This list is in alphabetical order, by the artist that Mob members
played with.  The artist, year of release, album (if applicable), label
and catalog numbers are listed on the first line.  The actual Funk Mob
member(s) who appeared on the album are listed, what they did (produced,
wrote, and/or played/sang), and what songs in particular they appeared on
if this is known.  Immediately following this list is a list of P.Funk
songs that have appeared on soundtracks, either as originals for the film
in question or old tunes whose use was allowed.   Note that some of these
originals also appear in other formats, either as CD5's or as singles.  
  To simplify matters, a key of abbreviations will be included for the P.Funk
members involved, as well as a list of instrument abbreviations.  The newest
feature will be the P-Funk Scale, a measure of how noticeable the P.Funk
contribution is on the track.  Here's the scale (known hereon out as the PFS):

  1 - Barely noticeable; buried background vocals and/or the performer
      sounds exactly the same as normal.
  2 - You can hear the funk in the track, but it doesn't strongly influence
      what's going on.  P.Funk production/writing only as well.
  3 - P.Funk shows itself in a noticeable solo, or a widespread but not
      exceptional funk presence.
  4 - A dominant P.Funk presence on one or two tracks, or a widespread 
      influence with the artist still maintaining the stronger influence.
      Strong P.Funk flavor spices up any artist.
  5 - The Bomb.  P.Funk comes in and takes over.  Influential on virtually
      every track.  A completely funky sound, esp if the artist's normal
      genre isn't funk.  Would be considered a P.Funk album if it wasn't
      a completely different artist. 

P.Funk Members List:  

H Benefield = Henry Benefield
G Boyer    = Greg Boyer				
J Brailey  = Jerome Brailey
J Bunn     = Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn 					
D Chambers = Dennis Chambers
J Cleaves  = Jessica Cleaves
G Clinton  = George Clinton					
B Collins  = William "Bootsy" Collins					
P Collins  = Phelps "Catfish" Collins		
G Cooper   = Gary "Mudbone" Cooper		
B Cowan    = Bennie Cowan			
L Curry    = Lige Curry				
R Curtis   = Rodney "Skeet" Curtis
S Dance    = Sandra Dance				
R Davis    = Ray Davis				
R Dunbar   = Ron Dunbar				
J Fiddler  = Joseph "Amp" Fiddler		
G Fitz     = Greg Fitz
M Franklin = Mallia Franklin			
L Fratangelo = Larry Fratangelo			
R Fulwood  = Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood
R Gardner  = Rick Gardner
G Goins    = Glen Goins				
K Goins    = Kevin Goins
R Griffith = Richard "Kush" Griffith		
M Hampton  = Michael Hampton			
F Haskins  = Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins
E Hazel    = Eddie Hazel			
S Horne    = Sheila Horne
J Johnson  = Joel "Razor-Sharp" Johnson
R Johnson  = Robert "P-Nut" Johnson
T Lampkin  = Tyrone Lampkin
M Lane	   = Michael "Mico Wave" Lane
T Lewis    = Tracey "TreyLewd" Lewis		
P Lewis    = Pat Lewis				
L Mabry    = Lynn Mabry				
J McGruder = Jeanette McGruder
J Morrison = Walter "Junie" Morrison
D McKnight = DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight			
B Nelson   = Billy "Bass" Nelson		
M Parker   = Maceo Parker			
M Payne    = Michael "Clip" Payne		
G Shider   = Garry Shider			
D Silva    = Dawn Silva
C Simon    = Calvin Simon
C Small    = Carl "Butch" Small				
D Sterling = Donnie Sterling				
Ga Thomas  = Grady Thomas
Gr Thomas  = Greg Thomas
R Troutman = R Troutman
F Waddy    = Frankie "Kash" Waddy
F Wesley   = Fred Wesley
A Williams = Andre "Foxxe" Williams
B Woods    = Belita Woods
B Worrell  = Bernie Worrell

Instruments Abbreviations:

Arr: Arranger
Ban: Banjo
Bas: Bass			
BVo: Back Up Vocals		
Cla: Clavinet			
CoW: Co-Writer
CPr: Co-Producer
DPr: Drum Programmer	
Drm: Drums
DrL: Drum loop
Gtr: Guitar
HAr: Horn Arrangement
Hrn: Horns
Kbd: Keyboards
LGt: Lead Guitar	
Loo: Loops
LVo: Lead Vocals
Mus: Music
Noi: Noise
Org: Organ
Per: Percussion
Pia: Piano
Pro: Producer
Rap: Rap
Sam: Samples
Sax: Saxophone
Syn: Synthesizer
TaB: Talk Box	
Tmp: Trumpet
Trb: Trombone
Vco: Vocoder
Voc: Vocals		
Wah: Wah-Wah
Wri: Sole Writer

Afrika Bambaataa & Family   	89  The Light	       Capitol    90157
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Clean Up Your Act", "Zouk Your Body", 
	  and "World Racial War."   B Collins: Bas,Gtr,Voc on "Clean Up
	  Your Act"; Gtr,Voc on "Zouk Your Body"; Gtr,Voc on "World Racial
	  War".  B Worrell: Org on "Zouk Your Body", Syn on "World Racial 
	  War".  G Cooper: Voc on "World Racial War.")

