must for any Junie fan.  It's fairly rare,
 but many of the tracks can be found on the Westbound compilation of 
 Junie's first three albums.  

_Suzie Super Groupie_  (1976)

Track Listing:

Junie III {W Morrison}  0:32
Suzie Thundertussy {W Morrison}  3:43
If You Love Him {W Morrison}  3:29
What Am I Gonna Do {W Morrison}  3:41
Super Groupie {W Morrison}  5:50 
Surrender {Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson}  3:50
Suzie {W Morrison}  4:08
Stone Face Joe {W Morrison}  4:21
Spirit {W Morrison}  6:33


Lead & Background Vocals, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Producer, Arranger:
 Junie Morrison
 except on "Suzie Thundertussy", "What Am I Gonna Do", & "Super Groupie":

Scoon Boogie Band

Percussion, Drums: Earl Davis
Keyboards: Delbert Payne
Bass: Donald Payne
Guitars: Craig Moreland, Hoe King
Horns: Mike Roberts, Larry Hatchett, Al Carey (Hohn R. Trudell horn section) 

Rating: RC: ***1/2


 RC: Junie's last solo album before hooking up with the P.Funk crew is
 once again very entertaining.  It's a bit more discoish at points, but
 the singing, bass playing and guitar playing are all still top notch.
 For the first time, however, he uses a session band for some of the songs,
 but the album doesn't really suffer for it.  The album is much more 
 dance-oriented than the other two, with a strong bass emphasis and 
 a decreased emphasis on guitar.  As a result, the heavy atmosphere that
 I prefer isn't really here.  Nonetheless, it's still a very strong album
 with lots of great moments, and if you prefer more dance-oriented songs,
 you may like this better than his first two albums.
   "Junie III" is the album's overture, and it's quite a mellow one.
 The usual "Junie" chant is heard, along with a harpsichord delicately
 being played.  "Suzie Thundertussy" is a rocker with a great bassline,
 and excellent singing; it's all about the life of a musician and the girl
 he owes all of his success to.  "If You Love Him" is a midtempo ballad
 with more great singing, excellent horn arrangements, and a jazzy break
 towards the end.  "What Am I Gonna Do" has some funky chord progressions
 and a meaty bassline, and the 'drunk' sequence at the end is hilarious.
 "Super Groupie" is a very funky dance number that ranges between the JB's
 and Frank Zappa, if you can imagine that.  "Surrender" is a discoish dance
 number with more fine bass playing.  "Suzie" has an orchestral background
 but disco rhythms; Junie's singing is the highlight here.  "Stone Face Joe"
 is another funny song about a man who can't laugh; the guitarwork here is
 funky and the percussion is crisp.  "Spirit" is a Jimi Hendrix tribute that
 has Junie going all the way off on guitar for the first time on the album,
 and his basslines sound like early Funkadelic.  An excellent change of
 pace for an otherwise lighthearted album.
   The album is out of print, but many numbers can be found on the
 Westbound compilation.  

_The Westbound Years_  (1994)

Track Listing:

Tight Rope
Walt's Third Trip
The Place
When We Do
Johnny Carson Samba
Loving Arms
Junie II
Not As Good As You Should
Cookies Will Get You
Super J
Granny's Funky Rolls Royce
Junie III
Super Groupie
Suzie Thundertussy
Junie's Ultimate Departure

Rating: RC: ****1/2


 RC: This is an excellent collection of the top Junie tunes, highlighting
 all three of his early albums.  There's also a bonus track, "Junie's
 Ultimate Departure", which is an orchestral piece like the "Junie" songs.
 It's well-packaged, with lots of photos of albums and singles, and a 
 very good mini-discography.  It includes the liner notes from _When We
 Do_ and an update on Junie's current activities.  All in all, a quite
 valuable addition to any collection, especially since the original albums
 are out of print.  
II.  The JB's: 
 There have been many musicians who have worked for James Brown over
the years.  JB has had many differently named backing bands, though many
of them have had the same personnel.  Many of these players went on
to have significant roles in Parliament, Funkadelic, the Horny Horns,
and Bootsy's Rubber Band, not to mention the Brides & Parlet.  Here's
a listing of the musicians that will be discussed in this Pre-Funk section:
  Fred Wesley, trombone
  Maceo Parker, sax
  Phelps "Catfish" Collins, guitar
  William "Bootsy" Collins, bass
  Frankie "Kash" Waddy, drums
  Richard "Kush" Griffith, trumpet 
  Clayton "Chicken" Gunnels (appeared on _America Eats Its Young_), trumpet
  Randy Wallace
  Rob "Chopper" McCullough, tenor sax
  Bootsy, Catfish & Kash hung out at King Records until they were given sessions
 to do.  They served as studio men for the likes of Arthur Prysock and Hank
 Ballard.  Bootsy's first big session with James was "Licking Stick".

  Maceo played with JB for awhile before forming his own short-lived group,
Maceo and All The King's Men.  Fred was JB's bandleader before recording
albums with the JB's, with Brown's cooperation and participation.  
Maceo returned to the Brown fold and put out another album as either
Maceo or Maceo & the Macks.  The Maceo and Fred Wesley albums will be
listed in their entirety, with personnel and track listing information when
available.  Also listed will be an album with Bootsy-Catfish era
unreleased/uncompiled tracks (_In The Jungle Groove_) and a live album
with that lineup.  Additionally, two compilation albums will have their
listings presented in full.  An album and singles listing will precede
the full descriptions.  For post P.Funk albums, check out the main listing
(part 2).

A.  MM: What follows are single and album listings for James Brown related

RC: Thanks also to Jason Chervokas for some Maceo & All The King's Men info.

Key: Late = late in the year
     Mid = midyear
     *** = unissued
     !!! = withdrawn
     Brown. = Brownstone
     Pol. = Polydor
     F.W. = Fred Wesley
     JB (not JB's) = James Brown, of course
     N.K. = Nat Kendrick
     B.B. = Bobby Bennett
     A.E. = Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis
     A.A.B.B. = Above Average Black Band


                         Singles List For The JB's
                          and similarly named JB

Feb 70  The Grunt Pts 1&2             King   K6317 The JB's
Oct 70  These Are the JB's Pts 1&2    King   K6333    "
Jun 71  My Brother Pts 1&2            People P2502    "
Aug 71  Across The Track Pts 1&2      Brown. B4201 The Believers
                                                   (The JB's)
Late71  From The Back Side Pts 1&2    King   K6398 The Sons Of Funk
                                                   (The JB's)
Dec 71  Gimme Some More/The Rabbit    People PE602 The JB's
        Got The Gun
Apr 72  Hot Pants Road/Pass The Peas  People PE607 The JB's
Jul 72  Givin' Up Food For Funk       People PE610 The JB's
        Pts 1&2
Oct 72  Back Stabbers/JB Shout        People PE614 F.W. & the JB's
*** 72  Everybody Plays The Fool/     People PE616 F.W. & the JB's
        Use Me
Jan 73  Watermelon Man/Alone Again,   People PE617 F.W. & the JB's
Mar 73  Sportin' Life/Dirty Harri     People PE619 F.W. & the JB's
Apr 73  Doing It To Death/Everybody   People PE621 F.W. & the JB's
        Got Soul
Sep 73  If You Don't Get It The First People PE627 F.W. & the JB's
        Time/You Can Have Watergate     
Dec 73  Same Beat Pts 1&2             People PE632 F.W. & the JB's
Apr 74  Damn Right I Am Somebody      People PE638 F.W. & the JB's
        Pts 1&2
Jun 74  Rockin' Funky Watergate       People PE643 F.W. & the JB's
        Pts 1&2
*** 74  Little Boy Black/Rockin Funky People PE646 F.W. & the JB's
        Watergate Pt 2
Oct 74  Breakin' Bread/Funky Music Is People PE648 F.W. & New JB's
        My Style
Jan 75  Makin' Love/Rice 'n' Ribs     People PE651 F.W. & New JB's
*** 75  Thank You for Lettin' Me Be   People PE654 F.W. & New JB's
        Myself and Be Yours Pts 1&2   
May 75  (It's Not the Express) It's   People PE655 F.W. & New JB's
        the JB's Monaurail Pts 1&2
Late75  Thank You for Lettin' Me Be   People PE660 The JB's
        Myself Pts 1&2
Jan 76  All Aboard The Soul Funky     People PE663 The JB's
        Train/Thank You for Lettin'  
        Me Be Myself Pt 1
Mid 76  Everybody Wanna Get Funky     People PE664 The JB's w/JB
        One More Time Pts 1&2
Dec 76  Bessie Pts 1&2                Brown.  7072 JB's Wedge
Mid 77  Music For The People/         Pol. PD14396 JB's Intl.
Nov 77  Nature Pts 1&2                Brown.  7073 JB's Intl.
??? 78  Disco Fever (Flipside Unknown Pol. PD????? JB's Intl.
        - probably Part 2)
??? 79  Rock Groove Machine Pts 1&2   Drive Dr6277 The JB's


