Radio Active (1978)

Fuzzy Haskins

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Track Listing:

Not Yet {Clarence Haskins}  3:55
I Think I Got My Thang Together {C Haskins}  3:46
This Situation Called Love {Glen Goins}  4:48
Gimme Back (Some Of The Love You Got From Me) {C Haskins}  5:21
Things We Used To Do {C Haskins}  4:19
Woman {C Haskins}  4:45
Sinderella {C Haskins}  3:23
Silent Day {C Haskins, Cordell Mosson}  5:40


Producer: Fuzzy Haskins
Vocals: Fuzzy Haskins
Drums: Jerome Brailey, Fuzzy Haskins
Bass: Cordell "Boogie" Mosson, Bruce Nazarian
Guitar: Michael Hampton, Glen Goins, Garry Shider, Fuzzy Haskins
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell
Synth: Gary Schunk, Bruce Nazarian
Piano: Gary Schunk, Glen Goins
Percussion: Jerry Paul Podgajski
Background Vocals: Brandye (Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent), Timmy Ryan, 
 Dennis Coffey

Rating: RC: ***1/2


RC: Fuzzy's follow-up album is not as consistent as his first, but the best songs are truly remarkable and demented. Adding Glen Goins and Michael Hampton to the mix certainly spiced up the guitar section, and Boogie returns to anchor the bass. The album isn't as eclectic, either sticking mainly with slow, sleazy funk numbers or light, uptempo ballads.

"Not Yet" is one of the nastiest P.Funk numbers, and a revelation for 1978. A great horn arrangement and a driving keyboard line drive along Fuzzy asking his woman not to come yet, because he's not ready. 'If you let me play in your garden, then I'll let you play in my stash.' Great backup vocals on a memorable song. "I Think I Got..." is a plodding number that seems a bit out of Fuzzy's vocal range. It's fluffed up by strings, horns and background singers. "This Situation..." is a superior attempt at the same sort of thing, with much better arrangements and a funky chorus. Good bass playing and guitar vamping here. "Gimme Back" is a dance number that again seems a bit out of Fuzzy's range. It's a pretty good attempt at disco funk, with good horn arrangements, solid bass playing and very good drumming. "Things We Used To Do" is a Boogie Mosson- driven disco funk number that works well, thanks also to Jerome Brailey's drumming. Michael Hampton can also be heard in spots. "Woman" is a very good bass-driven sleaze number, well-accented by the backup vocals and horn arrangements. "Sinderella" is an upbeat number that shows Fuzzy at his best, going off like a crazy man, with nice pauses in his singing. "Silent Day" is a creepy song that sounds like early Funkadelic acid music. Distorted vocals, lots of echo, and an ominous atmosphere aided by Bernie's spacey keyboards create a work of greatness.

The album is a must-have for any serious P.Funk fan. It's out of print, but the album can be found in its entirety on a CD reissue with A Whole Nother Thang. Copies of the LP are rare, but you should be able to find one for anywhere from $20-50. The cover has an electrical drawing of Fuzzy.