Ant Banks		        93* Sittin' On 	       Jive       01241-41496-2	
			 	    Somethin' Phat
	(^M Hampton: Gtr^)

Bachir Attar			92  The Next Dream     CMP	  2100 57 2
	(^M Parker: Sax^)

Bahia Black			92* Ritual Beating     Axiom	  510856 
	(^B Worrell: Org^)

Ginger Baker			86  Horses And Trees   Celluloid  6126
	(^B Worrell: Org^)

Ginger Baker			90* Middle Passage     Axiom      846753
	(^B Worrell: Org^)

Bohannon			81  Alive	       Phase II	  FZ37699
	(^F Wesley: Trb; Arr on "Let's Take The Country to NYC";
	  M Parker: Sax^)

Bohannon			82  Fever	       Phase II   FZ38113
	(^R Davis: Voc,  G Shider: Voc on "The Party Train", 
	  "She's A Boogie Woogie Freak"^)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials  	95* Cool And Steady    RCA        07863 66580-2
				    And Easy   
	(^M Parker: alto sax on "Blow Your Brains Out"^)

Chuck Brown &  			93* This is a Journey...Minor Mus MM 801029 
 the Soul Searchers		    Into Time
	(^G Boyer: Trb;  B Cowan: Tmp;  Gr Thomas: Sax^)

James Brown			86* Gravity	       Scotti Br. FZ 40380
	(^M Parker: Sax on "Turn Me Loose, I'm Dr. Feelgood", "Goliath"^)

James Brown			88  I'm Real	       Scotti Br. 5213
	(^M Parker: Sax on "You And Me", "She Looks All Types A' Good",
	  "Keep Keepin'"^)

James Brown			88  Motherlode	       Polydor    837126
	(^B Collins: Bas;  M Parker: Sax;  F Wesley: Trb^)

James Brown			91  Soul's Alive       Koch RCD   1303
	(^M Parker: Sax^)

Jack Bruce			94* Cities Of The Heart CMP	  1004
	(^G Cooper: Voc,Per;  B Worrell: Org,Pia^)

Jack Bruce			95* Monkjack	       CMP	  1010
	(^B Worrell: Org^)

Buckethead			92  Bucketheadland     Avant      07
	(^B Collins: Bas^)

Buckethead		  	95* Giant Robot	       Sony       SRCS 7494
	(^B Collins: Bas;  J Brailey: Drm^)	

Bobby Byrd 			88  Finally Getting    Rhythm 	  RAP 3-2 
& The J.B.'s All Stars 		    Paid	       Attack Prod	
	(^M Parker: Sax;  F Wesley: Trb;  R Gardner: Tmp^)

Civil Attack		        93^ Civil Attack       P-Vine
	(^S Horne on "One Love"^)

Color Me Badd		        92* Young, Gifted and  Giant	  24480 92
				    Badd: The Remixes
	(^B Collins on the remix of "Slow Motion"^)

Rudy Copeland			78  Rudy Copeland      Fantasy    F-9573
	(^F Wesley: Trb,Arr;  M Parker: Sax;  R Gardner: Tmp;  R Griffith: Tmp^)

Hank Crawford			76  Hank Crawford's Back Kudu	  KU-33S1
	(^F Wesley: Trb^)

Randy Crawford			95* Naked And True     WEA        0630 10961-2	
	(^B Collins: Bas on "Cajun Moon", "I'll Be Around".
          B Worrell: Cla,Syn on "Come Into My Life"; Syn on "Cajun Moon".
	  F Wesley: HAr; Trb on "I'll Be Around", "What A Diff'rence A
	  Day Makes", "The Glow Of Love".^)

D of Trinity Garden Cartel      95* Game Done Changed  Cartel Rec CAR 0005-2
	(^G Shider on "I Got The Zags, I Got The Fire" {cd only bonus cut}^)

Deadline			91* Dissident	       Day Eight  DEMCD 027
	(^B Collins: Bas;  B Worrell: Kbd^)

Deee-Lite			90* World Clique       Elektra    60957
	(^B Collins: Bas,Voc;  P Collins: Gtr;  M Parker: Sax;  
	  B Worrell: Kbd;  F Wesley: Trb^)

Deee-Lite			92* Infinity Within    Elektra    61313
	(^B Collins: Bas,Voc;  P Collins: Gtr;  M Parker: Sax;
	  F Wesley: Trb;  B Worrell: Kbd;  G Cooper: Voc^)

De La Soul 			93* Buhloone Mindstate Tommy Boy TBCD 1063
	(^M Parker: Sax on "PATTI dooke",  "i BE blowin'", "I am I Be";
	 F Wesley: Trb on "PATTI dooke", "I am I Be"^)

