Motor-Booty Affair (1978)

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Track Listing:

Mr. Wiggles
	{G Clinton, W Collins, Michael Hampton}  6:43  lyrics
	{G Clinton, W Collins}  5:34  lyrics
(You're a Fish and I'm a) Water Sign 
	{G Clinton, Garry Shider, JS Theracon, Richard Griffith}  4:41  lyrics
Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadolop) 
	{G Clinton, W Collins, B Worrell}  6:40  lyrics
One of Those Funky Thangs
	{G Clinton, R Banks}  3:45  lyrics
Liquid Sunshine
	{G Clinton, Linda Brown, Jim Vitti, Bob Bishop}  4:22  lyrics
Motor-Booty Affair
	{G Clinton, JS Theracon, Ron Ford, Garry Shider}  5:14  lyrics
	{W Collins, JS Theracon, G Clinton}  9:09  lyrics


"Snorkle Singing Air Tank Harmonics":
"Jaws": George Clinton, Garry Shider, J.S. Theracon, Gary "Bone" Cooper, 
 Ron Ford, Ray Davis, Bernie Worrell

"The Choral Reef(er, Bubbly Vocalizations)": Debbie Wright, 
 Jeanette Washington, Mallia Franklin, Shirley Hayden, Cheryl James, 
 Lynn Mabry, Dawn Silva, Linda Brown, Richard "Kush" Griffith, 
 Raymond Spruell, Mike "Clip" Payne, Joey Zalabok, and 
 Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Larry Heckstall, Overton Loyd

"Liquid Licks (Motor-Madness Musicians)":
Guitar: Mike Hampton, Garry Shider, J.S. Theracon, Phelps "Catfish" Collins, 
 Bootsy Collins
Bass: Cordell "Boogie" Mosson, Bootsy Collins, Rodney "Skeet" Curtis, 
 J.S. Theracon
Drums: Tyrone Lampkin, Bootsy Collins, Gary "Bone" Cooper, J.S. Theracon
Percussion: Larry Fratangelo
Horns: Fred Wesley, Richard "Kush" Griffith, Maceo Parker, Rick Gardner, 
 Greg Boyer, Greg Thomas, Benny Cowan

 "Mr. Wiggles"
Lead Vocal: George Clinton

 "Aqua Boogie"
Lead Vocal: George Clinton
Alternating Featured Vocals: Garry Shider, Junie Morrison, Ron Ford,
 Ray Davis
Bird Calls: Raymond Spruell
Drums: Gary "Mudbone" Cooper

Rating: GZ ***** RC ***** MM ****1/2


GZ: Highlights-Deep,AquaBoogie(PsychoAlphaDiscoBetaBioAquaDoLoop) Absolutely essential.

TK: Contrary to album credits, Eddie Hazel is all over this album, in terms of vocals and arranging.

RC: Their most cohesive, funniest concept album. So many of the lyrics are (ahem) drowned out that I still can't make out some songs, but this is Mob collaboration (a huge cast) at its best. JS Theracon is Junie Morrison under a pseudonym. He was under an exclusive contract with another label at the time. Much like One Nation Under A Groove, the Funkadelic album that came out at around this time, Junie completely dominates this album. The other major addition is jazz bassist Rodney "Skeet" Curtis, who adds yet another new angle to the P.Funk sound. But Junie's presence was a profound one, adding his warped sense of humor, both musically and lyrically, to the madness.

On this album, the Mothership flies below the waves, where Atlantis waits for the ultimate get-down. The space metaphor for freedom gets switched underwater, where Atlantis represents a thriving civilization, far removed from our current madness. Of course, this message doesn't come through quite as effectively as on Mothership Connection, being perhaps a little too tied into the aquatic theme. Like Funkentelechy, Sir Nose shows up to try and spoil the party with his new ally, Rumpofsteelskin, in an attempt to blow up Atlantis. But once again, Starchild shows up and makes him swim. As Clinton likes to say, there's no such thing as 'cool', because what's cool to one person is corny to another. And Sir Nose's cool is shown for what it is: fakeness, fear.