                              Albums List For
                                 The JB's

Jun 72  Food for Thought              People PE5601 The JB's
??? 73  Doing It To Death             People PE5603 F.W. & the JB's
??? 74  Damn Right I Am Somebody      People PE6602 F.W. & the JB's
??? 74  Breakin' Bread                People PE6604 F.W. & New JB's
??? 75  Hustle With Speed             People PE6606 The JB's
??? 78  Disco Fever                   Pol.   PD6153 JB's Intl.
??? 79  Groove Machine                Drive   Dr111 The JB's

                         Other JB Band Singles

Jun 64  Soul Food Pts 1&2             Fontana  S1909 Al BriscoClark
Jun 65  Soul Jerk Pts 1&2             Loma     L2016 BB & Dynamics
*** 65  It's A Gas Pts 1&2            King     K6087 The JB Dancers
                                                     (The Dapps)
Jan 68  Bringing Up The Guitar/       King     K6147 The Dapps
        Gittin' A Little Hipper                      (feat. A.E.)
Jun 68  There Was A Time/The Rabbit   King     K6169 The Dapps
        Got The Gun                                  (feat. A.E.)
Nov 68  Little Green Apples/Come On   King     K6199 A.E.
        In This House
Feb 69  I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/     King     K6201 The Dapps
        A Woman, A Lover, A Friend
Feb 69  In The Middle Pts 1&2         King     K6214 A.E.
*** 69  More Mess On My Thing Pts 1&2 King     K6271 The New Dapps
                                                     (The JB's)
Feb 74  Keep On Bumping Before You    Pol.   PD14226 The Last Word
        Give Out Of Gas/Funky And 
Mar 74  The X-Sorcist/Hip Hug-Her     People   PE637 The Devils
Jul 74  Control(People Go Where We    Pol.   PD14250 The First    
        Send You) Pts 1&2                            Family
Mar 75  Pick Up The Pieces One By     Ident.  ID8003 A.A.B.B.
Mid 75  Hutling/Soft Hustle           People   PE658 The Hustlers

_Food For Thought_  (1972)

Track Listing:

Pass The Peas {James Brown, John Starks, Charles Bobbit}  3:30
Gimme Some More {J Brown, C Bobbit}  3:05
To My Brother {J Brown} 
Wine Spot
Hot Pants Road {J Brown, C Bobbit, St. Clair Pinckney}  2:45
The Grunt {J Brown, Clyde Stubblefield, Robert McCullough, Darryl Jamison,
	W Collins, Phelps Collins, Frank Waddy, Clayton Gunnels, Johnny Griggs}
Blessed Blackness {Fred Wesley, C Bobbit}  3:43
Escape-Ism, Part 1 & 2
Theme From King Heroin
These Are The JB's

Future P.Funk Personnel:

 "Pass The Peas"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "Gimme Some More"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "To My Brother"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "Hot Pants Road"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "The Grunt"
Trumpet: Clayton 'Chicken' Gunnels
Tenor Sax: Robert McCollough
Guitar: Phelps 'Catfish' Collins
Bass: Williams 'Bootsy' Collins
Drums: Frank 'Kash' Waddy

 "Blessed Blackness"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

Rating: RC: ***1/2



_Doing It To Death_  (1973)

Track Listing:

Introduction To The JB's {Danny Ray}  :25
Doing It To Death, Part 1 & 2 {James Brown}
You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight {J Brown}
More Peas  {J Brown}
La Di Da La Di Day {J Brown}
You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight {J Brown}
Sucker {J Brown}
You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight 
	{J Brown}  3:30

Future P.Funk Personnel:

 "Doing It To Death"
Trombone, Vocals: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax, Flute: Maceo Parker

 "More Peas"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

 "You Can Have Watergate"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

Rating: RC: ****



_Damn Right I Am Somebody_  (1974)

Track Listing:

Damn Right I Am Somebody {James Brown, Fred Wesley}
Blow Your Head {J Brown, F Wesley}
I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin' {J Brown, F Wesley}
Same Beat Part 1 {J Brown}
If You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up And Try It Again, Parrty {J Brown}
Make Me What You Want Me To Be {J Brown, F Wesley}
Going To Get A Thrill {J Brown, Hank Ballard}
You Sure Love To Ball {Marvin Gaye}


Producer: James Brown

 "Damn Right..."
Vocal: James Brown
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Ike Oakley
Tenor Sax: St. Clair Pinckney
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Guitars: Jimmy "Chank" Nolen, Hearlon "Cheese" Martin
Bass: Fred Thomas
Drums: John "Jabo" Starks
Congas: Johnny Griggs
Percussion: James Brown, "Sweet Charles" Sherrell

 "Blow Your Head"
Trumpet: Jerone "Jasaan Sanford" Melson
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Tenor Sax: St. Clair Pinckney
Synth: James Brown
Guitars: Jimmy "Chank" Nolen, Hearlon "Cheese" Martin
Bass: Fred Thomas/"Sweet Charles" Sherrell
Drums: John Morgan
Congas: Johnny Griggs

 "I'm Payin' Taxes..."
Trumpet: Jerone "Jasaan Sanford" Melson
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Tenor Sax: St. Clair Pinckney
Organ: "Sweet Charles" Sherrell
Guitars: Jimmy "Chank" Nolen, Hearlon "Cheese" Martin
Bass: Fred Thomas
Drums: John "Jabo" Starks
Congas: Johnny Griggs
Vocals, Mumbling: James Brown, band

 "Same Beat"
Trumpet: Isiah "Ike" Oakley
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Tenor Sax: St. Clair Pinckney
Organ, Synth: James Brown
Guitars: Jimmy "Chank" Nolen, Hearlon "Cheese" Martin
Bass: Fred Thomas
Drums: John "Jabo" Starks
Congas: Johnny Griggs
Announcer: Hank Spann
Percussion: John Morgan

 "If You Don't Get It..."
Vocals: James Brown, Fred Wesley
Background Vocals: Band
Trombone, Whistle: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Ike Oakley
Tenor Sax: St. Clair Pinckney
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Guitars: Jimmy "Chank" Nolen, Hearlon "Cheese" Martin
Bass: Fred Thomas
Drums: John "Jabo" Starks
Percussion: Johnny Griggs