The Dells                       78  New Beginnings     ABC	  AA-1100
	(^G Clinton: Pro,Arr on "I Wanna Testify", "All Your Goodies Are Gone"^)

Manu Dibango			85  Electric Africa    Celluloid  6114
	(^B Worrell: Org^)	

Digital Underground		91* Sons of the P      Tommy Boy  TBC 1045
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Sons of the P"^)
       PFS: 3, but DU samples a ton from the P!
Digital Underground		93* The Body-Hat       Tommy Boy  TBC 1080
	(^M Hampton: Gtr on "Wussup Wit The Love")
       PFS: 3

D.O.C.				94* Righteous Funk     Star Song  SSC/SSD 1004
	(^B Collins: Pr; CoW,Gtr,Pia,Sam,Noi,Loo on "Hollywood"; 
	  CoW,Bas,Drm,Gtr,Sam,Loo,Scr on "Wind-Me-Up";  
	  CoW,Noi,Drm on "Right Way"; CoW,Drm,DrL on "Wind-Me-Up Reprise";  
	  P Collins: Gtr on "Wind-Me-Up";  G Fitz: Kbd,Cow on "Right Way";
	  B Worrell: Kbd on "Hollywood";  F Wesley: Trb on "Wind-Me-Up";
	  M Parker: Sax on "Wind-Me-Up";  R Gardner: Trm on "Wind-Me-Up";
	  R Griffith: Trm on "Wind-Me-Up"^)

The D.O.C.			96* Helter Skelter     Giant      2-24627
	(^G Clinton: Voc^)

Thomas Dolby			86  Aliens Ate My Buick EMI	  48075
    	(^G Clinton: Wri, Pro on "Hot Sauce"^)
       PFS: 2

Dolby's Cube			85		       Parlophone 12 RA 6100
    	(^G Clinton: Voc,  J Cleaves: Voc,  R Curtis: Bas on  
  	  "May The Cube Be With You" 12" single^)

Dramatics			78 Do What You 	       ABC        AA-1072	
				   Wanna Do 
	(^B Worrell: Syn^) 

Dramatics			79 Any Time, Any Place ABC        AA-1125
	(^L Frantangelo: Per on "Life Is Just A Playground" 
	  C Small: Per on "Stranger In My Life";
	  E Wilson: Kbd on "A Marriage On Paper Only"^)

Dr. Dre				93*  				  AB 0890
	(^G Clinton: BVo on "Let Me Ride - Extended Club Mix", the B-side to
	  "Let Me Ride")

TC Ellis			91* True Confessions   Pais Park  9 27497-2
	(^G Clinton: Voc,CPr on "Pussycat"; Pro,BVo on "Bustin'".
	  M Franklin: Voc on "Pussycat"; BVo on "True Confession".
	  M Payne: Voc on "Pussycat"; Mus on "Bustin'". 
	  G Shider: Voc on "Pussycat". B Woods: Voc on "Pussycat";  
	  A Williams: Voc on "Pussycat"; Mus: on "Bustin'"
	  P Lewis: Voc on "Pussycat"^)

Fantastic Violinares		    Talk To Jesus      Malaco     4802 4389 4
	(^G Clinton: Pro^)

Anton Fier		   	93* Dreamspeed         Avant      09
	(^B Collins: Gtr^)

Fishbone		        93* Give A Monkey A    Columbia   CK 52764  
				    Brain And He'll
				    Swear He's The
				    Center of the Universe
	(^B Nelson: BVo,Arr on "Lemon Meringue"^)

Foley                        	93* Seven Years Ago... Motown     374637001-4
				    Directions in Smart-
                                    Alec Music                 
	(^G Clinton: CoW, Voc on "Preface"; Rap on "Ain't No Class"; 
	 CoW, Voc on "Closing".  A Williams: Wah on "Cum 'Round".
       	 G Boyer, B Cowan, Gr Thomas: Hrn on "Ain't No Class". 
	 G Shider: BVo "R U Gonna B", "Love Is...Strange" & "Tell Miss Thang".
	 L Curry: BVo on "R U Gonna B", & "Tell Miss Thang."
	 L Mabry: BVo on "Love Is....Strange" and "Tell Miss Thang."
	 D McKnight: LGt on "Black Dog".  M Hampton: LGt on "Black Dog".  
	 B Woods: LVo "Cum 'Round" & "R U Gonna B"; BVo "Love Is...Strange."^)
	PFS: 4

Gap Band			95* Ain't Nothin'      Raging     RB 2003
				    But A Party		Bull
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Over The Funkin' Hill"^)

General Caine			82  Girls	       Tabu	  FZ 37997	
	(^R Davis: Voc^)

General Kane 			86  In Full Chill      Motown     6216GL
	(^K Goins: Voc^)

General Kane 		        87  Wide Open	       Motown     6238ML  
     	(^K Goins: Voc^)

Gettovetts			88  Missionaries       Island	  90916-1
	(^B Collins: Bas,CoW on "Death Command"^)

The Golden Palominos		86  Visions of Excess  Celluloid  6118
	(^B Worrell: Org^)	

