Funky Links

There are lots of other sources of information about P-Funk, and the Funk in general, on the net. These will get you going:

Matt Nowinski's Funk Page (for browsers which support frames)
Matt Nowinski's Funk Page (for browsers which don't support frames)

A truly great, perhaps legendary, resource for funky music in general. Here you'll find many, many images, interviews, sound samples, movies, and so on. The subject is funk in general, but a lot of the material covers P-Funk. There's an interactive forum, and a very extensive list of interesting and useful links.

One Nation: The Quasi-Official P-Funk Fan Club Thang

Major Motherpage contributor Melissa Weber brings us One Nation, the Quasi-Official P-Funk Monthly 'Zine & Fan Club. Check it out for current news, interviews, features, tour dates, and more -- updated regularly. There's also an area to buy official P-Funk merchandise and send a message to your favorite P-Funk All-Star. Cool!

The New Funk Times web page

This is the home of the New Funk Times, the official P-Funk newsletter. The newsletter is currently on hiatus, but in the meantime this website provides a lot of great stuff, including a bunch of interviews taken from past issues of the NFT. And of course, there's a links page.

George Clinton -- P-Funk on the Web!

Godmoma has a page with a few hot P-Funk items, including a review of the All Stars' 1996 Mardi Gras shows, and transcripts from IRC interviews with George Clinton and with various members of the P-Funk All Stars.

Mothership Accidentally Descends On Hootie Concert

The Onion, a satirical weekly "newspaper," published a hilarious article in their online edition, describing how the members of Hootie and the Blowfish inadvertently summoned the Mothership during one of their concerts. Very funny!

article, "The Captain Of The Mothership"

A brief article about George Clinton and T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M. in the Addicted To Noise e-zine.

#1 Bimini Road

Diem Jones' site, providing information about #1 Bimini Road, his book of photos from the Motor-Booty Affair tour (accompanied by commentary from the Motherpage's Rob Clough).

Artocity!'s PFUNK PIX Page

Artrocity!'s page has pix taken at a November 1995 P-Funk All Stars show, {\it plus} pictures from the July 4, 1996 show at Central Park.

A Parliafunkadelicment Thang!!!

A personal tribute from a Funkateer, with some picutres and album covers.

A Parliafunkadelicment Thang - reviews of Funkadelic albums

A set of reviews of the Funkadelic albums, written by a funkateer.

P-Funk pictures

Photos from a P-Funk All Stars show in San Francisco in March of 1996.

Groove Central - Home Base for DJaze Old School Global Groove Site

Several P-Funk related links, and an archive of several show reviews.

Can You Get To That? The Cosmology Of P-Funk

Scot Hacker's scholarly analysis of the cosmological vision presented by P-Funk.

Making It Funky: The Signifying Politics of George Clinton's Parliafunkadelicment Thang

Ted Friedman's thesis-in-progress. Heavily researched, with footnotes. Check this out.

Funky Stuff Review

A site which not only talks about the Funk, but places it in the context of black culture and politics in the 1970's.

Sony Records' George Clinton page

George Clinton is currently signed to Sony 550 Music; they released his most recent work with the P-Funk All Stars, T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M.

Axiom home page

Bill Laswell and Axiom have ties to a number of Funk Mob members, who've recorded tracks or albums with him/them . . .particularly Bootsy and Bernie. They provide some promo info here for a variety of P-Funk related projects which we describe in the discography.

Coconut Grove Recording Company

Coconut Grove puts out a number of interesting albums, including the latest from original Funkadelic member Tal Ross. Check their page out!

Bernie Worrell -- The Warrior Of Woo

A page devoted to information and news updates on Bernie Worrell -- composer, keyboard master, and funk legend.

O.G. Funk / Billy Bass

Information on original (and long-time) P-Funk bassist William "Billy Bass" Nelson and his current band (with P-Funkers Bernie Worrell and Jerome Brailey), O.G. Funk.