Jams From The Heart (1994)

Eddie Hazel

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Track Listing:

Smedley Smorganoff {Eddie Hazel}  3:04
Lampoc Boogie {E Hazel}  11:45
From The Bottom Of My Soul {E Hazel}  12:30
Unkut Funk {E Hazel}  1:55

No production or additional musician credits.

Rating: RC: ***1/2


RC: All the tracks are instrumentals, except for "From The Bottom Of My Soul." These were recorded at around the same time the rest of the material on his solo album was done, which is to say 1977 and prior. The last three tracks show up, slightly altered, on the Rest in P CD. "Lampoc Boogie" becomes "Juicy Fingers", "From The Bottom Of My Soul" becomes "We Three", and "Unkut Funk" becomes "Why Cry?". The overall sound quality is better on Rest In P. Really, there's no reason to get this one unless you are an obsessive collector, now that Rest in P exists. The only drawback is that Jams From The Heart is a domestic issue, while Rest In P is Japan-only. The other problem with this CD is that it's just too short; you never can quite sink your teeth into it. Still, what's there is excellent, particularly if you love Eddie Hazel. I will once again point out that I'm extremely biased in his favor, so the rating may be a little high for those who aren't as into him, particularly Eddie doing a bunch of (mostly) instrumentals.