**P-Funk Samples**
 July 15, 1996
 {RC: Special props are due to Matt McClellan for coming up with the idea 
  for the list and many of the early entries, and to Blaine Armsterd for
  the use of his extremely extensive sample list which almost doubled the
  size of the old version.}

Key: ABC = Another Bad Creation
     Arrested Dvpmt = Arrested Development	
     ATL = Above The Law
     BDK = Big Daddy Kane
     BLO = Brothers Like Outlaws 
     BR&R= Black Rock & Ron
     CMW = Compton's Most Wanted
     Del = Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
     DU = Digital Underground
     GMF&FF = Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five
     JJ&FP = Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
     Lighter Shade = Lighter Shade Of Brown
     Lords = Lords Of The Underground	
     KMDee = Kool Moe Dee	
     NBN = Naughty By Nature
     PE = Public Enemy
     PI = Private Investigators
     PPC = Penthouse Players Clique	
     PR & CLS = Pete Rock and CL Smooth
     RRA = Ruthless Rap Assassins
     SCCartel = South Central Cartel
     SL Fine = Serious Lee Fine
     Smokin' Suckas = Smokin' Suckas Wi't Logic
     Snoop = Snoop Doggy Dogg
     SoBazerk/NSCB = Son Of Bazerk feat. No Self Control and the Band
     Term. X = Terminator X
     ATQC = A Tribe Called Quest
     Ultramags = Ultramagnetic MC's
     WC&MC = W.C. & The Madd Circle
     YBT = Young Black Teenagers

-**Artist**/            Rap Artist	Rap Jam          

I'll Wait	   	De La Soul	Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
I'll Wait	   	Ultramags	Moe Love On the One And Two
Little Ole ... 	   	De La Soul	Potholes In My Lawn
Come In Out Of.	  	Jungle Bros	I'm In Love With Indica
My Automobile  		NWA		My Automobile	

 (Up For The Down Stroke)
Up For The Down Stroke  Nemesis		Temple Of Boom
Up For The Down Stroke  Salt N Pepa	Everybody Get Up
Up For The Down Stroke  FWesley&HHorns  Up For The Down Stroke(remix)
AllYourGoodies Are Gone Boss		Born Gangstaz
AllYourGoodies Are Gone Poison Clan	Afraid of the Flavor
AllYourGoodies Are Gone Salt N Pepa	Everybody Get Up
AllYourGoodies Are Gone Salt N Pepa	Tramp
I Can Move You		ATL		Process Of Elimination
I Can Move You		ATL		Why Must I Feel Like Dat

 (Chocolate City)
Chocolate City 		DOC		The Grand Finale 
Chocolate City 		Ice Cube	I Wanna Kill Sam
Chocolate City 		Kool G Rap	Live And Let Die
Chocolate City 		Nemesis		Temple Of Boom
Chocolate City 		Salt N Pepa	He's Gamin On Ya
Chocolate City 		Totally Insane	Here We Go...

 (Mothership Connection)
P.Funk         		Del		Sunny Meadowz
P.Funk         		Dr. Dre		The Roach(Outro)
P.Funk         		Ice Cube	Say Hi To The Bad Guy
P.Funk         		K-Solo		Premonition Of A ...
P.Funk         		NWA		1-900-2-Compton
P.Funk         		Paris		Out Of My Life
P.Funk         		Redman		Da Funk
P.Funk         		Term.X		High Priest Of Turbulence
P.Funk         		Tone Loc	Don't Get Close
P.Funk         		West Coast A.S.	Tellin Time
P.Funk         		Yo-Yo		Make Way For The Motherlode
Mothership Connection	ATL		Pimp Clinic
Mothership Connection	BWP		Comin' Back Strapped
Mothership Connection	Dr. Dre		Let Me Ride
Mothership Connection	DU		Tales of the Funky
Mothership Connection	Eazy-E		We Want Eazy
Mothership Connection	Infinite Mass	Mah Boyz
Mothership Connection	Run DMC		Groove To The Sound
Mothership Connection	Spice 1		Young Ass Nigga
Mothership Connection	Sweet T		On The Smooth Tip
Mothership Connection	Tone Loc	The Homies
Mothership Connection	Yo-Yo		Make Way For The Motherlode
Unfunky UFO    		Ice Cube	Dirty Mack
Supergroovalisticprosi. Ice Cube	How To Survive In South Central
Give Up The Funk	Gerardo		We Want The Funk
Give Up The Funk	GMF&FF		Tear The Roof Off The Sucker
Give Up The Funk	Heavy D.	More Bounce To The Ounce
Give Up The Funk	Last Poets	Funk
Give Up The Funk	MC Hammer	Turn This Mutha Out
Give Up The Funk	No Face		We Wants To Fuck
Give Up The Funk	PE		Monkey Off My Back
Give Up The Funk	Schooly D	Godfather Of Funk
Give Up The Funk	Snoop		What's My Name
Give Up The Funk	Steady B	Keeper Of The Funk
Give Up The Funk	Too Short	No Love From Oakland

 (Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein)
Prelude	   		Easy-E		Prelude
Prelude        		XClan		Xodus
Gamin On Ya    		Bloods & Crips	Shuda Been ...
Gamin On Ya    		Ice Cube	Us
Gamin On Ya    		WC&MC		Ghetto Serenade
Dr. Funkenstein		Ed OG		?
Dr. Funkenstein		Ice-T		Bitches 2
Dr. Funkenstein		No Face		We Wants To Fuck
Dr. Funkenstein		Scarface	Lettin' Em Know
Dr. Funkenstein		Too Short	It's Your Life
Getting To Know		Breeze		Watch The Hook
Getting To Know		DOC		Whirlwind Pyramid
Do That Stuff  		Li'l Shawn	I Made Love...
Do That Stuff  		Nice N Smooth	Funky 4 You
Do That Stuff  		Yo-Yo		Mackstress
I've Been Watching You  NWA		Don't Drink ThatWine(PSA)

 (P.Funk Live: Earth Tour)
Swing Down...(live)	Dr Dre		Let Me Ride
Let's Take It ..(live)	Ahmad		Can I Party?