The album is certainly an extravaganza of sound, with layer upon layer of grooves, harmonies and sound effects. The idea seemed to be to outdo everything they had ever done by way of sheer excess, and they did. And it works. They don't reinvent the wheel on this one, but it's the last peak album they recorded before too many P.Funkers were working on too many side-projects.

One reason the album is so heavy into the underwater imagery is that it originally was supposed to be a soundtrack for a P.Funk film. That never came off, but the album still has a heavy narrative flow.

The story begins with our narrator, Mr. Wiggles the Worm. A melodic bassline stays in the background, anchoring all the keyboard noodling and sped-up lyrical doodlings. The intent of the album is announced when Mr. Wiggles says, `This is the marathon, not your average 50 yard dash of funk.` Clinton comes up with pun after pun, and they're all great. The horns are also subdued but tasteful. "Rumpofsteelskin" has a way- outfront bassline, with George (as Starchild) handling the lead, and Garry also quite noticable. There are lots of garbled `underwater` lyrics here, which are pretty clever. Note the `wind me up` refrain being imported from Bootsy. "You're A Fish..." is right up there with "Hand Cuffs" as one of P.Funk's best ballads. It's strewn with goofy puns, but it works amazingly well. Junie's talents are particularly evident here, and layers of vocals create an almost hypnotic effect. The stinging synth and biting bass anchor the music, but it's the vocals that are really highlighted here. "Aqua Boogie" was another #1 hit, a straight-ahead dance track that once again features Sir Nose. Note that this was the last Parliament song for which Bernie Worrell receives a writing credit. The track has lead-swapping vocals, including Ron Ford, who was new to P.Funk at that time, but who would have a big influence on the later P.Funk albums. It's an extremely engaging dance tune that again includes Catfish Collins chiming in with a great guitar riff. It also features a heavy handclap percussive effect. "One Of Those Funky Thangs" has more of those 'underwater' vocals, paired with the more straightforward harmonies of the female backup singers. A driving bassline & horn riff and dominant keyboards are enhanced by whistles, chimes, talking drums, and every weird percussive instrument you can think of. "Liquid Sunshine" is another underrated track that is similar to the others: a group vocal matched against a lead vocal chiming in. The lead is Mudbone Cooper, I believe. Keyboards are dominant here, though a guitar solo kicks in towards the end. "Motor Booty Affair" is jammed full of interlayered vocals, with Junie talking over harmonies as announcer `Howard Codsell`. The Affair is a huge party featuring every citizen of Atlantis, with the vocalists being part of a band performing at the party. Musically, the track is a bit repetitive, but the groove is solid. "Deep" is the album's masterpiece, with one of my favorite horn riffs of all time. It has the propulsive dance beat of "Aqua Boogie", the layered lyrical effect of "Motor Booty Affair", a great guitar lick, tons o' puns, and that driving synth bass. Lyrically, it's the most directly satirical song, tweaking mainstream views on race and government. Note that the `wind me up` refrain is used once again, and the character from Funkadelic's "Doo Doo Chasers", the one who asks, 'Which one is George Clinton?', pops up!

The album is certainly one of the very best, with no real weak tracks. It deserves to be considered as one of the greatest Parliament recordings. Find it on vinyl if you can, because the cover folds out and a pop-up Atlantis appears, complete with cut-out cardboard figures! Plus, the Overton Lloyd art is great. Tons of aquatic puns are laid down on the pop-up. A picture disc version of this album was also released which was absolutely gorgeous. One side features George riding the dolphins.

MM: Very fun album. "Aqua Boogie" edits won't do. Get the full length album version (or the 12 inch version if you can). "One Of Those Funky Thangs" is very funky. Title track is a little disco-ish but good.

MW: The original name for this album was Music For The Deep.

JJ: The bassline in "Deep" is a synthesizer, not a real bass. Casper plays drums & guitar. I'd have to say it's Junie playing the keyboards, just on the grounds that I've never known Bernie to play on the Bootsy-Junie compositions (but it sounds like Bernie). I can't seem to find Boogie on this album & I suspect he may be listed only cuz of his position as senior bassist at the time. Junie's bass-playing can be heard on "The Motor Booty Affair." I'll also go out on a limb that nobody'll ever buy: I wouldn't rule out Junie being the bassist on "Rumpofsteelskin."