The Golden Palominos		90  A Dead Horse       Celluloid  6017
	(^B Worrell: Org;  M Hampton: Gtr^)

The Golden Palominos		93* This Is How        Restless   72735
				    It Feels
	(^B Worrell: Org;  B Collins: Gtr^)

The Golden Palominos		94* Pure	       Restless   8777 72761 2	
	(^B Collins: Bas^)

Gotcha!				95^ Four: Da Terra-P-
				    Funk From Beyond Space
	(^M Payne: Voc, Pro on "Free To Feel Free"^)

Graffitti			94* Good Groove	       Lipstick   Lip8920
	(^D Chambers: Drm^)

Ground Zero			93* Future of the Funk Lethal     112
	(^B Collins: Voc on "Lettin' Ya Know"^)	       Beat

Gwen Guthrie		  	86  Good To Go Lover   Polydor
	(^B Worrell: Kbd^)

Herbie Hancock			88* Perfect Machine    Sony       40025
	(^B Collins: Bas, Vco "Keep the Vibe Alive";  M Lane: Bas, TaB, Vco^)

Jerry Harrison & Casual Gods    90* Walk On Water      Sire       25943
	(^B Worrell: Kbd^)

Umar Bin Hassan			93* Be Bop or Be Dead   Axiom     518048
	(^B Worrell: Org on "Bum Rush";  B Collins: Gtr on "Malcolm"^)

Isaac Hayes			71* Black Moses	       Enterprise ENS-5003
	(^P Lewis: Voc,Arr^)

Isaac Hayes			73* Live At the        Enterprise ENS-2-5005
				    Sahara Tahoe	
	(^P Lewis: Voc,Arr^)

Isaac Hayes			78  For the Sake of    Polydor    PD-1-6164
	(^P Lewis: Voc,Arr^)

Jonas Hellborg			88* Axis	       Day Eight  DEMCD 006
	(^B Worrell: Kbd^)

Michael Henderson		80  Wide Receiver      Buddah     6001
	(^S Horne: BVo;  J McGruder: BVo;  E Wilson: Kbd^)

Nona Hendryx			83  Nona	       RCA	  AFL1-4665
	(^B Worrell: Kbd on "Living On The Border", "Dummy Up"^)

Nona Hendryx			87  Female Trouble     EMI	  ST-17248
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Baby Go-Go";  
	  B Worrell: Pia,Mus: on "Winds of Change (Mandela To Mandela)"^)

Ice Cube			92* Lethal Injection   Priority   53876
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "One Nation (Bop Gun)"^)

Johnnie Johnson			91* Johnnie B. Bad     Elektra    61149
	(^B Worrell: Kbd,BVo on "Tanqueray", "Key To The Highway"^)
       PFS: 2

Sass Jordan			94* Rats		MCA	  MCAD-10980
	(^G Clinton: BVo on "Ugly"^)
       PFS: 1

Hoppy Kamiyama		        91  King of Music
	(^G Clinton, G Shider, and G Cooper all appear^)

Aisha Kandisha's 		93* Shabeesation       Barbarity
 Jarring Effects
	(^B Worrell: Org^)

Ras Kente 		    	    Revenge of Hendrix  Aziza
	(^D McKnight: Gtr on "Flight Of The BlackBird", others)

Ras Kente			92  On The Dance Floor  Aziza	
	(^G Cooper: LVo on "On The Dance Floor", BVo on "It's You Jah" & 
	 "It's You Child";  M Payne: Voc, Bas, Kbd, DPr on "On The Dance 
	 Floor", Kbd, Dpr on "Star";  J Fiddler: Kbd on "On The Dance Floor", 
	 "Nkenge" & "The Rose";  R Johnson: Voc on "Untested Waters".)

Steve Khan			94* Crossings	       Verve      523269
	(^D Chambers: Drums^)

Albert King			77* King Albert	       Tomato	  70395
	(^G Goins: Gtr on "Boot Lace";   L Fratangelo: Per;  
	  F Wesley: Trb;  M Parker: Sax;  R Griffith: Trm;  R Gardner: Trm;  
	  B Worrell: Arr on "Boot Lace"^)

The King All Stars		91* The Fabulous King  After      AFT 4116 
		                    All Stars 	       Hours	
	(^B Collins: Bas on "Hard To Handle","Looks Like I'm Walkin'",
	  "Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go","Try Me","Honky Tonk"; 
	  F Wesley: Trb on "It's A Man's World","Hard To Handle","Ham",
	  "Looks Like I'm Walkin'","Quaker City","Honky Tonk"^)

Masabumi Kikuchi		92  Dream Machine      
	(^B Collins^)

Torue Kunda			85  Natalia	       Celluloid  6744
	(^B Worrell: Org^)

Fela Kuti			85  Army Arrangement   Celluloid  6109
	(^B Worrell: Org^)

Ladysmith Black Mambazo		92* Two Worlds,	       Warner Br  26125	 
				    One Heart
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Scatter the Fire"^)