 (Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome)
Bop Gun        		DU		The Humpty Dance (vocals)
Bop Gun        		Ice Cube	Endangered Species (vocals)
Bop Gun        		Redman		Da Funk
Bop Gun        		Redman		So Ruff
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Afros		Better Luck Next Time
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   BBD		Nickel
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Black Sheep	Have U.N.E. Pull?
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   E40Federal	Nuttin Ass Nigga
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   EPMD		Play The Next Man
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Ice Cube	Gangsta's Fairytale 2 
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Ice Cube	It Was A Good Day (Remix)
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Ice Cube	Steady Mobbin
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Lench Mob	Guerillas In The ..
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   N.W.A.		Niggaz4Life
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Schooly D	Godfather Of Funk
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Yo-Yo		Givin It Up
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk   Yo-Yo		Westside Story
Funkentelechy  		Dr. Dre		Dre Day (Extended) 
Funkentelechy  		DU		Hip Hop Doll
Funkentelechy  		DU		Shake and Bake
Funkentelechy  		Ice Cube	Doing Dumb Shit
Funkentelechy  				Where'd You Get That Funk From?
Funkentelechy  		Stetsasonic	So Let The Fun...
Placebo Syndrome	De La Soul	Shwingalokate
Flash Light		Ahmad		Can I Party?
Flash Light	   	ATL		Wicked
Flash Light     	ATL		Never Missin A Beat
Flash Light		Boss		Born Gangsta
Flash Light	   	Criminal Nation	I'm Rollin'
Flash Light		De La Soul	Shwingalokate
Flash Light     	Del		Sunny Meadowz
Flash Light	   	DU		Arguin' On The Funk
Flash Light	   	DU		Body Hats
Flash Light     	DU		The Danger Zone
Flash Light     	DU		DooWatchaLike
Flash Light     	DU		Rhymin On The Funk
Flash Light	   	DU		Sons Of The P
Flash Light     	Fu-Schnickens	Star Of The Show
Flash Light	   	Genius		True Fresh MC
Flash Light     	Ice Cube	A Man's Best Friend
Flash Light     	Ice Cube	Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit
Flash Light	   	Ice T		Home Invasion
Flash Light	   	Jungle Bros	Sunshine (vocals)
Flash Light     	Kool G Rap	Operation CB 
Flash Light     	Lench Mob	Guerillas In The Mist
Flash Light		Lords		Keepers Of The Funk
Flash Light	   	Masta Ace	Jeep Ass Nigga
Flash Light     	MC Ren		The Final Frontier
Flash Light     	MC Ren		Mr. Fuck Up
Flash Light     	MC Ren		One False Move
Flash Light     	PE		Anti-Nigger Machine (Intro)
Flash Light     	PE		Nighttrain
Flash Light     	Redman		Rockafella
Flash Light     	Redman		So Ruff
Flash Light     	Run DMC		Back From Hell
Flash Light     	3xDope		Make Dat Move
Flash Light     	XClan		Heed The Words Of A Brother
Flash Light     	XClan		Xodus

 (Motor Booty Affair)
Mr. Wiggles    		Ice Cube	Givin Up The Nappy..
Mr. Wiggles	   	Schooly-D	It's Krak
Mr. Wiggles    		Yo-Yo		Westside Story
Rumpofsteelskin		Del		Dr. Bombay
Rumpofsteelskin		Del		Sleepin On My Couch
Rumpofsteelskin		Ice Cube	You Can't Fade Me
Water Sign		Geto Boys	Straight Gangstaism
Aquaboogie     		ATL		Call It What You Want
Aquaboogie     		Cypress Hill	Psychobetabuckdown
Aquaboogie     		Dr. Dre		Dre Day(Extended)
Aquaboogie	   	DU		Flowin' On The D-Line
Aquaboogie     		DU		No Nose Job
Aquaboogie     		DU		Return of the Crazy One
Aquaboogie     		DU		Underwater Rimes
Aquaboogie     		En Vogue	This Is Your Life
Aquaboogie     		Ice Cube	Dirty Mack
Aquaboogie     		Ice T		The Syndicate
Aquaboogie     		Lench Mob	Lost In Tha System
Aquaboogie     		Luke		Compton's Cowardz
Aquaboogie	   	Schooly D	Super Nigger
Aquaboogie     		Thug Life	?
Aquaboogie     		Too $hort	Dead Or Alive
Aquaboogie     		WC&MC		Back To The Underground
Aquaboogie		YBT		Traci
One Of Those Funky...   EPMD		Headbanger
One Of Those Funky 	Ice Cube	I Wanna Kill Sam
One Of Those 		RRA		Posse Strong
The Motor Booty Affair  DU		Sex Packets
The Motor Booty	Affair	DU		Packet Reprise
The Motor Booty	Affair	Willie D	I'm Going Out Lika Soldier
Deep	   		KMDee		Pump Your Fist
Deep	   		PE		Revolutionary Generation