Rating: RC: *****


 RC:  This is one of the great albums of all time, and is by far the most
 coherent, interesting and powerful album that James Brown was involved 
 with.  With Maceo Parker back on board to work with Fred Wesley and the
 gang at the height of their creativity, the album comes together as a 
 coherent whole, exploring a number of funk and jazz themes.  The album
 gives extended solo time to the horn players, while the guitar and bass
 players set up rock-solid foundations.  The drumming and percussion are
 all superb.  Even the mellow numbers on this album don't succumb to 
 dullness, kept crisp by the sharpness of the band.  The longer songs
 also challenge funk conventions, particularly since most of them don't 
 even have vocals.  This is a crucial album that every funk fan should
   "Damn Right..." has a great spoken intro, with JB asking all the band
 members if they are somebody, and they would reply "Damn Right!".  James
 then says one of my favorite quotes: "To me, happiness is Fred Wesley,
 blowing his horn."  This launches into the horn intro, which gives way
 to the guitar/bass vamp that propels the song.  Fred and Maceo take mind-
 bending solos, and there's even a bongo solo.  "Blow Your Head" has a weird,
 distorted synth intro, nice drumming, an excellent bassline, and is topped
 off with an excellent trombone solo.  "I'm Payin' Taxes..." has a Larry
 Graham-like bassline, but starts out with a great scat session.  The horn
 riffs are extremely intense, met well by the guitar.  "Same Beat" indeed
 has a hypnotic, funky beat, with some great trumpet wailing.  "If You Don't
 Make It..." is a more mellow groove that features Fred.  "Make Me What..."
 is a laid-back, latin-pop instrumental.   "Going To Get..." features
 Hank Ballard coming into the middle of a studio conversation, then picking
 up into a nice groove of a song.  "You Sure Love..." features JB a bit
 more prominently, rasping out some lyrics with strong percussion in the
 background.  Between each song, a snippet is played of JB screaming and
 a horn wailing that sets the tone of each song.  
   This is the most valuable of the JB's albums, and it's been out of print
 for awhile.  Expect to pay at least $40 for it.  You're better off finding
 it on import CD.   

_Breakin' Bread_  (1974)

Track Listing:

Breakin' Bread {James Brown, Fred Wesley}  4:20
I Wanna Get Down {J Brown, St. Clair Pinckney, F Wesley} 
Little Boy Black {J Brown, F Wesley}
Rice 'N' Ribs {J Brown, F Wesley}
Rockin' Funky Watergate {Deidre Brown} 
Makin' Love {J Brown, F Wesley}
Funky Music Is My Style {J Brown, F Wesley, Bob Both}
Step Child

Future P.Funk Personnel:

 "Breakin' Bread"
Trombone, Lead and Background Vocals: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

 "Rockin' Funky Watergate"
Vocals: Fred Wesley

Rating: RC: ****1/2


 RC: Another excellent JB's album; this time, they get a little less jazzy
 and a little more soulful.  Also, they add narration and lyrics to a bunch
 of the songs, and it works extremely well.  The album works well as a 
 conceptual whole, and doesn't have that patched-together feel that many 
 James Brown-related works do.  Friendly Fred Wesley's narration between
 songs definitely helps this along.  The album's theme is getting your fill,
 both literally in terms of eating, and in getting satisfaction from life.
 Fred talks about being back home with the folks, gettin' down, being hungry,
 and he thanks DJ's, fans and JB himself for the opportunity to play.
 The result is a very up-feeling record that still gets down and dirty 
 with nasty guitar work, rock-solid basslines, and frantic horn playing.
 This and _Damn Right_ are the two JB's albums that I consider to be
 absolutely crucial; the best of the rest can be found on the JB's two-CD
   The album starts off with the classic title track.  It's a mellow, folksy
 song that really conjures up a great, down-home image of eating hoke cake
 with your friends and family.  The singing is very good, and the percussion
 keeps it moving.  "I Wanna Get Down", as Fred promises, is super heavy 
 and funky.  There's a nasty wah-wah guitar riff, a spare bassline that acts
 as an excellent foundation, and it's capped by some wailing horn lines.
 "Little Boy Rap" is notable for its great empathy between vocals and music.
 Fred raps about being hungry, and then blows his horn like a hungry man
 would, and then blows it like a full man would, "real pretty like this!".
 The bassline is rock-hard, and extra variety is added with some subtle
 descending flute.  "Rice N Ribs" has some great percussion, a super guitar
 riff, and really features the horns.  "Funky Watergate" is a more mellow
 groove, putting the guitar way out front with an nice solo.  "Makin' Love"
 is an Ike Hayes-style Love Ballad, stretched out and mellowfied.  There's
 another cool guitar solo on here.  "Funky Music" features a great riff, 
 a rousing chant, and a great horn break.  "Step Child" is a wonderful
 piece of mostly improvisation over a jazzy drum and guitar riff.  Each
 horn player takes a turn playing, and things get frantic at the end as
 they cheer each other on.  
  The album is out of print and hard to find.  Most places will charge an
 arm and a leg for it, at least $40 or $50.  On import CD, it's around $30.

_Hustle With Speed_  (1975)

(It's Not The Express) It's The JB's Monaurail {James Brown}  8:12
Here We Come, Here We Go, Here We Are {J Brown}  4:26
Transmograpfication {J Brown, Dave Matthews}  4:01
Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself And You Be Yours {J Brown}  9:39
Taurus, Aires & Leo {J Brown}  6:32
Things & Do {J Brown} 5:15

Japanese Import Bonus Tracks:

Everybody Wanna Get Funky One More Time (Part 1 & 2) {J Brown}  9:32
J.B. Shout {J Brown, Fred Wesley} 2:48
Alone Again {Gilbert O'Sullivan}  3:56
Sportin' Life {J Brown, Charless Bobbit, F Wesley}  3:51
Dirty Harry {J Brown} 3:12

Future P.Funk Personnel:

 "JB's Monaurail"
Trombone, Vocals: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

 "JB Shout"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Randy Brecker
Tenor Sax: Joe Farrell

 "Dirty Harri"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

Rating: RC: 



B. Maceo 


                           Singles List For 
			 Maceo & All The King's Men,
			 Maceo and Maceo & The Macks

    70  Got To Getcha/(I Remember)    House      1 Maceo & ATKM
	Mr. Banks    		      Of The Fox
    70  Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice House 	 8 Maceo & ATKM
	Elf Agin)/?		      Of The Fox 	
    71  Funky Women/?		      House	10 Maceo & ATKM
				      Of The Fox	
Aug 73  Parrty Pts 1&2                People PE624 Maceo & Macks
Oct 73  Soul Power '74 Pts 1&2        People PE631 Maceo & Macks
Jan 74  I Can Play For(Just You And   People PE634 Maceo & Macks
        Me)/Doing It To Death      
May 74  Drowning In The Sea Of Love/  People PE640 Maceo
        Show And Tell
Oct 74  Cross The Track(We Better Go  People PE647 Maceo & Macks
        Back)/The Soul of a Black Man 
Late75  Future Shock Pts 1&2          People PE661 Maceo


                            Maceo's Albums

    70 Doin' Their Own Thing	   House Of The Fox (Maceo & All The King's Men)
    94 "	" (CD reissue)	   Charly
    72 Funky Music Machine	   Excello	    ("			")	
    94 "	" (CD reissue)	   AVICD
??? 74 Us                          People PE6601 (as Maceo)


Maceo & All The King's Men 

_Doing Their Own Thing_  (1970)

Track Listing:

Maceo {Maceo & All The King's Men}  7:44
Got To Getcha {Maceo & All The King's Men}  2:46
Southwick {Maceo & All The King's Men}  3:25
Funky Women {Maceo & All The King's Men}  5:39
Shake It Baby (Keep On Shakin' It) {Maceo & All The King's Men}  2:09
Better Half {Maceo & All The King's Men}  4:52
Don't Waste This World Away {Maceo & All The King's Men}  6:16
Mag-Poo {Maceo & All The King's Men}  3:17
(I Remember) Mr. Banks {Maceo & All The King's Men}  5:26
 Bonus Track:
Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again {Sylvester Stewart}  6:17


Produced by Ray Riley and B.B. Cunningham Jr.