Last Poets			84  Oh My People       Cell       46108
	(^B Worrell: Kbd, Syn on "Get Movin'","This Is Your Life","Hold Fast"^)

Last Poets			95* Holy Terror	       Axiom      10319
	(^B Collins: Gtr,Bas; CoW on "Homesick", "Men-tality", "Funk"
	  "Black And Strong".   B Worrell: Org, Pia, Cla, Syn.
	  G Clinton: BVo,CoW on "Black And Strong".^)
       PFS: 4

Limbomaniacs		        90* Stinky Grooves     Ruthless   3015
	(^B Collins: Voc on "Butt Funkin'";  M Parker: Sax on 2 tracks^)

Lords Of The Underground	95* Keepers Of The Funk Cema/     2438 30710 4
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Keepers Of The Funk"^)

Malcolm McLaren & the		89* Waltz Darling      Sony       N45247 
 Bootzilla Orchestra
	(^B Collins: Bas on "House of the Blue Danube";  
	  CoP,Bas,Voc on "Something's Jumpin' In Your Shirt";  
	  CoP on "Waltz Darling", "Shall We Dance".)
       PFS: 2	  

Material			91* The Third Power    Axiom      848417
	(^B Collins: Bas,Voc; CoW on "Playin' With Fire", "Power of Soul",
	  "Glory".   G Shider: Gtr,Voc.  B Worrell: Pia,Org.  
	  M Hampton: Gtr.  F Wesley: Trb.  M Parker: Sax.  G Cooper: Voc^)
       PFS: 5 (this is practically a P.Funk album)

Material			93* Live In Japan      Restless   72739
	(^B Worrell: appears here.^)

Material			94* Hallucination      Axiom      518351 
	(^B Collins: Bas;  B Worrell: Pia,Org^)

Menace				89* Doghouse	       Jump St.   JS4001
	(^B Collins: Bas;  B Worrell: Kbd;  M Parker: Sax;  
	  M Hampton: Gtr solo on "Silly Stupid","Farfetched";  G Cooper: BVo^)

Midnight Star		 	82  Victory	       Solar	  60145-1
	(^B Collins: Voc on "Hot Spot"^)

Marisa Monte			91* Mais	       Cema/	  7777 96104 2
	(^B Worrell: Kbd on "Beija Eu","Go Back To Your Home",
	  "At Night In Bed","Everything Halfway"^)
       PFS: 2

Marisa Monte			94* Rose & Charcoal    Cema/	  7777 30080 2
	(^B Worrell: Org,Syn on "Na Estrada"; Org on "O Ceu";
	  Org,Clv on "Balanca Pema"^)

Mtume				84  You, Me and He     CBS        39473
	(^G Cooper: BVo;  B Worrell: Kbd^)

Mtume				86* Theater of	       Epic       40262
				    the Mind
	(^B Collins: CoW, Bas, KBd, Voc on "New Face Deli"; J Johnson: Kbd;
	  G Cooper: Voc^)

Jaluddin Mansur Nuriddin & D.ST 84  Mean Machine       Celluloid
	(^B Worrell^)

Osiris				79  O-Zone	       Marlin	  2243
	(^F Wesley: Arr, Trb;  M Parker: Sax;  R Gardner: Tmp; 
	  R Griffith: Tmp;  J Brailey: Drm^)

Patra 				93* Queen Of The Pack  Sony       7464 537632
	(^G Boyer: Trb;  Ge Thomas: Sax;  B Cowan: Trm on 
	  "Think (About It)"^)

Patra				95* Scent of	       Sony 550   67094	 
	(^G Boyer: Trb;  Ge Thomas: Sax;  B Cowan: Trm on 
	  "Pull Up To The Bumper"^)

Jim Payne			95* New York Funk      Gramavision
	(^F Wesley: Trombone^)

Bonnie Pointer			78  Bonnie Pointer     Motown     M7-911R1
	(^E Hazel: Gtr on "When I'm Gone","Heaven Must Have Sent You";
  	  Bas on "I Wanna Make It In Your World";  Gtr,Bas on "Ah Shoot",
	  "I Love To Sing To You";  Bas,Ban,Gtr on "Free Me From My Freedom"^)

Bonnie Pointer			79  Bonnie Pointer     Motown     M7-929R1
	(^E Hazel: Gtr on "Jimmy Mack"^)

Johnny Powers			94* A New Spark        Schoolkids SKR-1515-2
				    (For An Old Flame)
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Work With Me, Annie","Let's Go, Let's Go,
 	  Let's Go" and 2 other tracks^)

Primal Scream			94* Give Out But       Sire/WB    9455 38-2
				    Don't Give Up
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Funky Jam" and "Give Out But Don't Give Up"^)

Public Image Limited		85* Compact Disc       Elektra    60438
	(^B Worrell: Org on "FFF", "Fishing", "Round" & "Home"^)

Red Hot Chili Peppers           85* Freaky Styley      EMI	  CDP 7 90617 2
	(^G Clinton: Pro,BVo;  F Wesley: Trb;  M Parker: Sax;  B Cowan: Trm; 
	  L Fratangelo: Per; A Williams: BVo; M Payne: BVo; P Lewis: Bv^)	
       PFS: 5