Gloryhallastoopid	Del		Mistadobalina	
Gloryhallastoopid	Del		Sunny Meadows (prelude)
Big Bang Theory		ATL		VSOP
Big Bang Theory		CMW		I Don't Dance
Big Bang Theory		College Boyz	How Ta Act
Big Bang Theory		DJ Quik		Amerika's Most Complete Artist
Big Bang Theory		Dr. Dre		Dre Day (Extended)
Big Bang Theory		Geto Boys	Life In The Fast Lane
Big Bang Theory		Ice Cube	Alive On Arrival
Big Bang Theory		JJ&FP		Nuthin' But A Dog
Big Bang Theory		K-Solo		I Can't Hold It Back
Big Bang Theory		Paris		It's Real
Big Bang Theory		Redman		Blow Your Mind
Big Bang Theory		Yo-Yo		Westside Story
Big Bang Theory		WC&MC		If U Don't Work You Don't Eat
Theme From The Black..  ATL		V.S.O.P.
Theme From The Black..  CMW		I Don't Dance
Theme From The Black..  DU		Same Song
Theme From The Black..  Ice Cube	Steady Mobbin'
Theme From The Black..  Kausion		What You Wanna Do
Theme From The Black..  Knuckleheadz	All She Wanted
Theme From The Black..  Redman		Blow Your Mind
Theme From The Black..  WC&MC		If U Don't Work You ...
Colour Me Funky		ATL		The Harder U R
Colour Me Funky		ATL		Who Ryde
Colour Me Funky		Del		Pissin' On Your Steps
Colour Me Funky		Dr. Dre		Roach Intro
Colour Me Funky		DU		Dope-A-Delic
Colour Me Funky		WC&MC		Ain't A Damn Thing Changed
The Freeze     		DU		Wheee!
The Freeze     		Ice Cube	Look Who's Burnin'
The Freeze     		Kris Kross	2 Da Beat Chall

Trombipulation 		DU		Dope-A-Delic
Agony Of Defeet		Ice Cube	How To Survive In South Central
Agony Of Defeet		Too Short	Step Daddy
Agony Of Defeet		WC&MC		The Break Up
Let's Play House	Ant Banks	Sittin On Something Fat
Let's Play House	DU		The Humpty Dance
Body Language  		Term. X		Wanna Be Dancin'
Mommy, What's A...	De La Soul	Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
Mommy, What's A...	Kool G Rap	Two To The Head
I Bet You      		Beastie Boys	Car Thief
I Bet You      		Common Sense	A Penny For My Thoughts
I Bet You      		Del		Dark Skin Girls
I Bet You      		EPMD		Total Kaos
I Bet You      		EPMD		Rap Is Outta Control
I Bet You      		Ice-T		Mind Over Matter
I Bet You	   	RRA		Justice
I Bet You	   	Ten Tray	World Is A Ghetto
I Got A Thing...	BBD		Ghetto Booty
I Got A Thing... 	Ice Cube	Who Got The Camera
I Got A Thing...	PMD		I'll Wait
Good Ole Music 		Almighty RSO	Game Of Survival
Good Ole Music 		ATL		Another Execution
Good Ole Music 		ATL		Pimp Clinic
Good Ole Music 		Big Kap		Da Ladies In Da House
Good Ole Music 		Biz Markie	She's Not Just Another Woman
Good Ole Music 		BR&R		True Feelings
Good Ole Music 		CMW		They Still Gafflin'
Good Ole Music 		College Boyz	Politics Of...
Good Ole Music 		Common Sense	Tricks Up My Sleeve
Good Ole Music 		DOC		DOC & The Doctor
Good Ole Music 		Horny Horns	A Blow For Me...(remix)
Good Ole Music		Ice Cube	The Wrong Nigga To Funk With
Good Ole Music		Jungle Bros	Jimbrowsky
Good Ole Music		Greg Osby	Thelonious
Good Ole Music		Scarface	Good Girl Gone Bad
Good Ole Music		Stetsasonic	Free South Africa
Good Ole Music 		Tone Loc	On Fire
Good Ole Music 		2Pac		Young Black Male

 (Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow)
Free Your Mind...	Kris Kross	Freak Da Funk
Free Your Mind...	X-Clan		Shaft's Big Score
Eulogy and Light	ATL		Black Triangle

 (Maggot Brain)
Maggot Brain   		Smokin' Suckas	Gangsta Story
Hit It And Quit It 	Ant Banks	Hit It
You And Your Folks...	Chris Rock	Your Mama's Got A Big Head
You And Your Folks...	Insane Poetry	Manic Depression
You And Your Folks...	Smokin' Suckas	Smokin' Suckas

 (America Eats Its Young)
Loose Booty    		EPMD		Who's Booty?
A Joyful Process 	CPO		Gangsta Melody
A Joyful Process 	Eazy-E		Eazy-Duz-It
A Joyful Process 	Smokin' Suckas	Uncle Tom Artist

 (Cosmic Slop)
Nappy Dugout   		Ant Banks	Hit It
Nappy Dugout   		ATCQ		Ham And Eggs
Nappy Dugout   		Ice Cube	U Ain't Gonna Take My Life
Nappy Dugout   		Poison Clan	Listen
Nappy Dugout   		Tim Dog		Goin' Wild In The Penile
Cosmic Slop    		DOC		Beautiful But Deadly
Cosmic Slop	   	Goats		?
Cosmic Slop	   	Ice Cube	Doin' Dumb Shit
Cosmic Slop	   	Smokin' Suckas	Jah Sent