Bandleader, Lead Vocals: Maceo Parker
Drums: Melvin Parker 
Bass: Bernard Odum  
Tenor Sax: Maceo Parker, L.D. 'Eldee' Williams 
Guitar: Jimmy 'Chank' Nolen, Alphonso 'Country' Kellum 
Trumpet: Richard 'Kush' Griffith, Joseph 'Joe' Davis 
Lead Vocals on "Don't Waste This World Away": Richard 'Kush' Griffith

Rating: RC: ***** MM: ****1/2


 RC: This is one of the greatest albums of all time.  Maceo & the rest
 of James Brown's band broke away from his iron-fisted rule, and started
 'doing their own thing.'  The band shared equal credit on all songs,
 but it was clear that Maceo's vision was driving this project.  The 
 result was classic after classic, combining the best parts of JB's 
 funk formula and Maceo's own jazzier leanings.  It also features the
 best rhythm guitarist who ever lived, Jimmy 'Chank' Nolen, who keeps
 things lively and funky.  Unfortunately, JB had this album blacklisted
 by DJ's around the country, so it turned out to be a dismal failure
 financially.  No matter.  The album was way ahead of its time musically,
 as Maceo's arrangements are remarkable throughout.  I mentioned a jazz
 sensibility, but the feel is funky throughout.  There are, however,
 some ballad-type songs that feel a little slick, but they're still tight.
 Some have criticized this album vocally, saying that Maceo couldn't command
 the same ferocious energy that JB has.  While true, it's irrelevant, since
 Maceo doesn't try to imitate JB.  Instead, he literally finds his own 
 voice, and it's perfect for the material.  The album flows beautifully
 from song to song, making it more than just a bunch of songs thrown 
 together.  The band is beyond tight, with the rhythm section, while never
 highlighted, holding the whole thing together.  Maceo's brother Melvin
 is superb on drums, holding a jazzy but solid beat throughout.
  The intro track, "Maceo", starts off with the band spelling out "M-A-C-E-O"
 with funky percussion and guitar in the background.  Once his name is spelled
 out, Maceo blows spectacularly.  The song bears some structural similarities
 to "Soul Power".  "Got To Getcha" is more funky fun, with evocative lyrics
 and good singing.  The horn lines sound a lot like the Horny Horns later
 would, helping to spell out rhythm.  The bass and guitar parts are 
 wonderfully simple.  "Southwick" is another brilliant track, with a classic
 horn riff, great solos, and a solid groove throughout.  "Funky Women" has an
 extremely funky guitar/bass combo in the background, providing a solid base
 for the track's concept: Maceo talking to his bandmates about women, 
 and how their voices might sound.  The voices of the women are represented by
 the players blowing their horns!   It's a remarkable track, with the gimmick 
 working amazingly well, with each horn player conjuring up a different 
 personality type.  "Shake It Baby" is a more rock-oriented tune featuring
 good singing, nice horn lines and some meaty fills.  "Better Half" is
 a more mellow groove.  It starts with a repeating horn line that turns
 into an awesome Maceo solo, accented by stinging guitar at the end.
 "Don't Waste This World Away" is an odd ballad about ecology that is the
 album's sole weak track; at that, it's still not too bad.  "Mag-Poo"
 is an instrumental with funky wah-wah guitar and some friendly horn lines.
 "Mr. Banks" is a slow, smoky Maceo spotlight.  "Thank You For..." is a 
 great cover of the Sly Stone classic that mostly substitutes horns for
 vocals, except for the chorus.  It works extremely well, especially when
 backed up by the funky guitar and bass.  This song did not appear on the
 original album but shows up on the reissue.
   The album is in print as a reissue on the Charly Groove label.

_Funky Music Machine_  (1972)

Track Listing:

Funky Music Machine {Maceo & All The King's Men} 3:03
I Want To Sing {Maceo & All The King's Men} 2:45
Dreams {Maceo & All The King's Men} 2:34
Feeling Alright {D Mason} 2:40
Something {George Harrison} 5:22
Born To Wander {T Baird} 3:02
T.S.U. (Aristocrat of Bands) {Maceo & All The King's Men} 3:13
For No One {John Lennon, Paul McCartney} 3:35
Make It With You {D Gates} 3:07
A Funky Tale To Tell {Maceo & All The King's Men} 4:00


Produced by Maceo & All The King's Men

{No instrument credits given}
Guitar: Jimmy Nolen
Trumpet: Richard Griffith, Joseph Davis
Drums: Melvin Parker
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Charles Sherrell
Robert Griffith
Garrett Tilford
Background chant on "I Want To Sing":  Pearl High School Cheering Squad 

Rating: RC: ***  MM:**


 RC: Maceo's second album is disappointing, and not just in comparison to
 the first one.  In an effort to perhaps achieve greater mainstream 
 success, half the album consists of pop covers.  While some of the things
 done with them are interesting, it doesn't lift them above the level
 of the original material.  Maceo's original material clashes violently
 with the covers, making it a difficult album to listen to.  Despite all of
 these problems, it's still Maceo, which means great playing.  I would
 only recommend this to Maceo fanatics, however, because the overall effect
 is not that funky.
   "Funky Music Machine" demonstrates some of the initial problems.  The
 sound is very pop, although there are some Horny Horns-ish lines and
 a cool breakdown.  "I Want To Sing" is the album's best track, an amusing
 song that has the chorus urging Maceo to blow, but he protests that he
 wants to sing!  And sing he does, and quite well.  But his voice has
 limits, and they are pointed out rather dramatically with "Dreams", a 
 jazz-pop number.  The material isn't that interesting (except for the
 icy drumming), which accentuates the fact that he's straining his voice.
 "Feeling Alright" is better, with an organ accent and an overall funky
 sound.  "Something" is a Beatles cover that replaces vocals with sax.
 It's competent but not compelling.  "Born To Wander" is another cover,
 with good singing and sax playing.  "TSU" is a tribute to the marching
 band at Texas Southern University, considered to be one of the best in
 the world.  It has that marching band feel, with heavy percussion and
 great blowing.  "For No One" is another Beatles cover, this time with
 Maceo singing.  Again, it's OK, but not great; his voice lacks passion
 here, like he's trying to walk on eggshells.  "Make It With You" is the
 worst cut, a limp cover of a flaccid song by Bread.  "Funky Tale To Tell"
 is a decent song, with Maceo's playing more out front.
  The album is in print as a reissue on the Charly Groove label.  

_Us!!_  (1974)

Track Listing:

Parrty {J Brown}
Show And Tell
I Can Play For (Just You And Me)
The Soul Of A Black Man (Part 1)
The Soul Of A Black Man (Part 2)
Soul Power '74  {J Brown}
Doing It To Death
Drowning In The Sea Of Love


Vocals: James Brown
Background Vocals: Band
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Tenor Sax: St. Clair Pinckney
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Guitars: Jimmy "Chank" Nolen, Hearlon "Cheese" Martin
Bass: Fred Thomas, "Sweet Charles" Sherrell
Drums: John "Jabo" Starks
Cowbell, Tambourine: Johnny Griggs

 "Soul Power '74"
Trumpets: Darryl "Hasaan" Jamison, Clayton "Chicken" Gunnels
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Tenor Sax: St. Clair Pinckney
Organ: Bobby Byrd
Guitars: Phelps "Catfish" Collins, Bobby Roach
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins
Drums: John "Jabo" Starks
Congas: Johnny Griggs
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Trumpets: Jerone "Jasaan Sanford" Melson, Ike Oakley
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Tenor Sax: St. Clair Pinckney
(overdubbed in 1973)