G.G. Reynolds			76  Cherries, Bananas  Casablanca 	
				    And Other Fine Things
	(^B Worrell: Kbd on "The Fruit Song","The Feelin' Ain't There",
	  "I Come Here To Party","You Want to Get Your Hands On A Woman";
	  B Collins: Bas on "The Fruit Song","The Feelin' Ain't There",
	  "You Want to Get Your Hands On A Woman";  G Shider: Bas,Gtr on 
	  "I Come Here To Party", Gtr on "The Fruit Song","The Feelin' 
 	  Ain't There", "You Want to Get Your Hands On A Woman";
	  G Goins: Gtr on "The Fruit Song","The Feelin' Ain't There",
	  "You Want to Get Your Hands On A Woman")
       PFS: 4

Keith Richards			88* Talk Is Cheap      Virgin     90973-4
	(^B Collins: Bas on "Big Enough".  B Worrell: Org on "Big Enough", 
	  "You Don't Move Me" & "Make No Mistake; Cla on "Rockawhile"
	  & "Make No Mistake".  M Parker: Sax on "Big Enough."^)
       PFS: 4

Ryuichi Sakamoto		87  Neo Geo	       CBS	  40994	
	(^B Worrell: Org;  B Collins^)

Stevie Salas			88  Colorcode	       Polygram   4228 42318 2	
	(^G Cooper: BVo;  B Worrell: Syn on "Stand Up", "Baby Walk On";
	  B Collins: Rap on "Two Bullets And A Gun"^)

Fred Schneider			84* Fred Schneider     Warner     26592	
	(^B Worrell: CPr^) 

John Scofield			    Blue Matter	       Gramavis.  79403
	(^D Chambers: Drm^)

John Scofield			    Loud Jazz	       Gramavis.  79402
	(^D Chambers: Drm^)

Gil Scott-Heron			84   Re-Ron 	       Arista	  AD1-9216  	
	(^B Worrell: Syn, Cla.  This is a 12".^)

Scritti Politti			88   Provision
	(^R Troutman: Prd, ply on two tracks^)

Paul Shafer and The Party	93* The World's Most   SBK       0777 789530 2 9
 Boys of Rock 'n' Roll		    Dangerous Party		 
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "Black Dog";  B Collins: Voc, Bas on "1999"^)
       PFS: 3

Shango				84  Shango Funk	       Celluloid  6100 
	(^B Worrell: Org^)

Slapbak                      	93* Fast Food          Reprise    45028-4
	(^G Clinton: CoP,CoW,Voc;  B Collins: CoP,CoW,Gtr,Bas,Voc; 
	  T Lewis: Vo;  F Wesley: Trb, all on "Kickin' The Do"^)
       PFS: 4

Sly And Robbie			85  Language Barrier   Island     826195
	(^B Worrell: Org;  M Hampton: Gtr^)

Sly And Robbie			87* Rhythm Killers     Island     422 842 785-4
	(^B Collins: Gtr,Voc;  B Worrell: Pia;  G Cooper: Voc^) 
       PFS: 4

Richard Smallwood Singers	92* Testimony	       SPD	  1283
	(^G Boyer: Trb;  B Cowan: Trm;  Ge Thomas: Sax^)

Snoop Doggy Dogg		93* Doggystyle	       Death Row  7 92279-2
	(^G Clinton: Voc on "G Funk Intro"^)	

Sola				94* Blues In The East  Axiom      314-524-003-2
	(^J Brailey: Drm^)	

S.O.S. Band			80  S.O.S.	       Tabu	  AL 36332
	(^F Wesley: Arr,Trb;  M Parker: Sax;  R Griffith: Trm;  R Gardner: Trm^)

S.O.S. Band			80  S.O.S. Band Too    Tabu	  FZ 37449
	(^F Wesley: Arr,Trb^)

Soul II Soul			95* Volume V - Believe Virgin	  2439 40628 4
	(^J Morrison: Mus; CoW,Pro on "Universal Love"; Wri,Pro on 
	  "I Care (Soul II Soul)"^)

Dave Stewart			95* Greetings From     Elektra    61735	
				    The Gutter
	(^B Collins: Bas,BVo; Gtr,Drm,CoW on "Jealousy"; Drm on "Tragedy
 	  Street".  B Worrell: Kbd.  J Brailey: Drm.  L Fratangelo: Per
	  on "Greetings From The Gutter". G Cooper: BVo; Per,CoW on "Jealousy".
	  H Benefield: BVo; Per on "Jealousy".^)
       PFS: 4

Ron Sunshine and 		94* Pick It Up         Golden Bug RSCD-9401
 the Smoking Section   
	(^G Boyer: Trb,Arr;  B Cowan: Tmp,Arr;  Gr Thomas: Sax,Arr 
	  on "Call You Up", "Mr. Right Now", "Not Even If I Could", 
	  "Outside Neighbor", and "She Won't Believe"^)