 (Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On)
I'll Stay		CrucialConflict Hay
I'll Stay      		De La Soul	Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
I'll Stay      		K-Solo		Long Live The Fugitive
Sexy Ways	   	Fu-Schnickens	Props
Standing On The Verge..	Ice Cube	Endangered Species {vocals}
Standing On The Verge..	SoBazerk/NSCB	Part One
Jimmy's Got A Little...	The Rays	I Don't Want To Be Alone

 (Let's Take It To The Stage)
No Head No Backstage... EB&Rakim	Lyrics of Fury
Let's Take It To The... EPMD		I'm Mad
Get Off Your Ass And... Eazy E		Eazy Duz It
Get Off Your Ass And... Ice-T		99 Problems
Get Off Your Ass And... Public Enemy	Bring The Noise
Get Off Your Ass And... Schooly D	Get Off Your Ass And Jam
Get Off Your Ass And... Schooly D	King Of New York
Get Off Your Ass And... 2Pac		Holler If You Hear Me
Get Off Your Ass And... Ultramags	Make It Happen
Get Off Your Ass And... Yo-Yo		They Shit Don't Stink
The Song Is Familiar    MC Lyte		All That
Atmosphere     		Stetsasonic	Music For The Stetfully Insane

 (Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic)
Butt-to-Butt Res...	PE		Party For Your Right To Fight
Let's Take It...People	ATCQ		Everything Is Fair
Take Your Dead Ass Home Too Short	Hoes
How Do Yeaw View You    Luke		Freestyle Joint

 (Hardcore Jollies)
Hardcore Jollies	DJ Quik		Born And Raised In Compton
Adolescent Funk		Dr Dre		Bitches Ain't Shit

 (One Nation Under A Groove)
One Nation Under... 	ATL		4 The Funk Of It
One Nation Under... 	ATL		Uncle Sam's Curse
One Nation Under... 	DU		Tales Of The Funky
One Nation Under... 	EPMD		So Whatcha Sayin
One Nation Under... 	Hammer		They Put Me In The Mix (12" also)
One Nation Under... 	Ice Cube	Bop Gun (One Nation)
One Nation Under... 	LL Cool J	All We Got Left ..
One Nation Under... 	SL Fine		Nothing Can Stop Us Now
One Nation Under... 	Spice 1		Peace To My Nine
One Nation Under... 	Steady B	Mac Daddy
One Nation Under... 	XClan		Earth Bound
One Nation Under...	XClan		Funkin Lesson
P.E. Squad     		Scarface	Strictly For The...
Maggot Brain (live)	RRA		Think! It Ain't Illegal Yet

 (Uncle Jam Wants You)
Freak Of The Week 	ATL		Call It What You Want
Freak Of The Week 	Breeze		Great Big Freak
Freak Of The Week 	CMW		Straight Checkn 'em (remix)
Freak Of The Week 	DU		Heartbeat Props
Freak Of The Week 	Too $hort	The Dangerous Crew
Knee Deep      		ATL 		Call It What You Want
Knee Deep      		ATL		Never Missin A Beat
Knee Deep		ATL		The G In Me
Knee Deep      		Bobby Brown	Get Away
Knee Deep      		College Boyz	How Ta Act
Knee Deep      		De La Soul	Me Myself And I
Knee Deep      		DU		Kiss You Back
Knee Deep      		Dr. Dre		Dre Day
Knee Deep      		EPMD		Golddigger
Knee Deep		Everlast	Never Missin A Beat
Knee Deep	   	Geto Boys	Homie Don't Play Dat
Knee Deep      		Ice Cube	How To Survive In South Central
Knee Deep      		LL Cool J	Nitro
Knee Deep      		Keith Murray	Dip Dip Di
Knee Deep      		OriginalConcept Runnin' Yo Mouth
Knee Deep      		Paris		It's Real
Knee Deep	   	PI		That's What It Is
Knee Deep	   	Snoop		G-Funk Intro
Knee Deep      		Snoop		What's My Name?
Knee Deep      		Tone Loc	Funky Cold Medina
Knee Deep      		XClan		Funkin Lesson
Knee Deep      		Yo-Yo		Ain't Nobody Better
Holly Wants To Go...	DU		Hollywantstaho

 (Electric Spanking of War Babies)
Funk Gets Stronger Pt 1 DU		Fool Get A Clue
Brettino's Bounce	DU

 (Connections and Disconnections)
You'll Like It Too	EB&Rakim	I Know You Got Soul
You'll Like It Too	Jeru		Statik
You'll Like It Too	JJ & FP		Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
You'll Like It Too	JJ & FP		I Can't Wait To Be With You
You'll Like It Too	Larry Larr	You Know What I'm Sayin'
You'll Like It Too	Nice & Smooth	Sex, Sex, Sex
You'll Like It Too	NWA		Straight Outta Compton (remix)
You'll Like It Too	Original Flavor Gumdrops
You'll Like It Too	Slick Rick	Teacher, Teacher
You'll Like It Too	Stezo		Jimmy's Gettin' Funky
You'll Like It Too	UMC 		Blue Cheese
  **George Clinton**