Rating: RC: ****

 RC: After Maceo left James Brown in 1970, he formed his own band with
 other JB dissidents, Maceo & All The King's Men.  After this band failed,
 the gang reconciled with JB and produced a number of great cuts.  In
 addition to work with the JB's, Maceo was given his own solo album, _Us!_
 The most interesting cuts can be found elsewhere, which is a good thing,
 because this is one of the rarest of the JB offshoot albums.  
  "Party" is a swingin' tune, with an excellent, driving solo from Maceo
 and one of my favorite chants, 'Maceo! I want you to blow! In the ghetto,
 brother, where you was born.  That should teach ya, how to blow your horn!'
 "Show And Tell" is a bit of 'easy listening', with the awful singing bringing
 down the song despite the good sax.  "I Can Play" is more of the same, but
 it's a bit more uptempo and there's a nice wah-wah guitar going.  "Soul
 Of A Black Man" is an odd song, with JB himself rattling on about all sorts
 of things.  The background is a slow, jazzy guitar and drum combo.
 JB talks about being poor and hungry, and then brings in Maceo when he
 doesn't want to talk anymore.  "Soul Power 74" is one of my favorite songs
 of all time.  It overdubs Maceo over the lyrics, with his best sax playing
 ever, simply briiliant.  "Doin' It To Death" is another take on the classic,
 with vocals once again being replaced by Maceo, other than the chant, "We're
 gonna have a funky good time, we're gonna have a party." "Drowning In The
 Sea Of Love" is more easy listening, but slightly better.  It's funkier than 
 than the other tunes of this kind on the album. 
   "Party", "Soul Power 74" and "Doin' It To Death" can all be found 
 elsewhere.  So if you're not a completist, I wouldn't recommend shelling
 out tons of cash for this record.  It's also available as an import CD,
 though it's very expensive.

C. **Pre-Funk Appearances on James Brown Albums**

 RC: The J.B.'s, of course, were actually a side-project of James Brown.
 The J.B.'s appeared on most of the James Brown songs between 1970 and 1975.
 Fred and Maceo appeared on many more records before the J.B.'s were
 founded in 1970, beginning in 1964.  An actual James Brown discography
 would be far too involved to put in this space (I'm amazed that one 
 hasn't appeared online yet, considering that so much has been written about
 JB), but I will list significant and selected albums with future P.Funkers.
 This will include an album listing from 1964-75, track listings for each
 album, which P.Funkers appear on the album and on what tracks (if available),
 and a brief review.  Acknowledgements here to the authors of the _Star Time_
 box set (Cliff White and Harry Weinger) for basic discographical info.

Live At The Apollo V II 68*	King		1022
The Popcorn		69 	King		1055
It's A Mother		69	King		1063
Sex Machine		70/76*	King/Polydor	1115/9004
Hot Pants		71*	Polydor		4054
Revolution Of The Mind	71*	Polydor		3003
There It Is		72*	Polydor		5028
Get On The Good Foot	72*	Polydor		3004
Black Caesar		73*	Polydor		6014
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off	73*	Polydor		6015
The Payback		74*	Polydor		3007
Hell			74*	Polydor		9001
Reality			75*	Polydor		6039		
Sex Machine Today	75	Polydor		6042
Everybody's Doin' The	75	Polydor		6054
 Hustle And Dead On The
 Double Bump
In The Jungle Groove	86*	PolyGram	829624-2
Star Time 		91*	(4 CD)
Love Power Peace 	92*	PolyGram	513389
Funk Power		96*	PolyGram	7502 1684 2

_There It Is_  (1972)

Track Listing: 

There It Is (Part 1 & 2)
King Heroin
I'm A Greedy Man (Part 1 & 2)
Who Am I
Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothing
Public Enemy #1 (Part 1)
Public Enemy #1 (Part 2)
I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone)
Never Can Say Goodbye

_The Payback_  (1974)

Track Listing:

The Payback {James Brown, Fred Wesley, John Starks}  7:30
Doing The Best I Can {J Brown, Charles Bobbit, F Wesley}  7:39
Take Some...Leave Some {J Brown, C Bobbitt, F Wesley}  8:20
Shoot Your Shot {J Brown}  8:19
Forever Suffering {J Brown, C Bobbitt, F Wesley}  5:39
Time Is Running Out Fast {J Brown, C Bobbitt, F Wesley}  12:58
Stone To The Bone {J Brown}  10:14
Mind Power {J Brown, C Bobbitt, F Wesley}  12:04

Future P.Funk Personnel:

 "The Payback"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "Doing The Best I Can"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "Take Some...Leave Some"
Arranger: Fred Wesley

 "Shoot Your Shot"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Flute, Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

 "Forever Suffering"
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "Time Is Running Out Fast"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Flute, Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

 "Stone To The Bone"
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "Mind Power"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Flute: Maceo Parker

_Hell_  (1974)

Track Listing:

Coldblooded {James Brown}  4:46
Hell {J Brown}  5:07
My Thang {J Brown}  4:19
Sayin' And Doin' It {J Brown}  3:08
Please, Please Please {J Brown, Johnny Terry}  4:14
When The Saints Go Marching In {Traditional}  2:41
These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You 
	{Jack Strachey, Harry Link, Holt Marvell}  3:15
Stormy Monday {Aaron Walker} 3:17
A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroad Before He Finds Himself {J Brown}  2:57
Sometime {J Brown, Bud Hobgood}  4:20
I Can't Stand It "76" {J Brown}  8:08
Lost Someone {J Brown, Lloyd Stallworth, Bobby Byrd}  3:41
Don't Tell A Lie About Me And I Won't Tell The Truth On You 
	{J Brown, J Maloy Roach}  5:09
Papa Don't Take No Mess 
	{J Brown, Fred Wesley, Charles Bobbitt, John Starks} 13:51

Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Percussion: Fred Wesley

Trombone, Percussion: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

 "My Thang"
Tambourine, Background Vocals: Fred Wesley

 "I Can't Stand It"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

 "Don't Tell A Lie..."
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

 "Papa Don't Take No Mess"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

_In The Jungle Groove_  (1986)

Track Listing:

It's A New Day {J Brown}
Funky Drummer {J Brown}
Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Remix) {C Bobbit}
I Got To Move {J Brown}
Funky Drummer (Bonus Beat Reprise)
Talkin' Loud & Sayin' Nothing (Remix) {J Brown, B Byrd}
Get Up, Get Into It, And Get Involved {J Brown, B Byrd}
Soul Power {J Brown}
Hot Pants (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants) {J Brown}

Future P.Funk Personnel:

 "It's A New Day"
Tenor Sax: Maceo Parker

 "Funky Drummer"
Tenor Sax: Maceo Parker
Trumpet: Richard "Kush" Griffith
Trombone: Fred Wesley

 "Give It Up..."
Trumpet: Clayton "Chicken" Gunnells
Guitar: Phelps "Catfish" Collins
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins

 "I Got To Move"
Trumpet: Clayton "Chicken" Gunnells
Guitar: Phelps "Catfish" Collins
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins

 "Talkin' Loud..."
Trumpet: Clayton "Chicken" Gunnells
Guitar: Phelps "Catfish" Collins
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins

 "Get Up, Get Into It..."
Guitar: Phelps "Catfish" Collins
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins

 "Soul Power"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Clayton "Chicken" Gunnells
Guitar: Phelps "Catfish" Collins
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins

 "Hot Pants"
Trombone: Fred Wesley

Rating: RC: ****


 RC: The material on this album was recorded between 1970-71.