Talking Heads			83* Speaking In        Sire/WB    23883
	(^B Worrell: Syn^)

Talking Heads			84* Stop Making Sense  Sire       25186-2
	(^B Worrell: Kbd;  L Mabry: BVo^)

Johnnie Taylor			76  Eargasm	       Columbia   PC 33951
	(^B Collins: Bas, Arr;  G Goins: Gtr;  B Worrell: Kbd; "Disco Lady", 
	  #1 hit^)
       PFS: 3

Teena Marie			87  Emerald City	Epic      FE 40318
	(^B Collins: BVo on "Emerald City"^)

Temptations			75  A Song For You      Gordy     G6-969S1
	(^B Nelson: Bas;  E Hazel: Gtr, CoW on "Shakey Ground" (Gordy 7142), 
	  #1 hit;  also play on rest of album)
       PFS: 4

Today, Tomorrow, Forever	79  Today, Tomorrow,    Curtom/RSO RS-1-3063
	(^F Wesley: Arr^)	    Forever

Troublefunk 			87  Trouble Over Here   Island    90608-1
				    Trouble Over There
	(^B Collins: Gtr, Bas, Kbd, Drm, BVo;  Wri, Pro "Trouble" and 
	  "New Money";  CoW, CPr "Woman Of Principle"^)

Various Artists		        94  The Beat Of A      GRP Gold	  9793
				    Different Drummer  Encore Series
	(^D Chambers: Drm on "Above And Below"^)

Various Artists			94* Red Hot & Cool:    Red Hot/   9794 	
				    Stolen Moments     GRP
	(^Groove Collective with Bernie Worrell: "Rentstrike" (DJ Smash Remix)
	  B Worrell: Kbd^)

Various Artists			95* Working Class      Hollywood  HR-62015-2
				    Hero: A Tribute To 
				    John Lennon
	(^G Clinton: Voc,Pro;  D McKnight: Gtr,Bas;  B Nelson: Bas;
	  G Cooper: Drm,Voc;  J Fiddler: Kbd,Pia;  G Shider: Voc;
	  R Johnson: Voc;  P Lewis: Voc;  B Woods: Voc; S Horne: Voc;
	  A Williams: Voc on "Mind Games"^)
Various Artists			95* In From The Storm: RCA	  9026 68233 2 
				    The Music of Jimi
	(^B Collins: BVo,Bas,Pro,Eff;  B Worrell: Cla;  D Chambers: Drm 
	  on "Purple Haze"^)

Was (Not Was)			88* What Up, Dog?       Chrysalis 41664
	(^C Small: Per;  L Fratangelo: Per;  J Fiddler: Kbd^)

Mike Watt			95* Ball-Hog Or	        Sony      CT 67086
	(^B Worrell: Kbd on "Maggot Brain"^)

Well Red		        87  Get Lucky 12"       Virgin    VS 977
	(^G Clinton: Voc^)

Well Red			88  Hard 12"	        Virgin	  VST 1112
	(^G Clinton: Voc^)

Well Red			88  Respect Due	        Virgin    V2548
	(^G Clinton: Pro on "Keep Those Wheels Turning", "Jungle Life",
	  "Rocketship Of Love", "Hard"^)				    

Bobby Womack			 84 The Poet II		Razor&Tie 2030
	(^F Wesley: Trb^)

Woodentops			 88 Wooden Foot Cops	Rough     127
				    On The Highway       Trade
	(^B Worrell: Clv^)

The Word			 88 Spread the Word	Buf	  0001
	(^D McKnight: lead & rhythm gtr^)

Bernard Wright			 81 'Nard		Arista/GRP 5011
	(^D Chambers: Drm on "Haboglabotribin'"^)

Xavier				82  Point of Pleasure   Liberty   LT-51116
	(^G Clinton: Voc;  B Collins: Bas,Voc on "Work That Sucker to Death"^)
       PFS: 4

Warren Zevon			87* Sentimental         Virgin    86012
	(^G Clinton: Arr; D McKnight: Gtr; J Fiddler: Kbd 
	  on "Leave My Monkey Alone."^)

		* P.Funk Soundtrack Appearances *

Addams Family Values Soundtrack 93*			Polygram 521502
	(^R Troutman with "Express Yourself" (w/Fu-Shnickens)^)

Prince				90* Graffiti Bridge     Pais Pk  27493 
	(^G Clinton: Pro,Voc,CoW;  G Shider: Voc;  M Payne: Voc;
 	  B Woods: Voc;  J Fiddler: Voc, Kbd;  T Lewis: Voc;  
	  P Lewis: Voc;  S Dance: Voc, all on "We Can Funk"^)

Friday Soundtrack		95*		       Priority D253959	
	(^B Collins and B Worrell with "You Got Me Wide Open"^)

Iron Eagle Soundtrack	        86  		       Capitol  EST2013
	(^G Clinton with "Intense"^)  

Panther Soundtrack		95*		       Mercury  525 479
	(^G Clinton & B Woods w/Funkadelic with "Black People";
         B Worrell: Kbd on "We Shall Not Be Moved"^) 

PCU Soundtrack			94*		       Fox      07822-11017-2
	(^G Clinton with "Erotic City" and "Stomp".  This is not to be
	  confused with the PCU CD5 that has only GC cuts^)

Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack 	93*			Capitol CDP0777 7 
       (^G Clinton with "Walk the Dinosaur"(w/The Goombahs))	 89117 22

These songs were featured in films but either did not appear on the
 soundtrack, or there was no soundtrack to begin with.