 (Computer Games)
Man's Best Friend 	JJ&FP		Nuthin' But A Dog
Atomic Dog     		ATL		Process Of Elimination
Atomic Dog     		ATL		Why Must I Feel Like Dat
Atomic Dog     		BDK		Get Down
Atomic Dog     		BDK		The Beef Is On
Atomic Dog     		Biz Markie	The Dragon
Atomic Dog     		Blackstreet	Booti Call
Atomic Dog     		CMW		I Don't Dance
Atomic Dog     		CMW		I Gots Ta Get Over
Atomic Dog     		College Boyz	Underground Blues
Atomic Dog     		Consolidated	You Suck
Atomic Dog	   	DU		Doowhatchalike
Atomic Dog     		DU		Bran New Swetta
Atomic Dog     		Fu-Schnickens	Back Off
Atomic Dog     		Fu-Schnickens	Let Me Make...
Atomic Dog     		Geto Boys	Homie Dont Play Dat
Atomic Dog     		Guy		D-O-G Me Out
Atomic Dog	   	Hammer		Pumps And A Bump
Atomic Dog     		Ice Cube	Better Off Dead
Atomic Dog     		Ice Cube	Ghetto Bird
Atomic Dog     		Ice Cube	A Man's Best Friend
Atomic Dog     		Ice Cube	No Vaseline
Atomic Dog     		Ice Cube	Summer Vacation
Atomic Dog	   	Ice Cube	The Nigga You Love To Hate
Atomic Dog	   	Ice Cube	2 N Tha Morning
Atomic Dog     		Ice-T		Funky Gripsta
Atomic Dog     		Insane Poetry	How Ya Gonna Reason With A...
Atomic Dog     		JJ&FP		Nuthin' But A Dog
Atomic Dog     		K-9 Corps	Dog Talk
Atomic Dog     		KAM		Peace Treaty
Atomic Dog     		KMDee		Here We Go Again
Atomic Dog     		Kris Kross	Party
Atomic Dog     		K-Solo		I Can't Hold It Back
Atomic Dog     		MC Ren		Hound Dogz
Atomic Dog	   	NWH		Ice Froggy Frog
Atomic Dog     		Paris		Bush Killa
Atomic Dog     		Paris		Coffee, Donuts & Death
Atomic Dog     		PE		Pollywanacraka
Atomic Dog     		PM Dawn		Comatose
Atomic Dog     		PR & CLS	The Basement
Atomic Dog     		Redman		Bobyahed2dis
Atomic Dog     		Redman		Slide And Rock On
Atomic Dog     		Redman		Watch Yo Nuggets
Atomic Dog     		Redman		Winicumuhround
Atomic Dog     		Scarface	Diary Of A Madman
Atomic Dog     		SCCartel	South Central...
Atomic Dog     		Schooly D	Where'd You Get That Funk From
Atomic Dog     		Snoop		Who Am I (What's My Name)?
Atomic Dog     		Stetsasonic	Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy
Atomic Dog     		Stezo		It's My Turn
Atomic Dog     		Term. X		DJ Is The Selector
Atomic Dog     		2Pac		Holler If You Hear Me
Atomic Dog     		XClan		Earth Bound

 (You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish)
Last Dance	   	Erick Sermon	Hittin' Switches

  (Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some Of DAT) 
All Night (drums)	Arrested D'vpmt	Ease My Mind
All Night	   	Gangstarr	Blowin' Up The Spot
  **Bootsy's Rubber Band**
 (Stretchin' Out In Bootsy's Rubber Band)
I'd Rather Be With You  Adina Howard	A Freak Like Me
I'd Rather Be With You	NWA		I'd Rather Fuck You
Vanish In Our Sleep	Scarface	I Need A Favor

 (Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!)
Ahh...The Name Is...	Eazy E		We Want Eazy
Pinocchio Theory	Sir Mix-A-Lot	Sleep With My Fonk
What's A Telephone Bill Thug Life	?
Munchies For Your Love  Kokane		No Pain, No Gain
Can't Stay Away		NWA		Don't Drink That Wine (PSA)
Can't Stay Away		NWA		To Kill A Hooker

 (Bootsy? Player Of The Year)
Bootsy?(What's The...)	DJ Pooh		Sex, Money & Murder
Bootzilla	 	Doctor Ice	Word To The Wise
Bootzilla      		DU		Danger Zone
Bootzilla      		DU		Rhymin' On The Funk
Bootzilla      		Eazy E		Eazy Duz It
Hollywood Squares	Breeze		L.A. Posse
Hollywood Squares	Lench Mob	Mellow Madness
Hollywood Squares	LL Cool J	All We Got Left ...
Hollywood Squares	NWA		Cool LA
Hollywood Squares	Too Short	I'm A Player

 (This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N)
Under The Influence...  Keith Murray	How's That
Under The Influence...  TreyLewd	The Next Thing You Know (We'll Be)
Bootsy Get Live		Keith Murray	The Most Beautifulest Thing...