D. 	**JB's Compilations**

James Brown's Funky People 		86* Polygram	829417-4 Y-1
James Brown's Funky People (Part 2)	87* Polygram	835857-2

_James Brown's Funky People_

Track Listing:

Gimme Some More {J Brown, C Bobbit}
Pass The Peas {J Brown, J Starks, C Bobbit}
Think (About It) {J Brown}
Givin' Up Food For Funk (Part 1) {J Brown, F Wesley}
Mama Feelgood {J Brown, L Collins}
Hot Pants Road {J Brown, C Bobbit, SC Pinckney}
Rock Me Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again 
 {J Brown, L Austin}
Damn Right, I Am Somebody (Part 1) {J Brown, F Wesley}
Take Me Just As I Am {J Brown}
If You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up And Try It Again, Party {J Brown}
Parrty (Part 1) {J Brown}
(It's Not The Express) It's The JB's Monaurail (Part 1) {J Brown} 

Future P.Funk Personnel:

"Gimme Some More" (the JB's)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Pass The Peas" (the JB's)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Think (About It)" (Lyn Collins)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Givin' Up Food For Funk" (the JB's)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Mama Feelgood" (Lyn Collins)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Hot Pants Road" (the JB's)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Rock Me Again..." (Lyn Collins)

"Damn Right..." (Fred Wesley and the New JB's)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Take Me Just As I Am" (Lyn Collins)
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax, Flute: Maceo Parker

"If You Don't Get It..." (Fred Wesley and the New JB's)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Parrty" (Maceo and the Macks)
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

"JB's Monaurail" (Fred Wesley and the New JB')
Trombone: Fred Wesley

_James Brown's Funky People (Part 2)_

Track Listing:

I Know You Got Soul {J Brown, C Bobbitt, B Byrd}
>From The Love Side {J Brown}
What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You {J Brown, M Whitney}
Soul Power '74 {J Brown}
Put It On The Line {J Brown, L Collins}
You Can Have Watergate But Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight {J Brown}
Cross The Track (We Better Go Back) {J Brown}
The Message From The Soul Sisters {J Brown}
Hot Pants-I'm Coming, I'm Coming {J Brown}
Do Your Thing {I Hayes}
I'm Paying Taxes What Am I Buying {J Brown, F Wesley}
Super Good {J Brown}
Blow Your Head {J Brown, F Wesley}

Future P.Funk Personnel:

"I Know You Got Soul" (Bobby Byrd)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"From The Love Side" (Hank Ballard & The Midnight Lighters)
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Richard "Kush" Griffith
Tenor Sax: Maceo Parker

"What Do I Have To Do..." (Marva Whitney)
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Richard "Kush" Griffith
Tenor Sax: Maceo Parker

"Soul Power 74" (Maceo & The Macks)
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Clayton "Chicken" Gunnells
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
Guitar: Phelps "Catfish" Collins
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins

"Put It On The Line" (Lyn Collins)

"You Can Have Watergate..." (Fred Wesley and the JB's)
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

"Cross The Track" (Maceo & The Macks)
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

"The Message..." (Myra Barnes)
Trumpet: Clayton "Chicken" Gunnells
Guitar: Phelps "Catfish" Collins
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins

"Hot Pants..." (Bobby Byrd)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"Do Your Thing" (Lyn Collins)
Trombone: Fred Wesley

"I'm Paying Taxes..." (Fred Wesley & The New JB's)
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker

"Super Good" (Myra Barnes)
Guitar: Phelps "Catfish" Collins
Bass: William "Bootsy" Collins

"Blow Your Head"
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Alto Sax: Maceo Parker
E. Bobby Byrd

 Lastly, Bobby Byrd recorded quite a few sides that involved the JB's.
 Presented here is his discography.

                       Bobby Byrd's Singles List

Feb 65  We Are In Love/No One Like My Baby        Smash S1964
Apr 65  The Way I Feel/Time Will Make A Change    Smash S1984
Sep 65  Let Me Know/You're Gonna Need My Lovin'   Smash S2003
Erl 66  Oh, What a Night/Lost In The Mood Of      Smash S2018
Late66  Let Me Know/Ain't No Use                  Smash S2052
Erl 67  I Found Out/I'll Keep Pressing On         King K6069
Sep 67  Funky Soul Pts 1&2                        King K6126
Feb 68  You've Got To Change Your Mind, w/JB      King K6151
!!! 68  My Concerto/You Gave My Heart A Brand     King K6165
        New Song To Sing
Mar 70  Hang Ups We Don't Need(The Hungry We Got  King K6289
        To Feed)/You Gave My Heart A Brand New 
        Song To Sing
May 70  It's I Who Loves You(Not Him Anymore)/    King K6308
        I'm Not To Blame
Aug 70  I Need Help(I Can't Do It Alone) Pts 1&2  King K6323     
Nov 70  You've Got To Have A Job/You've Got to    King K6342
        Change Your Mind, w/JB
May 71  I Know you Got Soul/It's I Who Loves You  King K6378
        (Not Him Anymore)
Aug 71  Hot Pants, I'm Coming, Coming, I'm        Brownstone B4203
        Coming/Hang It Up
Dec 71  Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'/Let Me    Brownstone B4205
Apr 72  If You Got A Love You Better(Hold On To   Brownstone B4206
        It)/You've Got To Change Your Mind, w/JB
Jul 72  Never Get Enough/My Concerto              Brownstone B4208
Oct 72  Sayin' It And Doin' It Is Two Different   Brownstone B4209
        Things/Never Get Enough
May 73  I Need Help(I Can't Do It Alone)/Signed,  Brownstone B4210
        Sealed, and Delivered (Live)


                         Bobby Byrd 's Album

Dec 70  I Need Help                               King K118

 RC: The Headhunters were an outgrowth from Herbie Hancock's classic
 jazz-fusion album, _Head Hunters_.  To me, fusion simply means funky
 jazz, and that's exactly what Herbie liked to play.  Several members of
 the band that played on that album formed the Headhunters, and they 
 added a guitarist to the group, a certain DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight.
 Blackbyrd, of course, is the current bandleader and second lead guitarist
 for the P.Funk All-Stars, and got his start with the Funk Mob as the
 main guitarist for the Brides Of Funkenstein.  The music ranges between
 super-funky and mellow, and Blackbyrd shows off his chops on both.

75	Survival Of The Fittest		Arista 		4038
76	Straight From The Gate		Arista

_Survival Of The Fittest_  (1975)  

Track Listing:

God Make Me Funky  
  {Bennie Maupin, Bill Summers, Paul Jackson, Mike Clark, DeWayne McKnight} 9:35
Mugic {B Maupin, B Summers, P Jackson, M Clark, D McKnight}  3:31
Here And Now {B Maupin, B Summers, P Jackson, M Clark, D McKnight}  7:07
Daffy's Dance {B Maupin, B Summers, P Jackson, M Clark, D McKnight}  6:05 
Rima {B Maupin, B Summers, P Jackson, M Clark, D McKnight}  8:14 
If You've Got It, You'll Get It 
  {B Maupin, B Summers, P Jackson, M Clark, D McKnight}  6:26 


Produced by David Rubinson & Friends, Inc. and Herbie Hancock.

Vocals: Benni Maupin, Mike Clark, Blackbird McKnight
Saxello, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Accoustic Piano: Benni Maupin
Percussion: Bill Summers
Drums: Mike Clark
Electric Bass, Lead Vocals on "God Make Me Funky": Paul Jackson
Electric Guitar: Blackbird McKnight

Alto Flute on "Rima," Flute on "Here and Now": Joyce Jackson
Djembe: Zak Diouf
Bass Drum, Bell: Baba Duru
Percussion: Baba Duru, Harvey Mason 

Rating: RC: ****1/2


 MT:  Also included are biographies of the five main band members.   Here's 

 "Blackbird McKnight was born on April 17, 1954 in Los Angeles.  After
 graduation from Morningside High School, Blackbird embarked on his own
 course of study of the electric guitar.  His late teens were spent touring
 with the Silvers and Family Love.  Prior to joining the Head Hunters,
 Blackbird played with the Charles Lloyd group, developing his unique style.
 With the Head Hunters, Bird bears the responsibility for keeping the groove
 with his tight, yet expressive rhythm guitar lines, stretching out as a
 featured soloist when his guitar can become sarod, synthesizer, melotron
 and laser all at once."

