Rest In P (1994)

Eddie Hazel

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Track Listing: 

Until it Rains {Grace Cook}  4:50 
Beyond Word and Measure {G Cook}  4:46 
Relic 'Delic (Purple Hazel) {G Cook}  3:01 
Straighten Up {G Cook}  5:14 
Juicy Fingers {G Cook}  14:18 
We Three {G Cook, G Clinton}  12:09 
Why Cry {G Cook}  2:48 
We Are One {G Cook}  6:10 
No, It's Not! {G Cook, G Clinton}  9:23 
Until it Rains (reprise) {G Cook}  :47 


Producer: George Clinton
Vocals: Eddie Hazel, Lynn Mabry, Dawn Silva
Guitar: Eddie Hazel
Bass: Billy "Bass" Nelson, Bootsy Collins
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell
Drums: Tiki Fulwood, Jerome Brailey, Buddy Miles

Rating: RC: ****


JC: A lot of the tunes are session jams, some which are clearly worktapes or such of later songs. All the songwriting credits list Grace Cook-- which is Eddie's mom. George is listed on two others, but since this disk is basically George plundering the vault, I don't know who actually wrote what riffs.

MT: Though you may be deluded by the fact that different names were given to the tracks - virtually all of the material on the Jams From The Heart is included on Rest In P - with much other additional stuff. (So if you get this one first - you need not bother to pick up Jams From The Heart)

RC: This is available in the US as an import only. This is an excellent, well-produced collection of Eddie Hazel outtakes from his lone solo album, Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs. Many of the tracks feature the bulk of the (mostly) original Funkadelic lineup (Eddie, Bernie, Billy Bass and Tiki), which adds an exciting vibe to the whole thang. As noted above, several of the songs can also be heard on Jams From The Heart. But the versions here are slightly different and better, with added instruments and cleaner production values. The whole project was really done right. I recommend this disc for any fan of Eddie Hazel; you certainly won't be disappointed. The album also works on its own terms, but be aware that it's mostly just a collection of instrumentals, and some of them are screaming for a lyrical track. As such, a few songs get a little repetitive, which you wouldn't notice if there were vocals on top. Still, with the top-notch musicians, it's not that much of a problem.

"Until It Rains" is a mellow piece with restrained guitar playing and tasteful percussion. "Beyond Word And Measure" definitely sounds like it was meant for something else; the guitar playing is again restrained, but Bootsy's slap bass is hot and up front, with the Brides doing background vocals, and there are some strange sounds from Bernie. "Relic 'Delic" also appeared on the P.Funk Guitar Army album. It's a hot but restrained guitar piece that doubles up deeply with the bass; bits of the "Alice In My Fantasies" riff can be heard. "Straighten Up" features a funky guitar riff, more doubling up, and piano flavoring; it's a simple yet funky song. "Juicy Fingers" has that 'ringing' guitar sound that is so ultra-funky. Jerome Brailey's heavy drum/percussion influence also helps makes this a hot one. Eddie takes a super-long solo here with some wah-wah. "We Three" is the only song with lead vocals. It starts out mellow and soulful, and develops into a long, gorgeous solo from Eddie. The piano really adds some color to the song. "Why Cry?" is a funky rocker, with great use of space in between riffs. The bassline here is super heavy and funky. "We Are One" is another rocker, with more wah-wah and more dominant percussion. "Not It's Not!" has more of a jangly guitar effect, with the bass out front. Eddie's solo is one of his best, coming late into the song.

This CD is available on Japan's P-Vine label, for anywhere from $25-35. There are a number of GREAT photos of Eddie here.