 (Ultra Wave)
Fat Cat        		ATL		Pimp Clinic
It's A Musical 		SoBazerk/NSCB   Bang (Get Down...)
Body Slam!     		ATL		VSOP
  **P.Funk All-Stars**
 (Urban Dancefloor Guerillas)
Pumping It Up  		Del		What Is a Booty
Pumping It Up  		DJ Quik		Loc'ed Out Hood
Pumping It Up  		DU		Rhymin' On The Funk
Pumping It Up  		Geto Boys	Homie Dont Play Dat
Pumping It Up  		XClan		Funkin Lesson
 (Pleasure Principle)
Love Amnesia   		Ice Cube	Steady Mobbin'

 (Play Me Or Trade Me)
Wolf Tickets   		Del		Dr. Bombay
  **Horny Horns**
 (A Blow For Me, A Toot To You)
A Blow For Me,...	Candyman	1-900-Skytalk
A Blow For Me,...	Def Jef		Black To The Future
A Blow For Me,...	Raw Fusion	Hoochified Funk
A Blow For Me,...	Sade		Feel No Pain
Between Two Sheets	DJ Quik		Deep
Four Play      		DJ Quik		Deep
Four Play      		DU		Packet Man
Four Play	   	Gangstarr	Step In The Arena
Four Play	   	Jaz		The Originators
Four Play	   	PPC		FLF
Peace Fugue	   	Raw Fusion	Freaky Note
  **Fuzzy Haskins**
 (A Whole Nuther Thang)
Love's Now Is Forever	Black Sheep	To Whom It May Concern
Love's Now Is Forever	Ice Cube	How To Survive In South Central
Love's Now Is Forever	Too $hort	Step Daddy
Love's Now Is Forever	WC&MC		The Break Up
  **Eddie Hazel**
 (Game, Dames & Guitar Thangs)
Frantic Moment 		Gangstarr	Take Two & Pass
 (The Many Facets Of Roger)
Heard It...Grapevine	Black Sheep	Strobelite Honey (remix)
Heard It...Grapevine	Criminal Nation	It's A Black Thing
Heard It...Grapevine	DJ Quik		When You're A Gee
Heard It...Grapevine	DU		Shake And Bake
Heard It...Grapevine	Keith Murray	Bom Bom Zee
Heard It...Grapevine	2Pac		Holler If You Hear Me
Heard It...Grapevine	X-Clan	 	Funk Liberation
So Ruff,So Tuff		Beastie Boys	Hey Ladies
So Ruff,So Tuff		Breeze		Watch The Hook
So Ruff,So Tuff		CMW		Hit The Floor
So Ruff,So Tuff		Domino		Jam
So Ruff,So Tuff		Ice Cube	How To Survive In South Central
So Ruff,So Tuff		Ice Cube	My Summer Vacation
So Ruff,So Tuff		Ice Cube	What Can I Do? (remix)
So Ruff,So Tuff		SCCartel	South Central ...
So Ruff,So Tuff		Yo Yo		Mama Don't Take No Mess
Do It Roger    		Ice Cube	Givin Up The Nappy Dug Out
Do It Roger    		Tam Tam		Do It Tam Tam

 (Bridging The Gap)
You Should Be Mine	EPMD		Crossover
  **Sly Fox**
 (Let's Go All The Way)
Let's Go All The Way	Boogie Boys	Fly Girl
More Bounce To The...   ATL		Return Of The Real Shit
More Bounce To The...   Bloods & Crips	Shuda Been ...
More Bounce To The...   Boss		I'm Comin To Getcha
More Bounce To The...	Breeze		L.A. Posse
More Bounce To The...   Candyman	Oneninehundredskytalk
More Bounce To The...   CMW		Growin' Up In The Hood
More Bounce To The...   CMW		Hit The Floor
More Bounce To The...   Coolio		County Line
More Bounce To The...   Daddy-O		Brooklyn Bounce
More Bounce To The...   DJ Quik		Way 2 Fonky
More Bounce To The...   DU		Shake & Bake
More Bounce To The...   DU		Sons Of The P
More Bounce To The...   EPMD		You Gots To Chill
More Bounce To The...   Heavy D		More Bounce To ...
More Bounce To The...   Ice Cube	Jackin' 4 Beats
More Bounce To The...   Ice Cube	Look Who's Burnin'
More Bounce To The...   Ice Cube	What Can I Do? (remix)
More Bounce To The...   Jungle Brothers	U Make Me Sweat
More Bounce To The...   Kriss Kross	Shame
More Bounce To The...   Lighter Shade	Bouncin'
More Bounce To The...   Low Profile	Pay Ya Dues
More Bounce To The...   Masta Ace	Slaughtahouse
More Bounce To The...   MC Breed	Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'
More Bounce To The...   Keith Murray	Danger
More Bounce To The...   Paperboy	The Nine Yards
More Bounce To The...   Professor X	What's Up G?
More Bounce To The...   Professor X	Close The Crackhouse
More Bounce To The...   PE		Anti-Nigger Machine
More Bounce To The...   PE		1 Million Bottlebags
More Bounce To The...   Redman		So Ruff
More Bounce To The...   Ron C		?
More Bounce To The...   SCCartel	Ya Getz Jacked
More Bounce To The...   Shante		Trick Or Treat
More Bounce To The...   Threat		The Dogs Are Loose
More Bounce To The...   XClan		Heed The Words Of A Brother
More Bounce To The...   XClan		Xodus
Be Alright     		BDK		Prince Of Darkness
Be Alright     		HTown		Knockin' Da Boots
Be Alright     		PRT		Shakyila
Be Alright     		SCCartel	U Gotta Deal Wit Dis
Be Alright     		2Pac		Keep Ya Head Up
Be Alright     		Yo-Yo		So Funky

 (Zapp II)
Dance Floor		Beastie Boys	Hey Ladies
Dance Floor    		CMW		I Don't Dance
Dance Floor    		EPMD		Chill
Dance Floor    		Redman		Blow Your Mind
Dance Floor    		SCCartel	South Central ...
Dance Floor    		Erick Sermon	Stay Real
Dance Floor    		Erick Sermon	Safe Sex
Playin Kinda Ruff	Redman		Time 4 Sum Aksion
Doo Wa Ditty   		ATL		VSOP
Doo Wa Ditty   		CMW		Hit The Floor
Doo Wa Ditty   		Everlast	Never Missin A Beat
Doo Wa Ditty   		Paperboy	Ditty