 RC: The debut album for the Head Hunters, it's funk fusion at its very best.
 It combines virtuoso playing with strong cohesiveness, with each band 
 member slipping effortlessly from background to foreground.  The rhythm
 section is tighter than tight, and combined with Blackbyrd's challenging
 rhythm parts, they allow saxman Bennie Maupin to go off.  Bill Summers'
 percussion is another huge piece of the puzzle, taking a lead role on many
 songs with his wide variety of exotic instruments.  
  "God Make Me Funky" is an absolute classic, featuring the best of everyone.
 Paul Jackson's singing and solid bass playing are only the tip of the
 iceberg.  The whole song has a _Fresh_-era Sly-like feel to it, especially
 in the vocal arrangements.  The drumming is superb, but the song's main
 highlight is a fierce and passionate sax solo from Maupin.  "Mugic" is
 an interesting rhythmic exploration, with a weird flute/talking drum intro
 that leads into some slick bass playing.  "Here And Now" starts off as a
 slow jazz exploration, centering on the drumming and ethereal guitar.
 It then focuses on some interesting horn, and explodes into some super-
 funky stuff at the end.  "Daffy's Dance" is a lighter, more amusing number,
 spotlight Blackbyrd's fluid playing.  "Rima" is another more ethereal 
 number, mellower in nature.  They get back to being funky with "If You've
 Got It...", a straight-up funker in an R&B mode.
    The album is out of print and difficult to find, but it is available
 as an import CD.  

 _Straight From The Gate_  (1976)

Track Listing:

Straight From The Gate 
	{Joel Smith, Maurice Holloway, Wallace Mitchell, The Headhunters}  5:31
Mayonnaise {The Headhunters}  5:30
Ms. Yum Yum {The Headhunters} 6:49
Don't Kill Your Feelings {The Headhunters} 4:33
Descending Azzizzium (The Beginning Of A Dream) {The Headhunters}  4:00
I Remember I Made You Cry {The Headhunters}  5:24
Pork Soda {The Headhunters}  3:58
Dreams {The Headhunters}  3:17
Silhouette {The Headhunters}  5:52


The Headhunters are:

Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Electric Sitar: Obsidian Blackbird(DeWayne McKnight)
Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Flute: Bennie Maupin
Drums: Michael Clark
Bass: Paul Jackson
Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Synth, Organ: Paul Potyen
Background Vocals: DeWayne McKnight, Paul Potyen, Paul Jackson, Bennie Maupin
Lead Vocals: Derrick Youman
Percussion: Bill Summers
Producer: David Robinson & Friends, and the Headhunters with Fred Catero

Rating: RC: ****


 RC: Another excellent album from the band, it includes some hardcore funk,
 some soulful singing, and lots of challenging but groove-based jazz.
 It's simply a must for fans of Blackbyrd; his playing is excellent
   "Straight From The Gate" opens things up with a bang.  It's an ultra-funky
 tune with a meaty bassline, good singing and a nice guitar line.  It's
 a party number about a party.  "Mayonnaise" is an upbeat funky number
 featuring Bennie Maupin's sax playing.  "Ms. Yum Yum" is a mellower 
 number that also features sax, as well as a delicate solo from Blackbyrd.
 "Don't Kill Your Feelings" is an R&B number that's fairly laid back, with
 a cool piano solo.  "Descending Azzizzium" is an interesting tune that
 ranges between styles.  It starts with a light jazz feel, with that
 "cool" highhat drumming, then launches into an interesting, almost
 discordant solo from Blackbyrd, then hits into an interesting bass break.
 "I Made You Cry" is another R&B tune, with a bouncing bassline, funky
 vocals, and a fine sax solo.  "Pork Soda" is an organ-dominated, grooving
 piece.  "Dreams" is a too-mellow song that drifts along aimlessly.  
 "Silhouette" is a weird, dreamy number that once again features great
 guitar playing.
  The album is out of print and difficult to find, but it is available
 as an import CD.  
IV. Human Body 

76/93	Truth Be Known			Soulciety       ME 012/93 

_Truth Be Known_   (1976)

Track Listing:

Freedom {Roger Troutman, Larry Troutman}  6:13
Truth Be Known {R Troutman, L Troutman}  3:56
Brother Lester {R Troutman, L Troutman}  2:49
Bearing Straight {R Troutman, L Troutman}  7:05
Nature's Song {R Troutman, L Troutman}  7:55
Hey Mama {R Troutman, L Troutman}  5:23 
Been This Way Before {R Troutman, L Troutman}  8:19
Take A Break {R Troutman, L Troutman}  3:31


Background Vocals: Garfield Senior High School Choir (under direction of
 Clinton Bean), Donna Sloss, Joy Barry, Roger Troutman, Beverly Sudduth,
 Bobby Glover
Lead Vocals: Roger Troutman
Bass, Acoustic, Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Piano, Synth, Talk Box: Roger Troutman
Baritone, Tenor Saxophone: Carl Cowen
Flute: Carl Cowen, Roger Troutman
Horns: Chuck, Blatz, Carl Cowen of the Dayton Sidewinders
Congas: Larry Troutman
Drums, Tympany Drums: Lester Troutman
Vibes: Johnny Lytle, Terry Dews, Roger Troutman
Percussion: Larry Troutman, Lester Troutman, Terry Dews, Johnny Lytle,
 Roger Troutman
Arranger: Roger Troutman, Larry Troutman
Producer: Larry Troutman

Rating: RC: ***1/2

 MT:  Originally produced in 1976 - these were issued in 1993 by Soulciety
 Records in the UK.  The tracks are funky - featuring Roger Troutman on most
 instruments - including talk box.  Some of the tracks are cool - while
 other get kind of cheesy.  Very interesting though - much, much rawer than
 anything Roger did later on.  Anyone looking for this album should check in
 the Acid Jazz sections of stores that have one - because the modern cover
 art and the record label make this look like a modern acid jazz disc.

 RC: The credits list Roger as writing the music and Larry writing the
   The album is indeed interesting and crucial for Zapp fans.  The best
 things about the album are the drumming and bass playing, both of which
 carry even the weak tracks.  Roger's guitar playing is typically
 excellent, but he actually gets down and dirty with his axe, rather than
 just deliver his trademark clean lines.  The album has the feel of a
 mid-era Funkadelic album, sort of a cross between _Standing On The Verge_
 and _Let's Take It To The Stage_.  I'm not actually sure how widely it
 was released in 1976, if at all, but it's certainly a valuable chunk of funk.
   "Freedom" is the album's best track, a nasty funker with a great guitar
 riff, excellent singing (and scatting) and good lyrics.  Even the talk box
 is used to good effect.  "Truth Be Known" is another funky tune, with a
 hard guitar riff and more good singing, with lots of clever wordplay.
 "Brother Lester" is a mellow percussive spotlight, with an interesting
 drumbreak intro.  "Bearing Straight" is a slightly overlong uptempo number,
 less funky than the first three cuts.  The drumming and rhythm guitar are
 both excellent, and reminiscient of "Standing On The Verge...".  "Nature's
 Song" is a goofy pop song that's a bit too light.  "Hey Mama" is a mellow
 ballad kept interesting by wah-wah guitar.  "Been This Way Before" would
 later be redone by Zapp, but this incarnation is a bit more interesting.
 It is too much on the easy listening side, however.  "Take A Break"
 is another mellow ballad.   
   The ballads show an early tendency of Roger to get syrupy, but the
 uptempo numbers are all excellent.  The album is available only as a
V. Madhouse