Boomerang			93
	(G Clinton with "Atomic Dog")

Car 54, Where Are You?		94
	(B Worrell co-wrote the soundtrack)

Freaked 			93
	(P.Funk All-Stars with "Hideous Mutant Freekz")

House Party			89
	(Parliament with "Niggerish")

The Night Before		88
	(P.Funk All-Stars with "Way Over There", "Honk", "Baby Boy")


 MT: "Hideous Mutant Freekz" plays over the end credits of "Freaked."
 The credits said the song was written by G.Clinton, B.Collins, 
 B.Worrell and B.Laswell and is "Performed and Produced by Parliament 
 Funkadelic & Bill Laswell."   I would strongly recommend that any 
 serious P-Funk collectors rent that video so you can dub the song in the 
 credits.  It's worth it, believe me!  You get the good old Mutronic Bootsy 
 Bass, vocals by George, Bernie and Bootsy.  I think this is the first 
 recording made less than 10 years ago I've heard with Bootsy and George's
 voices interacting with each other!   The lyrics of the songs sound like 
 it was made as a theme song for a movie (because it was), but otherwise it's 
 brilliant.  If they would get together and make a whole album of this sheet,
 we'd be all set!                       
 RC: This song is on the Axiom Funk collection _Funkcronomicon_, released
 in July 1995.


Jerome Brailey --  Chambers Brothers

Gary 'Mudbone' Cooper, Robert 'P-Nut' Johnson and Joel 'Razor Sharp' Johnson --
 All were in a Baltimore-based funk band called Mad House before they joined
 up with P.Funk
Ron Dunbar     --  MW: Wrote hit songs for Chairmen of the Board,
		   8th Day, and other Holland-Dozier-Holland sides
		   for the Invictus label in the 60's and early 70's.
		   Ron also co-wrote Freda Payne's (huge) hit
		   "Band Of Gold," also an Invictus project, as well as
 		   "Patches" by Clarence Carter (yet another hit.)

Glen Goins -- Bobby Womack
Michael Hampton -- John Scofield (I think).  

Blackbyrd McKnight -- Headhunters

Jeanette Washington  -- James Brown

Fred Wesley -- 	   George Benson, Dave Mathews, Terry Reid

Bernie Worrell --  Chairmen of the Board


**These are additional session players with P-Funk, some of    **
**their other work is listed.                                  **

Henry Benefield -- Patti Labelle

Taka Boom -- Undisputed Truth

Steven Boyd -- The Dramatics (late 80's)

Brandy -- Michael Henderson

Brecker Brothers -- Heavy Metal Be-Bop (1978, Arista, AB 4185).
	            There's lot's more BB work, but most of it tends 
		    more to jazz than to funk.  They did do other funk
		    work with  Faze-O, Average White Band, Brothers Johnson

Don Bynum -- Commodores (Mean Machine horn section in the 80s)

Jessica Cleaves --  Sang with Earth, Wind & Fire and Friends of 

Prakash John -- American Flyer, Bearfoot, Rory Block, Alice
                Cooper, Steve Hunter, Lou Reed

Jimmy Calhoun -- Cliffort Coulter, Dr John, Martha Reeves

Larry Fratangelo -- David Lasley, Bobby Womack

Dee Dee James -- The Crash, Color Me Badd

Pat Lewis -- Isaac Hayes (member of and vocal arranger for his backup 
	     singers Hot, Buttered, and Soul)

Lynn Mabry --  toured with George Michael, 

Bruce Nazarian -- Michael Henderson, GG Reynolds, other Casablanca stuff

Leon Patillo -- Martha Reeves, Santana

Lady Peachena 12" "Save Me" (dancemix) b/w instr+acapella+bonus beats
    Atlantic 0-96801, 1986.
    Comment: MG: Peachena was the lovely bald lady in Quazar. This
             record is definitely not anything like what she used to
             sing with that group.

Rudy Robinson -- Michael Henderson, Albert King, GG Reynolds, other
  Casablanca stuff, CJ & Company

Sonny Talbert -- Sun

Roger Troutman -- Roger and the Veils, Roger and the Hungry People,
  Sugarfoot (Leroy Bonner of the Ohio Players)

Steve Washington -- Slave, Aurra, Steve And The Family Funk  

Rose Williams -- Hot, Buttered and Soul (Isaac Hayes female vocalists)

Belita Woods -- Brainstorm

Phillipe Wynne -- Spinners, Pacemakers (Bootsy's pre-P.funk group)