 (Zapp III)
Heartbreaker   		Blackstreet	Booti Call
Heartbreaker   		Fu-Schnickens	Break You Down
Heartbreaker   		Heavy D		Take Your Time
Heartbreaker   		PE		Monkey Off My Back
I Can Make You Dance	CMW		I Don't Dance
I Can Make You Dance	Das EFX		Brooklyn To T-Neck
I Can Make You Dance	Erick Sermon	The Ill Shit
I Can Make You Dance	Redman		Blow Your Mind
I Can Make You Dance	Tupac		I Get Around

 (The New Zapp IV U)
Computer Love  		Bloods & Crips	Piru Love
Computer Love  		DU		Digital Lover
Computer Love  		Jodeci		What About Us?
Computer Love  		Mic Geromnimo	? (remix)
Computer Love  		MOP		To The Death
Computer Love  		Redman		Blow Your Mind
Computer Love  		2Pac		I Get Around
Computer Love  		Zapp/Roger	Slow And Easy

  *****"Pre-Funk" Sample List*****
  **The JB's**
 (Food For Thought)
Pass The Peas  		De La Soul	Pass The Plugs
Pass The Peas  		De La Soul	Ring Ring Ring
Pass The Peas  		EB&Rakim	I Ain't No Joke
Pass The Peas  		EB&Rakim	Move The Crowd
Pass The Peas  		GMF&FF		On The Strength
Pass The Peas  		Heavy D		Money Earnin'...
Pass The Peas  		Heavy D		The Overweight Lover's In The House
Pass The Peas  		Pharcyde	I'm That Type Of ..
Pass The Peas  		Shante		Have A Nice Day
Pass The Peas  		Stezo		Talking Sense
Pass The Peas  		StVMovement	Self Destruction
Gimme Some More		CMW		The Final Chapter
Gimme Some More		Jaz		Put The Squeeze On Em
Gimme Some More		KMDee		The Don
Gimme Some More		LLCoolJ		It Gets No Rougher
Gimme Some More		PE		Cold Lampin' With Flavor
Gimme Some More		PE		Power To The People
Gimme Some More		Stezo		Talking Sense
Gimme Some More		TKIAC		Kemit-Cal Reaction
Gimme Some More		UTFO		Bits and Pieces
Hot Pants Road 		EB&Rakim	Move The Crowd
Hot Pants Road 		GMF&FF		On The Strength
Hot Pants Road 		PE		Fight The Power
Hot Pants Road 		Shante		Have A Nice Day
The Grunt      		ABC		Iesha
The Grunt		BLO		System Booms
The Grunt		Chubb Rock	The One
The Grunt      		CMW		Final Chapter
The Grunt      		Joe Public	Live And Learn
The Grunt      		MC Shan		Juice Crew Laws
The Grunt      		Missjones	Where I Wanna Be Boy
The Grunt      		PE		Night Of The Living Baseheads
The Grunt      		PE		Rebel Without A Pause
The Grunt      		PE		Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
The Grunt      		Pharcyde	Officer
The Grunt      		PR&CL		Soul Brother No. 1
The Grunt      		Roxanne Shante	Have A Nice Day
The Grunt      		Salt 'N' Pepa	Break Of Dawn
The Grunt      		Erick Sermon	The Payback II
The Grunt      		Smooth Ice	I'm Coming
The Grunt      		Steady B	Hustler Mac
The Grunt      		Term. X		Vendetta
The Grunt      		Ultramags	Ease Back
My Brother		Schooly D	It's Like Dope
JB Shout		Fu-Schnickens	Props

Givin Up Food For Funk	BDK		Raw '91
Givin Up Food For Funk	BDK		Wrath Of Kane
Givin Up Food For Funk  Doctor Ice	Nobody Move
Givin Up Food For Funk  Doctor Ice	Word To The Wise
Givin Up Food For Funk	Geto Boys	Mind Of A Lunatic
Givin Up Food For Funk	Insane Poetry	The House That Dripped Boards
Givin Up Food For Funk	Mau Mau Clan Overlords   ?
Givin Up Food For Funk	Pharcyde	I'm That Type of Nigger
Givin Up Food For Funk	Ultramags	Kool Keith Housing Things
Givin Up Food For Funk	Zhigge		Toss It Up

  **Fred Wesley & The JB's**
 (Doin' It To Death)
You Can Have Watergate  Cash Money	Where's The Party At?
You Can Have Watergate  CMW		One Time Gaffled Em Up
You Can Have Watergate  DowntownScience If I Was
You Can Have Watergate	Everlast	Syndication (remix)
You Can Have Watergate	Geto Boys	Read These Nikes
You Can Have Watergate	Larry Larr	Lampin'
You Can Have Watergate	Run DMC		The Ave
You Can Have Watergate	Special Ed	The Mission
You Can Have Watergate	STVMovement	Self Destruction
You Can Have Watergate	UZI Bros	There's A Riot Jumpin' Off
You Can Have Watergate	WC&MC		U Don't Work, U Don't Eat
You Can Have Watergate	Yo Yo		Girl Don't Be No Fool
You Can Have Watergate	Zhigge		Toss It Up
More Peas      		AD		Man's Final Frontier
More Peas      		Frankie Cutlass	Puerto Rico
More Peas      		Cypress Hill	Phuncky Feel One
More Peas      		Kris Kross	The Way Of The ...
More Peas		Lords		Here Come The Lords
More Peas      		MARRS		Pump Up The Volume
More Peas      		MC Lyte		Search 4 Tha Lyte
More Peas      		Org. Konfusion	Fudge Pudge
More Peas      		Showbiz & AG	Soul Clap
More Peas      		Slick Rick	I Shouldn't Have Done It
More Peas      		Steady B	Ego Trippin'
More Peas      		Stylz		Bounce
More Peas		Tim Dog		Bronx Nigga (Blue Note Mix)
More Peas      		WC&MC		Behind Closed Doors