_Serve 'Em_

Track Listing:

Serve 'Em
Nixon's Ego Trip
Great Debate
Get Some Of This
Last Apocalypse

Rating: RC: ****


 RC:  This was the band that future Rubber Band members Joel "Razor Sharp"
 Johnson and Gary "Mudbone" Cooper were in.  The overall sound is that
 of Funkadelic, circa 1972.  The percussion is crisp and precise and the
 bass playing is solid, but both are definitely supporting features.  The
 guitars are way out front, switching between JB's riffing and Funkadelic
 wailing.  Horns punch through from time to time, also doing riffs for the
 most part.  Razor doesn't seem to be playing those high keyboard sounds
 that he later became famous for; he went for a nastier, Bernie Worrell
 sort of sound.  I don't have much information on personnel for this record,
 but I wouldn't rule out Mudbone on drums.  All in all, it's a very good
 record with lots of interesting moments, though the sound is very raw.
 I personally like my funk extra raw and untenderized, but many others don't.
   "Serve 'Em" is the album's best tune, starting with a hard and heavy fuzz
 guitar sound matched up against a pounding organ.  Angry lyrics erupt
 melodically, really helping the song to swing.  Good percussion tops it off.
 "Nixon's Ego Trip" is a strange instrumental that centers around the guitar.
 It starts off with a strong riff that interlocks with a steady bass groove,
 and then veers off into a long solo.  "Great Debate" is another strange
 song, this time about doing heroin and its perils.  The mood is set by
 keyboards and horn blasts.  "Get Some Of This" is a funkier number, with
 everyone in the band going off and good singing.  "Last Apocalypse" is
 another slow, moody number, with the flute taking center stage.  
  This album is absurdly rare and available only as an import.  Good luck.
VI. Sly And The Family Stone

 RC: Sly has one of the most tangential relationships to the Funk Mob of any of
the artists in this section, but he was a member of the Mob for awhile.
He appeared on _Electric Spanking_ and _Urban Dancefloor Guerillas_
rather prominently.  Jon Dakss has taken up the task of providing a full Sly 
listing (and he's done a damn good job), so I'll include the basic listing
and leave reviews, bios, samples etc to Jon.

 MM: This is the Sly and the Family Stone U.S. Discography and Price Guide
by Neal Umphred of Goldmine.

Epic	   LN-24324  (DJ) A Whole New Thing		1967	  40.00
Epic	   BN-26371  (DJ) Dance To The Music		1968      30.00
Epic	   BN-26371  (S) Dance To The Music(Yel. Label) 1968      20.00
		     ("Dance To The Music" is a 	
		     repackage of "A Whole New Thing.")
Epic	   BN-26397  (DJ) Life				1968      30.00
Epic	   BN-26456  (DJ) Stand!			1969      30.00
Epic	   KE-30325  (DJ) Greatest Hits			1970	  25.00
Epic	   KE-30325  (DJ) Greatest Hits (Black Label)   1973	   5.00
		     ("Everybody Is A Star," "Hot Fun
		     In The Summertime," and "Thank 
		     You" are rechanneled on this 
Epic	  EQ-30325   (Q) Greatest Hits ("Everybody Is	1973	 75.00
		     A Star," "Hot Fun In The Summer-
		     time," and "Thank You" are remixed
		     from the multi-tracks on this 
Epic 	  KE-30986   (DJ) There's A Riot Goin' On	1971     25.00
Epic	  KE-32134   (DJ) Fresh				1973	 15.00
Epic	  PE-32930   (DJ) Small Talk			1974	 15.00
Epic	  PE-33462   (DJ) High Energy (2 LPs)		1975     12.00
Epic	  PE-33835   (DJ) High On You			1975	 15.00
Epic	  PE-34348   (DJ) Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I'm  1975	 10.00
Epic	    AS-264   (DJ) Everything You Always Wanted  1976	 25.00
		     To Hear
Epic	     35974   (DJ) Ten Years Too Soon		1979	  6.00
Epic	     35974   (S) Ten Years Too Soon (Bl. Label) 1979 	  6.00
WarnerBros.   3303   (S) Back On The Right Track	1979      6.00
WarnerBro.   23700   (S) Ain't But The One Way		1982      6.00

Epic	 EKG-37071   (S) Sly & The Family Stone/	198?  In Print
Epic	 EK-30325    (S) Sly & the Family Stone's	198?  In Print
		     Greatest Hits
Epic	 EK-30986    (S) There's A Riot Goin' On	198?  In Print
Epic     EK-26456    (S) Stand!				198?  In Print
VII.  Jeanette Washington

 MG: Her real name is Justine Washington, but she later took on the name	
     Jeanette.  She was born 11/13/40 in Bamberg, South Carolina and was
     raised in Harlem.  She's a vocalist/pianist.  In 1956, she was a 
     member of the vocal group The Hearts and her first recordings were
     made for J & S Records in 1957.  According to the Billboard book I
     have she is **definitely** the same Jeanette who later became a 
     member of Parlet.  The record I have is from 1973, it's a duet album
     with a guy called Don Gardner, a soul cat with a career that stretches
     from way back in the 50's.

Baby Washington and Don Gardner
73				Master Five	901

VIII. Sandra Feva 

81    Savoir Faire 		Venture Records  VL-1008

 MT: Sandra -- for those who don't know is credited with  "almost lead vocals"
 on the "Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends" album, and as a "featured
 vocalist" on "R&B Skeletons In The Closet".   A great example of her
 strong, soulful voice is on the Funkadelic 12" single "By Way Of The Drum"
 (1989), which features her prominently.  _Savoir Faire_ is a fairly
 typical, but well inspired 80's pop/R&B outing for this excellent vocalist
 before she came aboard the Mothership to record and tour with the P-Funk
 All Stars at least briefly.
IX.   Other Pre-Funk Listings

 RC: This section contains either more pre P.Funk session work by the above
 artists, or pre-P.Funk albums by those who have a more tangential relationship
 to the Funk Mob.  Included are such singers as Belita Woods and Jessica

77	Stormin'			Tabu		BQL 1-2048
78	Journey to the Light		Tabu		BL 35327
79	Funky Entertainment		Tabu		35749
    	(^B Woods: LVoc, BVoc^)

**The Chambers Brothers**
75	Right Move"  			Avco Records    AV-69003-698
	(^J Brailey: Drm)	
 MT: While the Chambers Brothers aren't necessarily a "funk band",  funky
 grooves were always a part of their diverse Rock 'n Soul type sound.   This
 album features particularly reputable drumming by P-Funk drummaster Jerome
 "Bigfoot" Brailey.

**Earth, Wind & Fire**
72	Last Days & Time		Columbia	CK 31702
73	Head to the Sky			Columbia	CK 32194
	(^J Cleaves: Voc^)

**Five Stairsteps**
70	Ooh Child (single, #8)		Buddha
	(^J Brailey: Drm^)

**Friends of Distinction**
69	Grazin'				RCA		LSP-4149
	(^J Cleaves: Vo^)

**Herbie Hancock**
75	Man-Child			CBS		PCT 33812
	(^D McKnight: Gtr^)

**Bennie Maupin**
77	Slow Traffic to the Right	Mercury		SRM 1-1148
	(^D McKnight: electric Gtr)

**Smith Connection**
72 	Under My Wings			Music Merchant	MM 105
	(^R Dunbar: Pro^)

**Sun **
76	Live On, Dream On		Capitol		ST-11461
        (^R Troutman- vocoder special effects on "Wanna Make Love"^)

**Sweet Cream**
78	Sweat Cream and Other Delights	Shadybrook	SB-011
	(^D Spradley: Syn;  C Small: Per^)