 (Damn Right I Am Somebody)
Damn Right I Am...	Geto Boys	I Ain't With Bein'..
Damn Right I Am... 	Ice T		Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous
Damn Right I Am... 	Professor Griff	Crucified
Damn Right I Am... 	Salt&Pepa	Let The Rhythm Run
Damn Right I Am... 	Schooly D	Mama Feel Good
Damn Right I Am... 	Schooly D	Livin' In The Jungle
Damn Right I Am... 	3rd Bass	Pop Goes The Weasel
Blow Your Head 		Alkaholiks	Make Room
Blow Your Head 		BBD		She's A Gangsta
Blow Your Head 		CMW		Straight Checkin' 'Em
Blow Your Head 		CMW		Rhymes Too Funky Pt. 1
Blow Your Head 		DOC		Portrait Of A Masterpiece
Blow Your Head 		Everlast	Fuck Everyone
Blow Your Head 		Larry Larr	Line 2 Line ...
Blow Your Head 		PE		Public Enemy No. 1
Blow Your Head 		Schooly D	Gangsta Boogie
Blow Your Head 		Special Ed	The Mission
Blow Your Head 		Term. X		Just Wanna Be Dancin
Blow Your Head 		Term. X		High Priest Of Turbulence
Same Beat Pt.1 		Breeze		Girls On My Mind
Same Beat Pt.1 		Coop B		Rollin Wit The Rough..
Same Beat Pt.1 		Doctor Ice	Fever
Same Beat Pt.1 		EPMD		Who's Booty
Same Beat Pt.1 		Ice T		The Iceberg
Same Beat Pt.1 		Jungle Brothers	J. Beez Comin' Through
Same Beat Pt.1 		Run DMC		The Ave
I'm Payin' Taxes...	Doctor Ice	The Mic Stalking

 (Breakin' Bread)
Breakin' Bread 		Freddie Foxx	Keep Doin' It...
Breakin' Bread 		Schooly D	Sometimes It's Got
I Wanna Get Down	Ice Cube	Who's The Mack?
Rockin' Funky Watergate LProfile	Pay Ya Dues
Rockin' Funky Watergate Pharcyde	4 Better Or 4 Worse
Outro			NBN		Outro

 (Hustle With Speed)
JB's Monaurail 		Cash Money	A Real Mutha 4 Ya
JB's Monaurail 		CMW		Final Chapter
JB's Monaurail 		College Boys	Victim Of The Ghetto (remix)
JB's Monaurail 		EPMD		Let The Funk Flow
JB's Monaurail 		Ill All Skratch	Classic Shit
JB's Monaurail 		Jaz		Put The Squeeze On 'Em
JB's Monaurail 		2 Live Crew	Hangin Out
Hustle With Speed	Ultramags	Make It Happen
  **Maceo & All The King's Men**
 (Doin' Their Own Thing)
Maceo	   		LL Cool J	Cheesy Rat
Got To Getcha  		BDK		Flow On
Got To Getcha  		Professor Griff	God Griff On Duty
Got To Getcha  		Soul To Soul	Jazzie's Groove
Better Half    		Gang Starr	Form Of Intellect
Better Half	   	LL Cool J	Cheesy Rat
  **Maceo & The Macks**
Soul Power '74 		BDK		Get Down
Soul Power '74 		Doug E Fresh	Crazy Bout Cars
Soul Power '74 		Dream Warriors	Journey On
Soul Power '74 		Low Profile	How Ya Livin'
Soul Power '74 		MC Shan		Words Of A Freestyle
Soul Power '74 		Redman		Rated R
Soul Power '74 		Schooly D	Am I Black Enough For You
Soul Power '74 		Stetsasonic	So Let The Fun...
Soul Power '74 		Tonies		Tonyies! In The...
Parrty	   		Doctor Ice	Word To The Wise
Parrty	   		Gang Starr	Who's Gonna Take The Weight?
Parrty	   		Ice Cube	A Gangsta's Fairytale

Cross The Track		Kid N Play	?
Cross The Track		Schooly D	Where'd You Get That Funk From
Future Shock		Ice T		Home Of The Bodybag
  **Maceo Parker**
 (Mo' Roots)
Jack's Back    		Runaway Slaves	Booty Mission
  **Ohio Players (with Junie Morrison)**
Pain			Da King & I	Crack Da Weasel (Dat Other Shit)
Pain			PR & CL		Soul Brother No. 1 (short break)

Laid It			EPMD		I'm Mad
Pride & Vanity		Diamond D	Pass Dat Shit
Pride & Vanity		Ice T		Bitches 2
Pride & Vanity		Erick Sermon	Interview
Funky Worm		NBN		Klickow Klickow
Our Love Has Died	Da King & I	Tears (To My Eyes)
Our Love Has Died	NBN		Shout Out